Spring 2022 General Election Candidates

Listed below are the students who have declared candidacy for Executive positions.

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John Blackburn

I’m John Blackburn and I’m running for SGA PRESIDENT. This place needs some changes and the voice of the student body should be heard. I’m a econ and finance student from Charlotte North Carolina. I have a deep passion for electronic music, government, motorcycles, outdoor survival, and charity work. I will not be changing the way I dress. I will not be changing how I communicate with other members. I will not get a hair cut. What you see is what you get.
It’s my belief that as student body president the campus will undergo a serious of changes that will allow for a better learning environment for all. This will start with limiting or the destruction of draconian policies. These policies limit the freedom of the student body and act as a speed bump to the learning environment. They also dampen the exciting moments of campus life as well.
I will like to change grading policies on campus as well. As a student I have encountered my fair share of hardships both financial and academic. It is my firm belief that for the students of the University of Alabama to truly reach the full potential that lay within the heart of man that second chances must be allowed. These chances must give the student a truly fresh start to be successful. The maximum fresh start I could find realistic is giving a redo for a whole semester of classes. As if the slate had become clean.

I want to give everyone a mode of conflict resolution that avoids the need to involve actual punishment. This will give individuals a form of escalation of force. This will also allow parties who wish not to talk an easier road to travel.

Lastly someone out in the student body should strongly think about taking over my lease. This is in a great location. Seven hundred square feet. Full working kitchen. Standing shower. Air conditioning. Internet. Power. Parking place. Access to a pool and gym. This is only some of the positives of living at this location. Please reach out on facebook or my cell to inquire.

Preliminary Budget (PDF)

Madeline Martin

My name is Madeline Martin, and I am both excited and humbled to announce my candidacy for Student Government Association President. My leadership experience during my time at UA has included: advancing campus and community relations, executing initiatives to promote student involvement and wellbeing, and participating in diverse service organizations throughout Tuscaloosa and the state of Alabama.

I am a junior from Hoover, Alabama majoring in communication studies and political science with a minor in public policy on the pre-law track. I am involved in Capstone Agency and League of Women Voters. In SGA, I previously served as a First Year Councilor and a Senator for the College of Communication and Information Sciences. Currently, I have the honor of serving the student body as the Vice President for External Affairs. In this role, I have had the opportunity to cultivate a variety of initiatives to connect students with the Tuscaloosa community including the Student Garden, Turning Tide (a mentorship program with the Tuscaloosa County School System), and the TTown Food Tour.

As I run for SGA President, I ask you to “Move with Martin” and to strengthen our endeavors of connection, outreach, equity, and development. Connection between students and campus leaders is vital for creating a better understanding of the campus and SGA resources for all members of UA. Outreach to external companies will continue to enrich the student experience and integrate our campus with a variety of dynamic partnerships. An equitable Capstone is one where we promote our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts through advocating for knowledge of all of the university policies that promote equity and guarantee inclusion. Finally, a deliberate emphasis on professional and academic development will propel our campus to new levels, encouraging all to stay true to our motto: “The Capstone of Higher Education.”

I firmly believe the role of the SGA President is to listen and to represent. If elected as your next SGA President, I will be a voice for you to experience lasting changes that will benefit our campus and community. I ask you to join me on March 8th and #MoveWithMartin!

Preliminary Budget (PDF)

Sarah Shield

My name is Sarah Shield and I’m a junior from Parkland, Florida, double majoring in accounting and criminal justice. I am excited to announce my candidacy for President of the Student Government Association.

Over the past three years at the University, it has become more than clear to me that there are certain opportunities reserved for certain students. The Machine and its members have led this charge for exclusivity. I am seeking the position of President to change this long-standing tradition.

I strive to represent all parts of campus, especially those who have had their voices stifled or opportunities restricted because of their involvement on campus. Starting on Inauguration Day, I will work to improve the campus experience for ALL students. My platform addresses several major concerns that my friends and classmates have brought to my attention.

Firstly, mental health should be a primary focus of any candidate in this race, and I want to improve services for students by advocating for a mental health fee as well as mandating suicide prevention and awareness training. This will increase accessibility of the Counseling Center as well as allow them to provide so much more to the Student Body. Next, I have heard the complaints from students and I want to work to alleviate concerns surrounding parking by working to implement a campus-wide warning system for first-time offenders. If you know me, you know I’m passionate about athletics, and my third platform point tackles the student experience at athletic events. I want to make sure that not only are Tide Loyalty Points reestablished and expanded, but that there is a travel fund created to financially support away-trips for students. Finally, I believe that as a campus, we are at our best when all students are involved, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that transparency and accountability are reintroduced to the Student Government Association. Stand for Progress, Stand for Accountability, Stand with Shield.

Preliminary Budget (PDF)

Executive Vice President

Jack Steinmetz

My name is Jack Steinmetz, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for Executive Vice President. I am a Junior from Birmingham, Alabama, studying Mechanical Engineering on the STEM Path to the MBA, with a minor in Social Innovation and Leadership. I have had the honor of serving as a voice for my peers through my past 3 years in Student Government. In addition to SGA, I am a member of Capstone Men & Women as well as The University Fellows Experience.

As Executive Vice President, I will implement initiatives that cover Engagement, Opportunity, Advancement, Inclusion, and Transparency. I hope to provide opportunities to further wellness on campus through improved financial literacy resources and more affordable on campus counseling services. I also look forward to engaging students in the championship mentality here at the Capstone by hosting events in Coleman Coliseum that honor our championship teams and student organizations.

This past year as Vice President for Student Affairs, I focused my efforts towards creating a campus where students are healthier, safer, and more involved in the university. Through my initiatives, I have met so many students and heard their stories. I am committed to making life at the Capstone better for all students. I would be honored to continue making our campus a better place as Executive Vice President. Last year I served as a trusted voice for students, and I am asking you to Stick with Steinmetz this year on election day, March 8th.

Preliminary Budget (PDF)

Vice President for Student Affairs

Luke Dille

“My name is Luke Dille and I am excited to be running to become the next Vice President for Student Affairs! I am a sophomore from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, majoring in Construction Engineering on the STEM path to the MBA.

As VP for Student Affairs, I plan to enrich the student experience by improving Wi-Fi connectivity across all classroom buildings, working with MARS to create a student organization education and training campaign about preventing sexual assault, and modernizing the Bryant-Denny experience on gameday. Most importantly, I pledge to spend my time truly listening to fellow students, their concerns, their suggestions, and their goals‚ and will always put them first.

I believe our job as student representatives is to create and foster the ideal student experience: an enriching, fun, and supportive environment, where students come first and their voices are heard. During my time in the Student Government Association, I have collaborated with fellow students in a wide variety of ways to help foster that positive student experience. I view the responsibilities of Vice President for Student Affairs as working with campus partners to find solutions for the problems students face and creating positive student experiences that support learning and help students achieve their goals.

I would be honored to receive your vote for Vice President for Student Affairs on Election Day, Tuesday, March 8 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., on MyBama. Roll Tide!

Preliminary Budget (PDF)

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Cameron Doyle

My name is Cameron Doyle, and I am honored to announce my candidacy for Vice President for Academic Affairs. I am a sophomore from Mandeville, Louisiana majoring in Chemical Engineering on the STEM Path to the MBA. If elected Vice President for Academic Affairs, I will improve the academic quality for all students here at the Capstone. One aspect I cherish most in my life is my own education, and I have therefore made it my mission to see that every student has equitable opportunities for academic success. In high school, I was fortunate enough to serve on the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. I learned and challenged policies being enacted in academia by elected officials. This experience heightened my passion for education and for making change through student representation. At the Capstone, I was honored to serve on First Year Council with my fellow student leaders and learn how to advocate for change on UA’s campus.
Furthermore, serving on Senate this past year as the Academic Affairs Committee Head has truly been an experience like no other. It has taught me about what I can do to improve UA, how to effectively collaborate with my fellow SGA members to create meaningful legislation, and how to work with faculty to enact real change. I am determined to continue my career in SGA as Vice President for Academic Affairs for the benefit of UA students. My platform focuses on accessibility and making academics available for all students. I have been inspired from both my background in Louisiana, working to change one of the nation’s worst education systems, and my work in SGA. I know the importance of creating an equitable and inclusive education environment, and I am dedicated to instilling these values at the Capstone. It is my goal to ensure that no student’s needs are overlooked, and I am fully prepared and equipped to execute this purpose. I would be honored to have you ‚Make a Difference with Doyle‚ by voting on Tuesday, March 8th for Vice President for Academic Affairs. Thank you for your consideration and Roll Tide!

Preliminary Budget (PDF)

Vice President for Financial Affairs

Lauryn Parker

Hi everyone! I am thrilled to officially announce my candidacy for SGA Vice President of Financial Affairs. I am a Junior from Denver, Colorado studying Finance and Spanish. I currently serve as a Senator for the College of Business and I previously served as the Director of Student Health and Well Being on the Student Affairs Cabinet. In addition to my involvement in SGA, I am also in the Business Honors Program, University Honors college, and a member of Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity. My experience within SGA has given me the incredible platform and ability to create a positive impact on each student represented at the University of Alabama. Working with fellow representatives and the student body has gifted me with the ability to leave our amazing campus and community a little better of a place than I found it and I strive to continue to do so. During my time in SGA I have been able to work on various pieces of legislation that promote transparency and education which is something that I want to continue to achieve in the role of The Vice President of Financial Affairs. My platform points include implementing economic education initiatives, increasing transparency with the student body, and expanding upon current initiatives through partnerships with my fellow council and Tuscaloosa community. In efforts to continue to educate, I will work to implement a literacy series covering debt management, investment strategies, tax education, and tips to avoid common financial mistakes. I am passionate about serving this campus and the Tuscaloosa community that has given so much to me. Additionally, I will work with local Tuscaloosa student-owned businesses to provide resources and continue to highlight these businesses and student founders. I believe that pouring into the community and campus will foster a remarkable and beneficial change that I hope to see. As an appointed student representative within SGA, I would work hand in hand with fellow leaders to help cultivate a bright spirit about SGA within and around our campus. I ask you to join me and vote Lauryn Parker for Vice President of Financial Affairs.

Preliminary Budget (PDF)

Vice President for External Affairs

Collier Dobbs

My name is Collier Dobbs, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the office of Vice President for External Affairs. I am a sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama and I am currently studying Finance and Economics. Over my past two years at the Capstone, I have grown to love and appreciate this school with each day. This past year, I have had the pleasure of serving as a senator for the Culverhouse College of Business. Throughout my senate term, I have worked with my fellow senators and the executive council to improve this campus and better represent the student body. One improvement that students can see first-hand is placing feminine hygiene products in the female bathrooms at the Student Center. My work throughout my time in the Student Government Association has reflected both my genuine commitment to this organization and my strong capabilities that will allow me to successfully fulfill the duties of VPEA. If elected, I will work with the City Council and voter organizations around campus to encourage student voter turnout in the upcoming municipal election. I also plan to work with the City Council to create a DUI prevention ticketing program that allows students to request an overnight parking pass for commuter lots around campus. In addition, I plan to partner with the Real Estate Society to create a Renter’s Education course to educate students on how to best manage their resources and make the most of their rental conditions. I am humbled to have the opportunity to run for this position and I understand the importance of this office. I am prepared to wholeheartedly devote myself to these expectations and to the members of the student body. It has been my greatest honor to serve alongside my fellow peers in the Student Government Association thus far and I am eager to continue serving the student body to create a better experience for every student at the University of Alabama.

Preliminary Budget (PDF)

Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Izzy Boyd

My name is Izzy Boyd, and I am a junior studying Public Health and Economics from Oxford, MS, and I am honored to ask for your vote for Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Student Government Association. Since my freshman year at UA, serving on SGA’s DEI Cabinet has been my most rewarding work, and I would love nothing more but to build upon that work in the upcoming academic year.

My love for the SGA DEI Cabinet began my freshman year, serving as a Director of Disability Services and Affairs. In this role, I was able to encourage the Office of Disability Services (ODS) to improve experiences for students in ODS, like myself. In addition to adapting the Miss Unique UA Pageant, an event for CrossingPoints students, into a more inclusive talent show, I served as an Analyst for the 2020-2021 DEI Certification Program Team. After assuming my current role as Chief of Staff, I have helped plan and execute countless events with student organizations from various backgrounds and aspects of DEI, as well as the broader Tuscaloosa community. These experiences have inspired my platform, In with Izzy, and, with this platform, I hope to promote true inclusion by giving students and UA community members from diverse backgrounds new opportunities to share their experiences, perspectives, and knowledge. I hope to accomplish this goal by revamping the DEI Certification Program to be more accessible to students and student organizations and through several other initiatives.

If given the opportunity to serve as the next VP for DEI, I will lead and listen with respect, integrity, compassion, and, of course, inclusion. Like the Capstone Creed states, I want to promote equity and inclusion in all that I do and will advocate for all students and student affinity groups. It has been an honor to serve the Student Government Association while promoting the communities and causes that are central to who UA is and who I am, and I hope you will allow me to build upon the Cabinet’s and my hard work from the past two years.

Preliminary Budget (PDF)

Executive Secretary

Josie Schmitt

Good morning UA, my name is Josie Schmitt and I am grateful for the opportunity to run for Executive Secretary. I am a sophomore from Chicago, Illinois studying Accounting with a concentration in Tax. During my time at UA, I have been fortunate enough to serve this institution and foster close relationships with faculty and my peers through my position as the Director of Communications for the Vice-President of Student Affairs. Additionally, I am a member of the Accounting Student Association, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alabama Best Buddies, Beat Auburn Beat Hunger, and the Culverhouse LIFT Program. I also serve on my sorority’s Executive Council as the Risk Reduction and Education Chairman. These leadership positions, my academic background, and communication skills have equipped me with the tools to exceed any and all expectations that come with this position. As Executive Secretary, I will promote an environment that furthers the mission of the Student Government Association. I will implement initiatives that focus on the betterment of the student body and revolve around the underlying themes of communication, organization, accountability, and transparency. I plan to streamline internal and external communication by improving the current communicative methods currently in place. I plan to increase organization within the SGA by creating new, clear-cut resources. I plan to build upon current programs in order to enhance accessibility for all students. And I plan to implement services that foster transparency throughout the Capstone Community. I am eager for the future and I am confident that my efforts are present for the longevity of SGA. Please join me and Select Schmitt for Executive Secretary on March 8th!

Preliminary Budget (PDF)

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