It has come to our attention that Fall 2021 Senate Elections Timeline was not published in accordance with the Elections Manual stated timeline. It is our goal to fulfill the standards set forth by the Elections Manual, the Code of Laws, and the Constitution and we did not meet those standards this semester. We sincerely apologize for this oversight and any inconvenience it may cause. In an effort to reconcile these discrepancies, Student Government Association will be moving the Senate Elections to Tuesday, November 30. Please see attached for an updated Timeline.

Fall 2021 Senate Elections Timeline (PDF)

Statements of intent and budgets for the students running for Senate can be found in these pages divided by college. Allocations are being confirmed for the 2021-2022 election.

Fall 2021 Vacancies

Number of Seats (Total 5)

Commerce and Business Administration: 1

Graduate: 2

Law School: 2

If you have questions about accessibility of any of the candidates’ documents, please email Other questions about the election are to be directed to