2020-2021 SGA Senate Documents

Official Rules and Regulations (PDF)


9-16-21 Docket (PDF)

9-2-21 Docket (PDF)

8-26-21 Docket (PDF)


A-01-20: An Act Establishing an SGA Academic Task Force (PDF)

A-02-20: An Act to Provide Display Signs Recognizing the Ferguson Center Medication Disposal Box (PDF)

A-03-20: E-Book and Online Textbook Scholarship Act (PDF)

A-04-20: An Act Establishing Capstone Creed Week (PDF)

A-05-20: An Act to Add Capstone Creed Week to The Responsibilities of The Director of Programming and Advancement (PDF)

A-06-20: An Act Establishing An SGA-Sponsored Tuscaloosa City Councilor Advisory Committee (PDF)

A-07-20: An Act Recommending the Reduction of Graduation Fees for Students Enrolled with Financial Aid (PDF)

A-08-20: An Act to Create A Scholarship Application Calendar on The SGA Website (PDF)

A-09-20: An Act Establishing an Annually Reserved Blocked Seating Location for The ROTC And Veterans (PDF)

A-10-20: An Act to Establish an SGA Stipend (PDF)

A-11-20: An Act to Approve the Student Organization Funding Requests Suggested by The Financial Affairs Committee for The Month of January 2020 (PDF)

A-12-20: An Act to Approve the Student Organization Funding Requests Suggested by The Financial Affairs Committee for The Month of March 2020 (PDF)

A-13-20 An Act To Allocate Seats For The 2020-2021 First Year Council (PDF)

A-14-20: An Act Establishing A Task Force To Create Recommendations For The Migration Of Student Email Accounts (PDF)

A-15-20: An Act To Approve The Student Organization Funding Requests Suggested By The Financial Affairs Committee For The Month Of September 2020 (PDF)

A-16-20: An Act To Migrate Student Email Accounts From Google’s Gmail To Microsoft Outlook (PDF)


B-01-20: A Bill to Amend the Code of Laws to Allow SGA Members to Fulfill Office Hour Requirements with Community Service Hours (PDF)

Constitutional Amendments

C-01-2020: An Amendment to The Constitution Creating A New Executive Cabinet Position (PDF)

C-02-20: An Amendment to The Constitution Updating Language and Common Practices of The Judicial Board (PDF)

C-03-20: An Amendment to Create A Committee on Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion (PDF)

C-04-20: A Better FYC For A Better Tomorrow (PDF)

C-05-20: An Amendment to The Constitution Consolidating (PDF)


R-01-2020: A Resolution Recognizing the Efforts of The Collegiate Recovery Center and Providing a Team for Hoops For Hope (PDF)

R-02-2020: A Resolution Encouraging the Extension 0f Viable Credit Hours Under Tuition and Scholarship Funding (PDF)

R-03-2020: A Resolution in Support of The Integration of Automated Delivery Robots to Campus (PDF)

R-04-20: A Resolution Calling for The Implementation of Pushbutton-Integrated Accessible Pedestrian Signals Across Campus (PDF)

R-05-20: A Resolution to Partner with UA’s Department of Transportation to Allow for A Better Transition to New Bus App “Passio Go” (PDF)

R-06-20: A Resolution for The Creation and Implementation Of “Bama Asks” To the SGA Website (PDF)

R-07-20: A Resolution Recognizing All Participants in The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Service Activities (PDF)

R-08-20: A Resolution Encouraging the Extension of Viable Credit Hours Under Tuition and Scholarship Funding (PDF)

R-09-20: A Resolution Recognizing the Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Cabinet’s Successful Execution of The First Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Week (PDF)

R-10-20: A Resolution Encouraging A Crosswalk to Be Made Outside of Lloyd Hall (PDF)

R-11-20: A Resolution to Recognize the Volunteers for The Need-Based Scholarship Fund (PDF)

R-12-20: A Resolution to Create an Armed Service Section in Blocked Seating with Remaining Seats if Applicable (PDF)

R-13-20: A Resolution Encouraging the Student Government Association to Establish A Day to Celebrate Inclusivity of Individuals with Special Needs (PDF)

R-14-20: A Resolution Encouraging the Official Investigation of Alleged Labor Rights Complaints Against the University of Alabama (PDF)

R-16-20 A Resolution To Commend University Libraries In Their Swift Action To Create Seat Maps And An Improved Labeling System For Reserved Library Seating (PDF)

R-17-20 For All Greek Affiliated Fraternity And Sorority Houses At The University Of Alabama To Disband Expanded Styrofoam (Eps) And Switch To Pla Lined Paper For Food And Drink Containers (PDF)

R-18-20 A Resolution Calling The Student Government Association To Partner With The UA Counseling Center And Tide Against Suicide Campaign To Increase Suicide Prevention Efforts And Awareness On Campus (PDF)

R-19-20: A Resolution Calling For The Addition Of “Next Steps” In COVID 19 Care (PDF)

R-20-20: A Resolution Commending The University Of Alabama For The Installation Of Additional Refilling Water Stations (PDF)






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