Jill FieldsJill Fields

My name is Jillian Fields, and I am a junior from Dayton, Kentucky studying Operations Management, Public Health, and Psychology, with a minor in Social Innovation and Leadership. For the past three years, I have served the student body as a First Year Councilor, as a Senator for the College of Arts & Sciences, and as Vice President for External Affairs. I am also involved in other areas of campus as a University Fellow, an Arts & Sciences Ambassador, and a scribe at the UA Medical Center. Today, I am thrilled and humbled to announce my candidacy to become your next SGA President.

The reason I am running to be SGA President is simple: I want to bring our campus together and move our community forward. This is the defining mission of every part of my campaign — from the platform points down to the logo. For the past year, we experienced a global pandemic, disruption to our everyday life, and magnified racial and social injustice. All of these challenges have taught us a lot about the importance of being united, celebrating the differences that make each of us unique, and working together toward a common goal. If elected, I pledge to build on this momentum and not let the opportunity to make progress go to waste.

As SGA President, I will work to move UA “Forward with Fields” through four core areas — what my campaign is calling the Four Cs: connect the student body through organizations, events, and technology; engaging our community through service, alumni engagement, and outreach; promoting care for others and for ourselves with mental health resources and training programs; and showing commitment to on-campus change through inclusion initiatives, intentional reminders of our history, and the promotion of academic equity.

Throughout my time in SGA, I have always believed listening to students and advocating for their needs is my most important and primary job. If elected president, I will lead with respect, compassion, and a commitment to moving our campus forward, together.”

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Executive Vice President

Sam RickertSam Rickert

My name is Sam Rickert and I am a junior from Louisville, Kentucky. I am pursuing a degree in Political Science with a minor in Economics. I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for Executive Vice President of the University of Alabama’s Student Government Association. I have served for almost three years in our SGA and I have had the opportunity to lead this campus in many capacities. Through my past experience, I have learned how to actively listen, learn, and work through any obstacle that faces me.

As your next Executive Vice President, I will implement new campus initiatives to benefit all students by focusing on improving student access and advancement. I will enact changes and add resources to improve student access by creating a student discount for Enterprise-Rent-A-Car and finding a replacement for GotchaBikes. I will implement new initiatives for student advancement such as, making dead week live up to its name and adding a flowchart which will guide students to the path to graduation.

While serving as Vice President Student Affairs, I have seen great initiatives start but fail to materialize. Growing up, my father always instilled in me that no matter what you do, always see everything through to the end. That is the legacy I hope to leave SGA. It has been a great privilege to serve my university and my peers the past few years. I am honored to be considered for Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association. I, Sam Rickert, am prepared to listen, learn, and lead to enact the changes that our students deserve.

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Vice President for Academic Affairs

Amanda AllenAmanda Allen

Hello UA! My name is Amanda Allen and I am a sophomore from Park City, Utah majoring in Finance. I am eager to run for Vice President for Academic Affairs in the University of Alabama Student Government Association. By serving as VPAA, I will continue to demonstrate my unwavering devotion to SGA and the University of Alabama community. Through serving as a Senator this past year, I have implemented numerous pieces of legislation to further enhance student experiences at UA. I do not doubt that this experience, along with serving in First Year Council as a freshman, has more than adequately prepared me to serve in this role. I plan to provide programming to equip students with the proper tools needed to combat struggles stemming from online learning, administer educational time management information sessions for freshmen, and mitigate the complications of advising appointments for students by working to develop a peer advising program. The opportunity to foster relationships with my peers and faculty members to enrich our campus has proven to fuel my passion for student government as I have progressed in my academic career. I am confident that I will exceed any expectations associated with this role and can commit to working tirelessly to improving the student experience. I am positive that these experiences combined with my proven dedication make me the most qualified candidate to serve as the next VPAA.

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Vice President for External Affairs

Madeline MartinMadeline Martin

My name is Madeline Martin, and I am a sophomore from Hoover, Alabama. I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Vice President for External Affairs of The University of Alabama’s Student Government Association. During my time here at the Capstone, I have served in various leadership and community service roles that have strengthened my ability to help my campus and the surrounding community. I served as a Councilor on SGA’s First Year Council during my freshman year, and I have spent this past year serving as a Senator for the College of Communication & Information Sciences. My past experience will prove valuable in maintaining and strengthening the bridge between campus and the community.

As your next Vice President for External Affairs, I will give back to Tuscaloosa by creating a ‘Local Eats’ campaign to support local restaurants impacted by COVID-19. Further, I will establish a student-run farm on campus that will provide both learning opportunities for students and fresh options for Bama Dining. Lastly, I will create a mentorship program for students in Tuscaloosa area schools providing students with academic assistance and optimistic encouragement. I look forward to talking with you and hearing your ideas to broaden the beneficial influence of The University of Alabama’s historic partnership with our community. I ask you to join me on March 2nd and #MakeItMartin!

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Vice President for Financial Affairs

Sullivan IrvineSullivan Irvine

My name is Sullivan Irvine, and I am a sophomore from Mobile, Alabama. I am majoring in Finance with a concentration in value investing and I am minoring in accounting. I am interested in a career in value investing and investment banking. If chosen to represent my student body as Vice President of the Student Government Association, I vow to serve my campus to the best of my abilities. I promise that while performing my duties, I will make decisions that serve only to positively impact my student body and this University. Throughout my time here at the University, I have worked hard to become involved on campus. I have become a member of the Delta Waterfowl committee, where we advocate for conservation among those with a passion for the Great Outdoors. I am also lucky enough to be able to serve my peers and this campus through my position as a Culverhouse ambassador, where I serve as a representative for our College of Business here on Campus. Furthermore, through my work as a member of the First Year Council and a Senator for Culverhouse College of Business, I have gained experience regarding our University’s Student Government Association. My experiences with our Student Government Association have provided me with an insight on how to properly represent student’s needs and desires through legislative action. If chosen for this position I would like to introduce an ideas to action scholarship, encourage funding for scholarships, expand financial literacy among students, and enhance Capital Campaign funding in SGA.  I have been instilled with a desire to continue serving my student body here at the University of Alabama. I believe my experience, work ethic, and passion would allow me to substantially contribute to the greater good of my peers and fellow students. Thank you and I hope to have your vote on Tuesday, March 2nd.

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Vice President for Student Affairs

Jack SteinmetzJack Steinmetz

My name is Jack Steinmetz, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for Vice President for Student Affairs. I am a sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama, studying Mechanical Engineering on the STEM Path to the MBA, with a minor in Social Innovation and Leadership. Throughout my time at The Capstone, I have had the privilege of serving as a Senator for the College of Engineering and as a First Year Councilor. In addition to SGA, I am a member of Capstone Men & Women as well as The University Fellows Experience. My involvement within these organizations will provide me with the experience, skills, and connections necessary to hit the ground running and begin advocating for students’ needs on day one. As Vice President for Student Affairs, I will implement initiatives that benefit all students at The Capstone. I will focus on improving all aspects of the student experience: safety, support, services, and success. I will improve student safety by addressing existing issues and providing students with the platform to voice future concerns. I will increase student support through awareness and accessibility of existing resources, and I will partner with departments throughout campus to implement new programs. I will expand upon services available to students, while also implementing additional services. Lastly, I will empower all members of the student body by increasing opportunities for student success. I hope that you will join me and Soar with Steinmetz on March 2nd.

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Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Lauren Gilonske

My name is Lauren Gilonske, and I am running for the position of Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the University of Alabama’s Student Government Association. I am a junior from Mahomet, IL, studying Political Science and Global and Cultural Perspectives.

Throughout my three years here at The Capstone, I have dedicated myself to taking every opportunity possible to not only better our campus, but to better myself as a leader and a member of our community. Having served under the past two Vice Presidents of DEI as Director of Women and Gender Resources, and currently the Chief of Staff for the DEI Cabinet, I have gotten the opportunity to work first-hand with so many impactful organizations and associations that uphold diversity on our campus. Working with organizations such as the Women and Gender Resource Center, UA Safe Zone, CrossingPoints, and Black Student Union, have greatly broadened how I view the University of Alabama. I have gained such a valuable perspective through these experiences collaborating with, and learning from, some of the most diverse groups of people and ideas on our campus. My goal as a student leader is to simply provide students with the same opportunities to grow, listen, and learn that I have had. I believe in the importance of providing every student with the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy here at our university.

As the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, I will present opportunities to all students to not only broaden their perspectives, but to deepen their understanding and empathy for all facets of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Through the implementation of an Equity Committee, and furthermore, the official appointing of a Director of Equity under the DEI Cabinet, I will allow for students to engage in holding our university and SGA accountable for upholding equity on our campus. I will continue to expand upon the progress that the past two Vice Presidents of DEI have made in making our campus more diverse, equitable, and inclusive.

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Executive Secretary

Colin MarcumColin Marcum

My name is Colin Marcum and I have the privilege of announcing my candidacy for the office of Executive Secretary for the University of Alabama Student Government Association. I am a Sophomore currently studying Operations Management with a minor in Political Science on the Pre-Law track. During my time at the Capstone, I have served in various capacities within SGA. My membership on the Lobby Board has equipped me with the skills and experience needed to later carry out the role of a Culverhouse College of Commerce Senator. Since then, my passion and commitment to bettering the Capstone has only grown stronger.

As demonstrated by my previous experience  in SGA, I have an authentic and unwavering commitment to the student body. If given the opportunity, I will work transparently to communicate with both SGA and the greater UA community. I will collaborate with the SGA Webmaster to utilize the Senate Initiative Tracker, improve internal and external communication, and offer more out of office opportunities for office hours. I fully understand the importance of this position and its duties and I am more than prepared to meet these expectations. It has been an honor to serve my fellow students in the SGA and I wish to continue to work with others in SGA to advocate for a better student experience at the University.

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