Executive Council

Jared Hunter

Casey Nelson
Executive Vice President

Mollie Gillis
VP for Student Affairs

Ross D’Entemont
VP for Academic Affairs

Charlie Steinmetz
VP for Financial Affairs

Price McGiffert
VP for External Affairs

Stephanie Gaytan
Executive Secretary

Caitlin Cobb
Chief of Staff

Executive Cabinet

William Bounds
Chief Advisor to the President

Rutland Patterson
Chief Advisor to the President

Claire Parker
Chief Administrative Officer

Lauren Forrest
Chief Implementation Officer

Blaize Naman
Chief Implementation Officer

Win Watson

Alexa Campbell
Director of Communications

Gene Fulmer
Director of Engagement

Amber Scales
Director of Multicultural Affairs

Austin Halverson
Director of Programming

Kyle Van Frank
Director of Environmental Affairs

Alexander Wilson

Lance Bryant McCaskey
Attorney General

Kaitlyn Theriot
Deputy Chief of Staff

Sierra Stockley
Director of Media Relations

Ellie Bowers
Chief Justice