First Year Council (FYC) is the biggest and best way to get involved in SGA as a freshman. Acting as the official representative body of the freshman class, FYC is an application-based extracurricular made up of 65 freshmen that meet once a week. As a councilor, you’ll learn how government works and how to turn ideas into solutions by passing and implementing legislation. But it’s more than just that. You’ll also receive the ultimate introduction to campus through guided leadership development opportunities that will give you a jumpstart on figuring out the things you want to care about during your time at UA. Being on FYC means you’re the go-to representative for SGA in your pocket of campus. You’ll listen to the concerns of your peers and work with your fellow councilors and other members of SGA to understand and address common challenges through the creation of policy and programs.

From the get-go, FYC will elect a President and a Secretary to lead each meeting and help establish a vision for the next 28 weeks of the program. FYC meetings are structured by Robert’s Rules of Order, which opens up space for ideas to be discussed, legislation to be proposed and deliberated on, and big decisions to be made. Each week, you’ll get to hear from guest speakers like student leaders, campus administrators and public officials. SGA leaders will also speak every week, looping you into opportunities to lend a hand with programs and events across campus. Making weekly meetings is your highest priority as a councilor!

From year to year, each First Year Council class distinguishes itself as a close-knit group passionate about UA and always excited to work together to bring each others’ big ideas to life. A willingness to serve and build consensus among others are trademark qualities of councilors we’re hoping to meet — as well as the drive to offer creative solutions to problems and the ability back those ideas up with research and understanding.

Think you’re up for it? Start working on your application today! We can’t wait to hear from you.