**Note: We are currently updating some cosmetic features for the DEI Passport Pathway that may temporarily cause it to display as “unavailable.”

This will not affect your pathway progress, and we appreciate your work to grow your awareness, understanding, and engagement on campus!

Hello and Welcome!

The Student Government Association’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Cabinet is committed to connecting all students with high-quality, educational programming that can broaden awareness, enrich the on-campus experience, and cultivate an inclusive environment here at UA.

We are thrilled to introduce the SGA DEI Passport Program for the 2023 – 2024 academic year! This unique initiative serves as a launchpad for students to engage with DEI events brought to you by various departments and student-led groups.

The 2023 – 2024 SGA DEI Passport program will run from September 28th starting at the SGA DEI Passport Kick Off Event and conclude on Friday April 5th.

Training and registration can be accessed through this form

SGA DEI Passport Program for Students:

Dive into an enriching campus experience with the SGA DEI Passport Program. Our mission? To invigorate our community with diverse, inclusive, and educational programming.

Here’s how it works:

  • Start with Registration: Complete your online registration and undergo asynchronous training.
  • Activate Your Passport Path: Once registered, you’ll find your activated SGA DEI Passport Path in your MySource Account.
  • Earn & Track Points: Explore opportunities on MySource to accumulate points by attending listed programs and events. Monitor your progress in the paths section on MySource. Need help navigating MySource? Check our FAQ’s.

Training First!

Before diving in, ensure you complete the online training. Only post-training can you earn points from SGA DEI Passport Events.

Training can be accessed through this form

Please login via your crimson email.

Want to Host an SGA DEI Passport Event?

The official 2023 – 2024 SGA DEI Passport Program event schedule will begin at our signature DEI Passport Kickoff Event on September 28th! Any organization planning to register an event as a Passport event may begin registering for Passport approval any time after that event takes place.

Your Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Understand the Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the SGA DEI Passport Guidelines. This ensures your event aligns with our objectives and helps determine the best event category.
  2. Event Registration: Head to MySource and register your event.
  3. Opt-in for SGA DEI Passport: You’ll be prompted with a question during registration. If you’d like your event considered for the SGA DEI Passport, fill out the form provided.
  4. Validation & Confirmation: After your submission, give us 3-10 business days to review. Post-confirmation, you’ll receive an email. Respond with the attendance code from your MySource event listing.

If you are hosting a DEI Event, that does not meet the guidelines for the SGA DEI passport please feel free to register your event as general DEI Event on MySource. If you have more questions about this general DEI category please contact the office of student involvement at uainvolvement@ua.edu

Need help retrieving the attendance code? Check our FAQ’s.

Using SGA DEI Passport for Block Seating Applications?

The SGA DEI Passport (SDP) will account for 11% of your block seating application. Points needed are calculated as:

# of seats you plan on applying for x 1.125 = # of points needed to receive the full %11 on the block seating application

Note: SGA DEI Passport Block Seating is based on organization total, not the names in your application.

During the Asynchronous Training Session, students can choose to have their points contribute to an organization’s total for block seating purposes.

Expect monthly reports from SGA with updated points on the 28th of each month. Reports are sent to the primary organization contact listed on MySource.


Reach out to us at sgadeipassport@ua.edu.

Bella Loia – VP for DEI
Lauren Lafrades– Director of DEI Passport
Grant Alderman- Assistant Director of DEI Passport
Jamaya Kelley- Assistant Director of DEI Passport