The following resources are intended to help candidates understand the rules, regulations, and responsibilities associated with candidacy for elected SGA positions.

  • Elections Board Manual – Updated January 2024 (PDF)
  • City of Tuscaloosa Election/Campaign Signage Guidelines (PDF)
  • HRCs Community Living Standards prohibits hanging things in the windows:
    • II.2.04 Displaying Items from Windows: Hanging Items such as flags, banners, or signs out of or obstructing residence hall windows is prohibited.
    • Elections & Housing: University offices and approved student organizations are permitted to submit fliers and other materials for approval for distribution in residence halls.Marketing options include:
      • Digital signage (in JPG on PNG format) on widescreen displays throughout halls
      • Fliers to be posted throughout halls by HRC staff

      Please read the Distribution Guidelines (PDF) for more detailed information on events, materials, approval, and distribution.

      All materials must be approved and distributed by HRC staff. Unapproved materials will be removed. Please contact Janine McGee for more information.

Please contact the Elections Board with questions at