The University of Alabama provides resources for students to get assistance academically. Many students benefit from these services. In addition, if you need specific assistance in a course, it is always a good idea to meet with your course instructor during his or her office hours and ask for help.

Academic Calendar –  

Academic Catalog –

Registrar –
Location: 206 Student Services Center
Phone: (205) 348-2020

The Office of the University Registrar manages all functions related to student academic records to include class registration, grades, transfer credit, and transcript processing. The office also cana help with all things involving graduation such as DegreeWorks, Commencement, and diplomas.

Awards and Scholarships –  

University Libraries –
Locations: Bruno Business Library, Gorgas Library, Rodgers Library for Science & Engineering, McLure Education Library, and Hoole Special Collections Library
Phone: (205) 348-6047

University Libraries allow students access to  the libraries’ catalogs, databases, research guides, E-Resources, Scout, and more to help with any academic papers. They also have Study Rooms available for rent as well as computers and other equipment.

Career Center –
Location: 3400 Ferguson Student Center
Phone: (205) 348-5848

The Career Center helps first year students to determine or confirm majors and careers, as well as, help all students identify possible internships or job opportunities. They offer career fairs, mock interviews, resume critiques, headshots, etc.; utilize Handshake to connect students, alumni, and employers; and partner with external career services such as Career Beam, Candid Career, Portfolium, and Interview Stream.

Honors College – 
Location: Nott Hall
Phone: (205) 348-5500

The University of Alabama Honors College provides an environment where exceptional students can thrive. We support a culture of community and collaboration. In turn, our students achieve a world-class education based on these four pillars: innovative scholarship, advanced research, cultural interaction and civic engagement.

Emerging Scholars Program –
Location: 124 Burke West
Phone: (205) 348-2491

Open to students in all disciplines, the Emerging Scholars Program is an application-only curriculum that provides undergraduate students the opportunity to explore research and creative activity. This two-semester program fosters innovation, creativity, and discovery by pairing students with faculty in their field. It also serves to prepare undergraduates for the rigorous research expectations of graduate and professional schools. The Emerging Scholars Program is a good fit for students who are passionate and curious about their studies.

Accelerated Master’s Program –  
Location: Rose Administration Suite 100
Phone: (205) 348-5921

The University of Alabama’s Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) can help you meet your goal of earning a graduate degree while saving time and cutting costs. Through AMP, you take courses that count simultaneously toward your undergraduate and graduate programs. Once admitted, you can be approved to take up to 15 hours of graduate courses that will count towards both your bachelor’s and graduate degrees.

Education Abroad –  
Location: 135 B.B. Comer Hall
Phone: (205) 348-5256

Education Abroad offers students the opportunity to participate in study abroad programs, international internships, student teaching opportunities, and service learning projects throughout the world. Programs span in length from two weeks to a full academic year. The vision of the UA’s Education Abroad office is to foster inquisitive, compassionate, and engaged global citizens through transformative international experiences as a commitment to the intellectual and social advancement of The University of Alabama.

The Writing Center –
Location: 322 Lloyd Hall
Hours: Monday – Thursday: 9 am – 6 pm; Friday 9 am – 3 pm; Sunday 1 – 5 pm

The Writing Center provides writing consultations to all UA students, graduate and undergraduate and can help you with both general writing skills and more discipline-specific forms of writing at any stage of the writing process. The Writing Center also maintains a collection of writing sources in print and electronic form for your use.

During the academic semesters (fall and spring), evening hours are kept on some days of the week at Java City in the Gorgas Library and at the Ferg Center Starbucks.

Center for Academic Success –
Location: Osband Hall
Phone: 205-348-6010

The primary mission of the Center for Academic Success (CAS) is the delivery of high quality academic support services to UA undergraduate students as a part of the University’s plan for academic excellence.

CAS offers regularly scheduled study skills and reading proficiency workshops, supplemental instruction sessions for many quantitative UA courses, and an appointment-based individual tutorial service.

Mathematics Technology Learning Center –
Location: Room B-1 Tutwiler Hall
Phone: (205) 348-2592

The Mathematics Technology Learning Center (MTLC) at The University of Alabama is a state of the art program that assists students in the active learning of mathematics. This is accomplished through a computer lab/tutoring center open over 60 hours per week for one-on-one tutoring and using technology to allow students to work at their own pace, receive instant feedback as they learn mathematics by doing mathematics, learn from a variety of formats, and receive encouragement from their instructors regarding course progress.

Student Support Services TRIO Program-  
Location: Capstone Center for Student Success Russell Hall 3rd Floor
Phone: (205) 348-7011

The TRIO Program serves 200 UA students who are first generation, or have limited family income, or have a documented disability. It provides opportunities for academic development, assists students with basic college requirements, and motivates students toward the successful completion of their college education by having tutors, academic advisement, workshops, seminars, access to a computer lab, financial aid counseling, and graduate and professional school entrance exam preparation.

Speaking Studio –
Location: Reese Phifer Hall Suite 166
Phone: (205) 348-2923

The Speaking Studio is a campus wide resource designed to help students, faculty, and community partners improve their public speaking, presentation, and oral communication skills.  They aim to help students clarify and craft effective messages, cultivate dynamic delivery, and calm public speaking anxiety. The Speaking studio offers:

  • Group and individual public speaking consultations: opportunity to practice and receive constructive feedback on presentation material, delivery, and strategic impact
  • Presentation workshops: a series of classroom workshops to help educate students in the value of oral communication, strategic messages, dynamic delivery, and professionalism
  • Presentation evaluations: a “Studio to Go” service in which we provide in time feedback as evaluators for class projects/presentations

History Peer Mentors – 
Location: 202 ten Hoor Hall
Phone: (205) 348-7100

The Department of History’s Undergraduate Peer Mentoring Program is comprised of undergraduate students who excelled in their history survey courses and wish to help share what they learned in order to help their fellow students be successful in their history courses, too. Students can receive help and feedback on coursework, build study skills, and devote time to exam preparation in the Peer Mentoring Program sessions. Peer Mentor Study Groups are special meetings held near exams or essay due dates. These sessions focus on class material. These set up at a special date/time and are mostly student-led. The peer mentors are simply there as guides. If you can’t meet at our regularly scheduled time or prefer smaller meetings, they can set up a separate, more convenient meeting to help you personally.

ENGenuity Lab –
Location: Paty Hall 162
Phone: (205) 348-0750

The ENGenuity Lab connects your academic, social, and career networks in one place. It is open to all students in the College of Engineering to cultivate relationships, explore opportunities and collaborate with peers. It is the hub for tutoring, mentoring, and career preparation for all undergraduate students in computer science, engineering, and math courses. Get help with classroom work. Learn from other students about navigating college. Meet with mentors about your future. The possibilities at the ENGenuity Lab are unlimited.

The Cube –   
Location: 1003 H.M. Comer Hall
Phone: (205) 348-4302

The Cube includes a 3D Prototyping Lab, Electronics Prototyping Lab, 3D Projection Lab, ideaLAB and an Apps Lab. You can have your own work and designs printed by submitting a form on their site. The lab has computers with the necessary software in case your computer cannot access them.

Free Engineering Academic Software –    
Location: online

The software available for free to College of Engineering students, licensed by the College for students includes AutoDesk (AutoCAD, Civil-3D and Revit), Chemcad, Matlab, Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, Solidworks, VMware Academic Program. The University also provides UA Box, a secure, managed, cloud-based toolset and storage to facilitate collaboration and anywhere-access to active files and data, which can be accessed by.

The Machine Shop –    
Location: directly behind Hardaway Hall

The software available for free to College of Engineering students, licensed by the College for students includes AutoDesk (AutoCAD, Civil-3D and Revit), Chemcad, Matlab, Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, Solidworks, VMware Academic Program. The University also provides UA Box, a secure, managed, cloud-based toolset and storage to facilitate collaboration and anywhere-access to active files and data, which can be accessed by.

C&IS Engagement Portal –
Location: online

The College of Communication & Information Sciences Engagement Portal can help you explore your opportunities to get involved in groups/clubs, mentorship programs, internships, writing workshops, study abroad, “Industry Immersion” and service opportunities.

The Plank Center –    
Location: Capital Hall
Phone: (205) 348-7250

The Plank Center’s primary mission is to help develop and recognize outstanding leaders and role models in public relations. Led by a national advisory board of leading educators and practitioners, the Center seeks to achieve its mission by:

  • Advancing knowledge of leadership values and skills in the profession;
  • Supporting research, teaching, service, and professional educational efforts that help develop responsible and trustworthy leaders;
  • Bridging the interests and vision of the practice and education; and
  • Collaborating with other groups and associations to nurture the ethical and effective practice of public relations.

The Center uses a variety of approaches and activities to support its mission.  These include awards and recognition programs, scholarships, speaker programs, publications, scholarly and professional papers, workshops and symposia, research grants, and histories and papers of leaders in the field.


If you have any additional questions, email Allison Bailey at or check out your college’s website.