About Lobby Board

The University of Alabama Student Government Association’s Lobby Board is a collective of students dedicated to serving as political advocates on behalf of the Student Government Association, the University of Alabama, the City of Tuscaloosa, and the State of Alabama as a whole. Through their efforts, Lobby Board seeks to bring awareness to various political initiatives such as voter education and registration, higher education advocacy both within state and federal programs, and many more throughout all levels of government. Lobby Board partners with various organizations both on campus and within the Tuscaloosa community to promote these efforts, including but not limited to Vote Everywhere UA and the Women’s League of Voters, specifically to raise awareness for the importance of voter engagement in all aspects of the UA campus and community. Lobby Board works directly with the Vice President of External Affairs to bridge the gap between UA students and the surrounding community, encouraging both parties to express ideas and concerns for the betterment of Tuscaloosa as a whole. The Lobby Board strives to embody every aspect of the Capstone, acting as the voice for every member of the community, no matter the adversities faced.

Members of the Lobby Board will serve on committees dedicated to achieving the goals set for the year. They will also have the opportunity to connect with members of the UA community through various events and initiatives, as well as foster relationships with government officials at the state level. Lobby Board members will act as the official advocates for both SGA and the University, exemplifying the voices of every member of the UA community. They will be responsible for voicing the concerns and ideas of the student body to both state and local governments to not only contribute to the betterment of the UA community, but to every University in the state of Alabama as well. Members will meet to discuss and implement ideas they feel will best benefit the student body and the surrounding community. 

Lobby Board is unique in the sense that it bridges the gap between the student body, the city of Tuscaloosa, and the state of Alabama. Members are passionate about positively influencing all three parties for the betterment of everyone, and strive to bring growth to campus. They embody what it means to be a student at the University of Alabama, and have a willingness to serve every member of the community, striving to make their voices heard.

For more information on how to get involved, check out our instagram @ualobbyboard and for questions regarding Lobby Board email ualobbyboard@gmail.com


Kennedy Carter

Director of Lobby Affairs
Kennedy Carter is a Sophomore from Gadsden, Alabama studying Psychology and Political Science on the Pre-Law track. She has served in various leadership roles throughout campus including in her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, University Stewards, and various honor societies. Kennedy is excited to serve as the Director of Lobby Affairs in the Student Government Association. She hopes to lead the Lobby Board in bringing awareness of political advocacy to the University of Alabama, as well as fostering relationships with state and local government officials and other organizations on campus in an effort to educate the student body on voter registration and participation.



Quentin Dooley

Quentin Dooley

Director of Lobby Affairs
My name is Quentin Dooley and I am one of the Directors of Lobby Affairs. I want to lead Lobby Board this year because I feel as though people need to be more involved in local and national politics. My dad was very involved in local politics back home and he influenced me to want to get involved and help other people get involved. My main goal as director this year is to make sure people vote in the election this year. Everyone’s voice is important and needs to be heard.