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College of Arts and Sciences Candidates

George Cain

My name is George Cain and I was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama. Growing an Alabama fan, I always dreamed of attending school in Tuscaloosa. Now that I am here, I plan to pour my heart and soul into my academics as well as improving the university as a whole. On campus I am a serving executive member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, and have worked with various volunteer groups around the city. I am running for senate because I care about this school and want to allow my input to make a difference. I believe running will also connect me with more people, ultimately increasing my campus involvement. Running for senate will enable me to represent the student body and the ideas it has. My platform is becoming more engaged with the local businesses around campus. I believe working with the local restaurants to create discounted meals for students is not only beneficial to the students, but to the business as well as the university. By implementing a discount on meals, local businesses would receive a larger flow of customers resulting in profit increases. This surplus of income could be an opportunity to pair with a charitable organization of interest. I trust that other businesses would see the good done by an event of lower food prices, and decide they would like to participate. In addition to the student satisfaction and the money raised, the bond between the university and its surrounding businesses would become much stronger.

John Michael Chandash

Hey UA! My name is John Michael Chandash and I am a freshman from Birmingham, Alabama majoring in Political Science on the Pre-Law track. Im super excited to announce my candidacy to be your next senator in SGA for the College of Arts and Sciences!

I currently serve as a Councilor on the Student Government Association’s First Year Council, where I create, pass, and vote on legislation to improve the experience of my fellow freshmen. I want to continue my history of involvement as Senator, ensuring the best outcomes for my fellow students at UA.

As Senator, I vow to #CreateChangeWithChandash and improve the lives of students through my hard work, determination, and passion. During my tenure as your Senator, I plan to look out for students by facilitating financial aid and small-business opportunities, simplifying the course registration process, and safeguarding student’s physical health by increasing fitness opportunities and installing mold detectors.

Above all, I would listen to any and all student input on how I can improve, change, and enhance the lives of my campus and the students who encompass it. I am entirely committed to serving The University of Alabama and its students sincerely, and I am willing to run the extra mile to make UA an improved institution for all.

Jeffery Ford

My name is Jeffery Ford. I am a junior from Montgomery, AL. Being at the University of Alabama I am currently majoring in Political Science with a minor in General Business, all on the Pre-Law track. I am proud to announce my campaign for the 2024 College of Arts and Sciences Senate. Throughout my academic career here at the Capstone, I have found a number of areas to be involved in such as the Social Event Chair for ShineUA, the Keeper of Records and Seal for the Beta Eta chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc, BRIDGE, Black Student Union, and the Alabama Club Baseball team. Throughout my involvement here on campus, I have continued to build on my leadership, commitment, and strong passion for helping others. My goal is to provide a platform for students with an inclusive environment and give a voice for the unspoken here at the University. From a young age all throughout my time here at the Capstone, I have always had a sense of advocacy and duty to serve others and my community. As your senator I will make it my goal to push legislation for the betterment of the Arts and Sciences College, and those who are within it. To help diversify and allow for an overall better college experience for our students. I look forward to meeting you all on this campaign journey and helping to make our illustrious school continue to excel.

Kennedy Jones

My name is Kennedy Jones and I am from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, however, I was originally raised in Washington D.C. The second I committed to the University of Alabama, I knew that I wanted to be as involved as possible. I have had the pleasure of participating in the Student Government Association through First Year Council, and I would like to further my involvement by advocating for the student body by representing the College of Arts and Sciences. I would like to do this by addressing two areas: academics and campus involvement.

Academics is of great importance here at the Capstone. There are so many departmental scholarships that some are not aware of, and I would like to make them more accessible, which includes passing out flyers and sending out further emails to notify students of the amazing scholarships, study abroad opportunities, and internships that the College of Arts and Sciences provides.

At a university with over 38,000 students, it is difficult to find people that fit best with your personality, even within your own college. I have experienced this first-hand as a timid freshman, with the constant fear of not finding your circle overwhelming you. I would love, as an Arts and Sciences Senator, to go further in depth with “Get on Board Day” by implementing a specific day for my college so that students within it can become aware of organizations that are focused towards their major and include people who are interested in the same field.

Pharris Livingston

Hello! My name is Pharris Livingston, and I am from Nashville, Tennessee. I am a Chemistry major and member of the McCollough Institute for Pre-Medical Scholars and STEM Path to the MBA. In just one semester on campus, I have helped establish a chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity at UA where I serve as its first Public Relations Officer. I am a member of Freshman Forum, the SGA Academic Affairs Committee, Medicine and Community, the American Chemical Society, and Emerging Scholars. I am running for Senate because I want to unite students in a shared effort to improve our campus. Advocating for extended dining hall hours, I will ensure that students get their money’s worth from the thousands spent on meal plans. Parking is also a major issue on campus. There are not enough parking spots for students with off-campus housing, and the significant cost of a parking pass is outrageous. This will be my first priority in order to minimize the financial burden on students. Similarly, students should not have to pay for ride-shares or buses to access airports when going home on breaks. I advocate for the addition of Crimson Ride bus routes to and from nearby airports at the beginning and end of breaks. If elected to the Senate, I will fight to implement feasible solutions to these urgent issues.

Luke Mintz

My name is Luke Mintz, a College of Arts and Sciences student looking to make a positive difference here at UA. As a political science major, I appreciate our student government and want to see it utilized for the benefit of every student, whether that means supporting campus organizations or taking the concerns of my constituents to the floor to be resolved. I’ve got plenty of experience in legislative bodies, having served most recently in the SGA’s First Year Council. It was during my time there on the Rules Committee that I passed legislation to correct our Code of Laws, and I would like to bring this attention to detail and excellence into the Senate.

This past year of service has shown me just how much potential our college has to reach new heights in innovation, student care, and the representation of every voice. As a leader of one of our campus’ most active student politics groups, I know how important it is to protect the rights of each student to express their beliefs. As a senator, I will also continue on the tradition of transparency in our student government by making myself available both at meetings and on my own time.

I love this school and I love its students. College of Arts and Sciences, I will work for you and with you to better the Capstone. But don’t take my word for it, let me show you in 2024. Thank you for your attention, and Roll Tide!

Freddie Nelson

My name is Freddie Nelson and I am running to be your next College of Arts & Sciences Senator! As a freshman, my experience at The University of Alabama has already been everything and more, making me realize how special this place truly is and motivating me to serve my school. If granted the honor and privilege to work alongside UA and The College of Arts & Sciences, I will strive to make positive change, act with ambition, and live by my platform, Find It With Freddie. I look forward to sharing my plans to make student resources here at UA more accessible and applicable than ever.

Jason Odom

My name is Jason Odom. I am from Brandon, Mississippi and am currently a sophomore here at the University of Alabama completing a double major in history and political science. I am also the Secretary of the Treasury for the Common Ground bipartisan student organization as well as Vice-President of Operations for the newly added UA chapter of Bridge USA, while being a dedicated member of Crimson Chaos. I fell in love with government and politics at a very young age, and one day hope to return back home to Mississippi so I can run for office and help the people who raised me. I thought there was no better way to start this journey than representing my classmates here at Bama. I will focus on environmental issues such as: plastic waste and end-of-the-year move-out materials, organizational problems such as getting all required books registered through the student center, and finally student accessibility issues like getting working water fountains in ten hoor! I hope I can earn your vote this election season. Remember to Vote ‘em Odom!

Autumn Pernell

Hi! My name is Autumn Pernell, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the College of Arts and Sciences Senate! I am a junior from Tuscaloosa, AL, majoring in Political Science and Psychology with a minor in Spanish. I currently serve as Chief Counselor in the Student Government Association, Director of DEI and Scholarships for the Pre-Law Student Association, a Research Assistant, and a Resident Advisor.

My past two years in SGA have taught me 2 things:

(1) The general student body does not care about SGA.
(2) No one cares because trust between SGA and the student body has been broken.

You should be able to trust your student government to look out for your best interests and create policy that actually improves your student experience. If elected, I promise I will strive to make SGA’s mantra of “Students Serving Students” come true. Some of my goals include instituting a special parking pass for students with on-campus jobs so that they do not have to pay for parking to go to work, implementing signage outside of every Resident Advisor’s door directing students to mental health resources, exploring better lighting options around residential crosswalks to protect pedestrians and cyclists, and encouraging HRC to make Thanksgiving break an optional working opportunity for RAs rather than a required one. UA is an incredible school, but with your help, we can make it even better. It’s time to act. With your vote, I am confident that we will Achieve Change Together.

Sterling Robbins

My name is Sterling Robbins and I am excited to announce my candidacy for Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences. I am a sophomore from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and study Biology here at UA. Over the past few semesters, I’ve had the privilege to get involved with multiple organizations, such as Alpha Epsilon Delta, Project Health Ambassadors, Honors Action through the Honors College, and UA Miracle. Spending time in these organizations and in my classes has given me a great picture of our exceptional student body.

The University of Alabama is the perfect place to develop academic and leadership skills, and my platform seeks to bring out the best in our students. My first plan to do this would be requiring professors to record and upload every lecture to Blackboard. This allows students to further digest class material while also taking pressure off studying. Secondly, I seek to bridge the gap between students and their professors by creating a mid-semester survey. This would go both ways: students give their professor feedback on their teaching and material, while teachers give feedback to the class on what they can do better to succeed. Lastly, I will look to create a mentoring network where students can meet with upperclassmen of the same major who can provide advice for campus involvement, classes, and more. As your senator, I would guarantee to give my best effort in fulfilling these plans and commit to making positive change in our great university. Roll Tide and #RelyOnRobbins!

Brooke Romanowsky

I’m Brooke Romanowsky and I am delighted to announce my candidacy for the College of Arts and Sciences senate! I am currently a sophomore double majoring in Criminal Justice and Political Science with a minor in International Studies on the Pre-Law track. I am from Madison, Alabama but grew up in Dallas, Texas. At the Capstone, I am fortunate to be involved in organizations such as Lobby Board, Woman in Pre-Law Society, Emerging Scholars Program, UA Miracle, Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, and many more. I believe that these opportunities have allowed me to truly engage with faculty and peers on campus and grow my love for the University. My passion and dedication to the Capstone leads to my desire to serve as senator. I believe that it is of utmost importance for students to feel a sense of belonging and connection within their college. My platform focuses on three main objectives: belonging, engagement, and transparency. As senator, I plan to connect with fellow students on what they believe could enhance their college experience and advocate on behalf of all students at the Capstone. I hope you all chose to join my vision on February 27th and vote to #BelongWithBrooke!

Brian Watts

Hello, I’m Brian, a freshman majoring in Biology. On campus, I am currently involved in the founding of a new fraternity. I am running for a college senate seat to represent the voices of fellow students and contribute to a more vibrant campus. My platform focuses on fostering academic support, building a sense of community, and promoting mental health awareness. Join us on February 27th!

Charles Wicker

What’s up UA! My name is Charles Wicker and I am a freshman from Towaco, NJ studying Neuroscience and Psychology. I am truly excited for this opportunity to run as one of your next senators representing the College of Arts and Sciences. I am a member of Theta Chi fraternity and serve on the executive board assisting with academics and scholarship. Now, I am running to be one of your senators to serve you. I wish to voice both my opinions and those from all of you in order to uphold and improve the ideals that make the Colleges of Arts and Sciences great. My time here at the Capstone has been amazing so far due to the tremendous people who had come before me and set the foundation. With that, I know that I can contribute to this tradition of excellence at UA and make this experience better for every single one of us. I hope that you vote with me on February 27. Thank you and Roll Tide.

College of Business Candidates

Nick DeLeon

My name is Andrew “Nick” DeLeon, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for a spot in Senate representing the Culverhouse College of Business. I am a freshman from Austin, Texas majoring in accounting. From the day that I got on campus here at the University of Alabama, I always knew that I wanted to get involved and help change UA for the better. After attending only one semester here at UA, I have come to realize how much this campus truly has to offer for every student alike. I strongly believe that through collaborating with other senators and pushing for new legislation, I can help shape UA into an even better campus. One thing that I would like to implement after being elected on Senate is to work with the Capstone Center for Student Success to offer more tutoring sessions on different days, and implementing individual learning sessions for students, rather than it having to be in a small group. I also would like to offer lower division students the opportunity to meet with upper division students/advisors to learn more about their major and possibly discover another major they would be more interested in before entering the upper division level. I promise to work diligently and proudly represent the student body here at UA and performing to the best of my abilities to make our campus a better place.

Michael Dobbs

My name is Michael Dobbs, and I am currently a freshman from Birmingham, Alabama, double majoring in Finance and Spanish. I am very excited and grateful to announce my candidacy for the Culverhouse College of Business Senate. Over the past few months on campus, I have been surrounded by individuals and experiences that have made me deeply appreciate every story and opportunity the University of Alabama has to offer. I fully understand and appreciate that UA, and specifically the Culverhouse College of Business, is the program it is today because of those before me that have worked hard to create these experiences. Now, I hope to do the same for my peers and future Culverhouse College of Business students. The opportunity to enhance my peers’ college experience is one I could not avoid. As a Senator, I plan to ensure students are familiar and informed about the opportunities that can set them up for success on campus and post graduation. Within the school, I will streamline the room reservation process, specifically for individual students. Outside the classroom, I believe that the interconnectivity between students and alumni is of the utmost importance. That’s why I will work to create new networking opportunities with our alumni through a variety of events. These improvements and more to the business school will guide our students to reaching their maximum potential on campus, and promote an equitable environment in Culverhouse. I hope you choose to vote for Michael Dobbs and Roll Tide!

Hanniel Dunn

My name is Hanniel Dunn, and I’m excited to announce my candidacy for SGA Senate. As a freshman at the Capstone, I’ve had the opportunity to involve myself in various organizations on campus; I currently serve as Deputy Chief of Staff in the SGA DEI Cabinet, as well as other positions within my fraternity and the Honors College. I’ve always sought to serve my community, and now I seek to serve the University as a Culverhouse Senator.

As Senator, I hope to create meaningful change, and speak for all my fellow students. No matter what I’m advocating for – more and better late night food options, modernizing campus living, or improved access to your SGA representative – I’ll keep integrity, transparency, and sincerity at the forefront of my mind.

Working alongside each and every one of you, I hope to make our years here the best that they can be. Whatever concerns or problems you might have, let me know – and let’s get it done with Dunn.

Conner Forbes

My name is Conner Forbes, and I am a sophomore from Huntsville, Alabama, double majoring in finance and economics on the accelerated masters track. Throughout my two years here on campus I have dedicated my time to making an impact on the University in as many ways as possible. I’m involved in the Business Honors Program, as well as the Capstone Asset Management Society. Furthermore, I am currently on the standards board for the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi, as well as the honor society, Alpha Lambda Delta. I am currently a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity where I sit on the philanthropy committee as well as the health and wellness committee. My commitment to this campus and the community is why I whole-heartedly believe I would be an excellent addition to the University of Alabama’s Student Government Association. My first main focus would be within advising and extracurricular organizations. I think that the number one of the best ways students can benefit from college is through clubs and organizations. I plan to add an extra-curricular aspect to advising. Furthermore, I can attest firsthand how stressful college life can be. That’s why I will be proposing a mental health day for all students to catch up on their responsibilities and relax. Finally I’d like to mandate the recording of all lectures for students to have at their disposal if they start to fall behind.

Lindsey Lett

Hello, My name is Lindsey Lett, I’m a first-year Finance major at the University of Alabama. I am honored to formally declare my candidacy for the Senate within the Student Government Association, aspiring to serve as a dedicated advocate for Culverhouse students. My current campus involvements include Delta Sigma Pi, Professional Women in Communications and Business Club, and a role on Zeta Tau Alpha’s Programs Council as the Director of External Affairs. Motivated by an innate passion for service and advocacy, I am drawn to SGA’s mission of “Students Serving Students.” Through my proposed platform, I aim to articulate the concerns and interests of my peers, fostering an inclusive and positive environment at The Capstone. With a focus on innovative ideas for growing professional development opportunities, connecting with faculty and administrators, and developing a strategic path for Culverhouse members’ success, I am confident in my ability to elevate the student experience here at UA. Join me to shape a brighter future for our university. As we collectively embark on a journey Lets Grow, Lets Connect, Lets Develop. And of course, Lett’s Get Down to Business on Tuesday February 27th, from 7-7 on MyBama!

Jenni Page

My name is Jenni Page, and I’m a current sophomore here at UA. I’m a General Business and Psychology major with a minor in Criminal Justice on the Pre-Law track. This past year, I have had the honor and the privilege of serving as a Senator for the Culverhouse College of Business, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to continue to be meaningfully engaged in my community. I know that I can use my knowledge and experience to benefit UA students. My platform focuses on 4 C’s: Collaboration, Connection, Communication, and Compassion. By collaborating with UA administration, local Tuscaloosa companies, and other members of the SGA, I would improve late-night transportation for students, increase safety on game day, and break down financial barriers for student employees. To improve student connection, I would work to host tabling events for Senators to connect with their constituents, a Day of Service for students and Senators to connect with the Tuscaloosa community, and a campus-wide event to connect students with UA resources. In order to foster better communication and gather student feedback, I would implement surveys and Bama Asks tabling events. Finally, to promote compassion for our fellow students, I would encourage all Senators to become QPR certified and advocate for an in-person component of Togetherall, where trained peer listeners provide compassionate and judgment-free support and listening. If re-elected, I promise to focus on collaboration, connection, communication, and compassion to make progress that students can be proud of.

Chloe Pickle

I’m Chloe Pickle and I am currently a sophomore at the University of Alabama studying Economics with a minor in Political Science. I am honored to announce my official candidacy for Culverhouse Senate within the Student Government Association. After an exceptional past year serving the students of UA, I vow to continue in my endeavors to further enhance the daily lives and experiences of students at the Capstone if re-elected. I am extremely passionate about being involved in any way I can around campus. Currently, I am involved in the Phi Eta Sigma Honors Society, UA Greek Ambassadors Association, and UA Women in Pre-Law Society. I also currently hold the position of Alpha Phi Recruitment Chairwoman and serve as a Senator for the Culverhouse College of Business in the Student Government Association. Through my multi-purpose platform, I plan to further the vision and mission of SGA “Students Serving Students.” I am driven to create and foster an uplifting, healthy, and inclusive environment for each and every student at UA. I strive to bring new ideas and perspectives to the Student Government Association by connecting with peers and faculty to be a voice for the study body. I hope that you choose to Pick Pickle on February 27th from 7 am-7 pm on myBama!

Carter Rawson

My name is Carter Rawson, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for Senator of the Culverhouse College of Business. I am currently a freshman studying Finance from San Diego, California. I have had the opportunity to become involved in organizations such as the Alabama Finance Association, Real Estate Society, and the Interfraternity Council new member education committee. My passion to advocate for others and my leadership qualities are the driving forces that propelled me to run for Senate. With that said, my first platform works on connecting Culverhouse students with career opportunities catered to their major. This program will look like a career fair where companies looking to hire a particular graduating major connect with those students, giving both the recruiter and the student a narrow scope and better outcome. My second platform point addresses student safety and the protocols on the streets within campus. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic is never a good combination, and there are locations on campus where crosswalks and traffic lights need to be installed to ensure students are always safe. My final platform is a desire to allow students to voice their thoughts effortlessly. With this platform, I will implement an easily accessible online form where students can share their ideas for improvement with just a few clicks. With that being said, I hope y’all #RidewithRawson on February 28th, and I will strive to make positive changes across campus.

Jonas Scofield

My name is Jonas Scofield, and I am a freshman majoring in finance and minoring in
political science from Sylacauga, Alabama. Ever since I stepped foot on campus here at the Capstone, I knew this was the place for me. This University has truly become my home away from home, and I would love the opportunity to have a role in the betterment of my home and surrounding communities. During my time serving on the First Year Council, I have found a passion for SGA and the ability to pass legislation. I have passed and supported legislation to better campus relations, support the Tuscaloosa community, and help grow the future leaders of this area. These topics will still be a focus of mine while serving as a senator for the Culverhouse College of Business. I plan to pass legislation to foster a more inclusive environment for students with intellectual disabilities, connect students with more networking opportunities, serve the Tuscaloosa community, and create more opportunities for community enhancement so students have a social and healthy lifestyle. I promise if you take a chance with me you will Score with Scofield.

Dylan Siegel

My name is Dylan Siegel. I am double-majoring in Economics and Finance and am from Mountain Brook, Alabama.. One of my biggest values is going beyond what is expected of me. I have served on the IFC Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee and the SGA Academic Affairs committee this past year.

I believe I can represent the student voice well at Alabama, and I will not do the bare minimum and stand by while I know I can make a difference. Additionally, I am also the middle child in my family and am often overlooked. Because of this, I am always listening and taking things in from the environment around me, which enables me to form a general idea of what people want. I have always been laid back and go-with-the-flow, which enables me to push an agenda that is not necessarily what I want, but what I believe is the correct way to do things. Additionally, I feel qualified to write and vote on legislation because of my writing background from being on the school newspaper and because of what I have learned through my AP government class in high school and other government classes I have taken.

My platform will be focused primarily on improving academics, improving campus engagement, and expanding reward systems. I will expand more on my ideas through my campaign and as we move closer to elections via social media.

Liza Thompson

If selected to serve as a Senator for the College of Business, I promise to be dedicated to serving students and ensuring their voices are heard. My name is Liza Thompson and I am a freshman from Birmingham, Alabama. I have grown up with an immense love for the University and would be honored to play a role in bettering our campus community. Through my involvement this past semester in Delta Sigma Pi, Professional Women in Communications and Business, and the SGA Student Affairs Committee, I believe I have developed the skills necessary to hold this position. I will give UA my full commitment to better our campus by using the experiences and knowledge these leadership experiences have given me and will strive to pass legislation necessary for positive change. I believe UA is in need of overdose awareness, campus safety, and making advising more readily available; I would work closely with UA’s administration, advising department, and my peers to ensure the success of these objectives.

Palin Wilkinson

My name is Palin Wilkinson. I am a freshman from Birmingham, Alabama and I attended Mountain Brook High School. I am a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity and Capstone Men in Business. I also volunteer with multiple charitable organizations like Be The Match for example. In high school, I was our SGA president for two years and vice president for one year so I am very qualified for this position.

I am currently running for a seat in senate to represent Culverhouse and to be a voice for the many freshmen in the business school. I want to give people a voice and be a leader for all freshmen. Of course as first year students, we are the lowest on the totem pole, but that does not mean we should be overlooked. We are full of innovative and creative ideas that will help our campus continue to strive. With myself in the senate, I intend to work incredibly hard to make sure that every freshman and also every student will have their voices heard.

My platform is simple. Partner with Palin. This means that I want students to be able to rely on me and work with me to help our school become greater than it ever has been. As students, it is our job to make our campus and our education benefit us. One of the ways I want to do this is by encouraging students to connect more with each other in the classroom and on campus.

Margaret Wilson

Hi, my name is Margaret Wilson, and I am a freshman from Mobile, Alabama, majoring in Finance. I’m pleased to announce my candidacy as a Senator for the Culverhouse College of Business. Serving on UA’s First Year Council, I understand the importance of representing and acting on the diverse needs and concerns of the student body as well as voicing opinions and concerns on their behalf. I hope to continue my journey in SGA as a senator utilizing my leadership and collaboration skills in order to enact positive change on campus. Being a part of FYC’s external affairs committee, I developed a strong desire to keep students engaged within our community and provide them with resources to maximize their potential. The first aspect of my platform is to establish a deeper connection between the students and our local community to allow students to explore their major and gain real world experience right here in Tuscaloosa. I would also like to further this initiative by expanding the networking opportunities between Culverhouse students and the National Alumni Association. Additionally, I plan to facilitate professional development opportunities available through additional LEAD courses, interview prep, professionalism workshops in resume building and LinkedIn strategies, etc. My mission is to be a resounding voice for the student body in advocating for their comprehensive path to success. If elected as a Culverhouse senator, I promise to make UA proud and I hope you want #MorewithMargaret on February 27th!

College of Communication & Information Sciences Candidates

Hailey Adams

My name is Hailey Adams, and I am a freshman at the Capstone majoring in Public Relations on the CREATE Path to MBA. I am running to be the next College of Communications and Information Sciences Senator! On campus, I have been honored to be a part of the Freshman Forum, C&IS FIGS Group, Student Government Association Academic Affairs Committee, UAMiracle, Dance Alabama, and other organizations that have connected me with students from all walks of life. Throughout my involvement in these organizations and the C&IS College, I have met students and heard their hopes, desires, and concerns. The three pillars of my campaign are preparedness, opportunity, and connection. In the Communication and Information Sciences College Engagement Portal, I will add internship opportunities students can apply for to promote career preparedness and work experience. To provide C&IS Ambassadors with further opportunities, I will advocate for them to receive small office space in the college for their meetings, to store tour materials, and to meet with prospective and current UA students. I will connect students through working with OIT in developing new technology that will help students collaborate in the classroom. I pledge to make students’ voices heard in the C&IS college and across campus. Vote to #AchievewithAdams next Tuesday, February 27, from 7am-7pm on My Bama.

Mia Johnston

My name is Mia Johnston, and I am excited to announce that I am running to be your next C&IS Senator. I am a freshman from Montgomery, AL, majoring in public relations and minoring in political science. After college, I want to become a lobbyist to help give people a voice within our government. Throughout high school, I advocated to politicians and school board members to help improve schools in Alabama. I want to continue being involved and helping to make changes at UA by being a part of the Student Government Association. Every student deserves an equal opportunity to succeed at the University of Alabama and I will find a way to make that easier for our students at the Capstone. My platform consists of Connect, Utilize, and Establish and will allow me to create long-lasting change across our campus as a C&IS Senator. Let’s be the change and #JumpstartWithJohnston!

Sarah Lu Priester

Hey Bama! My name is Sarah Lu Priester, and I am so excited to run to be your next Communication & Information Sciences senator. I am from Fairhope, Alabama, four hours away from the heart of The University of Alabama. I am a freshman majoring in advertising and minoring in hospitality management, so Reese Phifer Hall quickly became my second home on campus. This past year, my leadership involvement in the First Year Council and Freshman Forum provided me with valuable insight into campus challenges and how to solve them. I have enjoyed working with other students to find solutions for the challenges students face.

My senate run is to advocate for the student body to maximize everyone’s experience on campus regardless of path. I base my platform on building student confidence and contribution through communication. Communication is the key to all successful relationships, whether they are academic, business, personal, or social. You should feel confident in approaching faculty about grades, asking questions during class, building new friendships, and speaking up for yourself in difficult situations.

The more confidence students have, the more likely they will be involved and contribute on campus. Ultimately, these contributions lead to the best experience at The University of Alabama, preparing us for our future. Personally, I cannot think of a better way to contribute to campus than to work for solutions supporting you. So, on Feb 27th, you know what to do, vote #SolutionswithSarahLu.

College of Education Candidates

Carson Champion

My name is Carson Champion, I am a kinesiology major with a concentration in Exercise Science on the Pre-PT track. I am running to be the next College of Education Senator! I have been honored to be a part of the Freshmen Forum, Crimson Scholars, Beat Auburn Beat Hunger, and other organizations that have connected me with students from all walks of life. Throughout my involvement in these organizations and the College of Education, I have met students and heard their hopes, desires, and concerns. The three pillars of my campaign are Community Involvement, Commitment, and Care. I would hope to engage in productive discussions to make students’ experience on campus more suitable for all. One of the best aspects of this University is the countless opportunities for students to become involved in various facets of campus life. I believe that there is something for every student here and I would love to help my peers find their belongingness on campus. My goal is to make these opportunities known and easily accessible to help students find their community here at UA. I am grateful for your consideration for voting me to be one of your next senators for the College of Education.

Lily Frances Price

My name is Lily Frances Price and I am a freshman from Sylacauga, Alabama, majoring in Secondary Education, English Language Arts. Pursuing a career within the field of education requires great determination and commitment to teaching others. Rather than simply being defined as a career choice, education is a passion. Therefore, leaders in education must be devoted to scholarship, service, and the importance of learning to effectively advance the social and intellectual conditions of all learners. My beliefs surrounding education align with these values, and I want the opportunity to broaden and develop my passion for education by running to be a Senator for the College of Education here at The University of Alabama. As a senator, I would work diligently to support academic preparation initiatives across campus, strengthen partnerships with leading constituencies state-wide, and promote the profession of education as a whole. It is my goal to be as involved as possible with leading the future of education, and the opportunity to be a senator is just that.

College of Engineering Candidates

Cade Bailey

My name is Cade Bailey, I am a Junior from Chelsea, Alabama studying civil and environmental engineering. I am involved in leadership, service, and professional organizations. Through my involvement, I have learned how to effectively communicate and lead my peers to achieve a higher standard of student life. I will accomplish this goal as a senator by advocating for policies that support equity and academic excellence throughout the UA community. Being a senator enables me to draw upon my previous collective experiences in leadership and communication, aiming to enhance the academic and professional experiences of students at the University of Alabama.

Bailey Berry

Hello, I am Bailey Berry, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for Senator of the College of Engineering! I am a freshman chemical engineering major from Jackson, Mississippi, and as a member of the Randall Research Scholars Program, I am no stranger to being surrounded by academic excellence, which is what I want to encourage as your Senator of the College of Engineering. Our college can only be as strong as our students, so I would like to promote gender related resources, including easily accessible mental health resources for men and career resources specifically for women, as they are in a male dominated field. I also want to foster what I call “engineering awareness”, in being aware of what life is actually like in the field within a particular discipline of engineering. This comes in the form of faculty or alumni sponsored demonstrations that will promote not only knowledge, specifically for underclassmen, but also movement and coordination between spheres of engineering. Lastly, I’d like to focus on outreach to community to educate on what engineering truly is, specifically focusing on expanding the pre-existing Engineering Day. I look forward to hearing from you directly so we can make the College of Engineering the best that it can be! I ask you to join me on February 27 and make UA #BetterWithBailey!

Joshua Cavaness

I’m Joshua Cavaness and I’m a transfer student in my junior year here at the University of Alabama from my hometown of Paragould, Arkansas. I obtained my associate degree from a military college south of Tuscaloosa named Marion Military Institute and then earned my paramedicine degree from Arkansas State University before coming to UA to study aerospace engineering with a minor in biology on a pre-med track. Many of you may see me working around campus or at athletic events in an ambulance. I’m running for SGA senate because I believe my experience in both appointed offices and leadership in emergencies will allow me to better serve the interests of the students within our college. Some of the changes I would like to foster within my term includes bringing more aviation opportunities to our university. I was shocked to find there were no opportunities to fly here at UA and I would like to use this office to bring aviation to more of our students. I would also like to address the parking issues faced by many of our students. I believe that working with the rest of the SGA and university administration, we can find a solution that benefits both the student and university interests. This spring I encourage you to vote in the SGA elections and ask that you place your trust in me so that we can close the gap between what we want to accomplish and what we do accomplish. Roll with Josh and Roll Tide.

Patrick Dolan

My name is Patrick Dolan, and I am from Franklin, Tennessee. Here at the Capstone, I am majoring in cybersecurity and am involved in many organizations where I have developed a passion for improving student life. With all this being said, I am excited to announce my candidacy for Senator within the College of Engineering. During my time in office, I will strive to implement legislation allowing for more efficient and reliable maintenance of residential areas. I also plan to advocate for small organizations on campus to develop them to their fullest potential. Additionally, I want to improve the advertising and scheduling for tutoring, and increase connectivity between engineering students and those in other colleges. I have built the foundation necessary to be a successful senator through my position in the First Year Council. Now, all I need is your vote to ensure we can make a positive change together.

Kyle Doorhy

Fellow Students,

My name is Kyle Doorhy, I am a freshman at the University of Alabama pursuing a computer engineering degree to become a machine learning engineer. I am a member of the Chi Phi fraternity and currently serve as the academic chair. This position allows me to help others pursue their degree and has aided my knowledge of students’ diversity and needs.
I am running for the position of senator because I am incredibly passionate about advocating for positive change on our campus and ensuring that every student’s voice is heard. The challenges I have faced in my college career put me in a unique position to empathize with my fellow students and address their concerns effectively. I am committed to fostering a community that empathizes with students’ academic success, personal growth, and well-being.

My platform primarily stands on the following values: empowerment, engagement, and transparency. I am committed to empowering students by amplifying their voices in decision-making and ensuring everyone is equally represented. I also want to increase student engagement by establishing forums and surveys to ensure student opinions are known and heard. Finally, I want to bridge the gap between students and their government to ensure everyone feels heard, informed, and involved in decision-making.

I am excited and humbled by the opportunity to serve as a Senator. With your support, I am confident we can create positive change in our university. I appreciate your consideration, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you. Roll Tide!

Max Hawker

My name is Max Hawker, and I am a chemical engineering major from Dothan, Alabama. Attending the University of Alabama has always been an aspiration of mine. However, my respect for this institution does not blind me from its flaws. I have always strived to abide by the principle of leaving something better than I found it. I have held several leadership positions, including Student Government in high school, and am currently serving on the judicial board for my fraternity. Through these experiences, I have gained valuable insight into the importance of bridging the gap between students and administration. I strongly believe that campus decisions should reflect the ideals and concerns of the students. The engineering college has a wide variety of students, and as your next senator I will make sure you are appreciated, provided with opportunities to get involved, and have your voice heard. My main goal as your next senator is to unify the various student groups in our community, creating a sense of comfortability in student interactions. There are many different ways to achieve this goal, but we can start by creating a student advice pipeline from older peers to freshman that focuses on open-ended engagement. Furthermore, I will strongly advocate for more flexible course structure and affordable course materials by connecting with Academic Affairs. If elected, I will strive to maximize our experience in the College of Engineering and at Alabama. I hope to be your next senator of the Engineering School and Roll Tide!

Mia Markham

Hi UA! My name is Mia Markham, and I am majoring in Chemical Engineering and minoring in Mathematics on the STEM pathway to the MBA. I am excited to be running for the College of Engineering Senate this election cycle. During my time serving as a First Year Councilor this past semester, I was given critical insights into the internal and external operations of our SGA, and I hope to continue advocating for students through the Senate. My platform aims to help all students MOVE with Markham, or in other words Motivate, Optimize, Visualize, and Empower the student body! Don’t forget to #MOVEwithMarkham on February 27th for the College of Engineering Senate.

Owen Taggart

My name is Owen Taggart, and I am a freshman from Greenville, South Carolina. To supplement my Environmental Engineering major and Spanish minor I am a part of both UA’s Spanish club, where I connect with other Spanish speakers on campus as well as the Spanish-speaking community in Tuscaloosa, and UA Environmental Council, where I learn more about how our campus can be made more sustainable. Additionally, I am a part of the STEM Path to MBA to develop my skills as a leader. Finally, I serve as the risk management chair for my fraternity, ensuring the health and safety of our members.

My primary goal in running for senator is to advocate for sustainability at our university. At a university with nearly 40,000 students and constantly growing, operating sustainably is difficult, but all the more important. The University of Alabama has publicly stated that it is committed to increasing environmentally friendly practices, and has taken strides to improve, particularly regarding recycling. However, I still believe there is plenty of room for progress. The sustainability of the UA website is relatively barren, with several broken links. The university used to outsource sustainability reports, but they appear not to have been updated since 2022.

As senator, I will advocate for more transparency from the university about their sustainability efforts, increased efforts to raise awareness for our student body, and specific action by the university to decrease our impact on the environment.

Graduate School Candidates

David Idowu Awoyemi

My name is David Idowu Awoyemi. I am currently a Doctoral student of Instructional Technology in the department of Educational Leadership, Policy and Technology Studies. Since coming to UA, I have been actively involved in mentoring students and promoting their interests in my roles as a graduate school ambassador and a member of AL’s Pals. I am also an active member of the African Students Association, and the College of Education Graduate Student Organization (COE-GSO). I am running for the position of a graduate school senator in the SGA.

Given my passion for improving the quality of education through dynamic extra-curricular activities and social lifestyles, the platform I am choosing to run on is cultivating wholesome education through connection, collaboration, and conducive living.

From my time here, I have noticed disparities in graduate students’ access to study abroad programs, DEI initiatives, funding packages, entrepreneurship competitions, and grants such as those facilitated by THE EDGE and Culverhouse. In my role as a senator, I will champion the access of graduate students to these opportunities and beyond.

Furthermore, I will address the disconnect between graduate students in STEM and the humanities by pushing for collaborative programs that foster connections across various disciplines, departments, and colleges.

More so, I will speak to the challenges grad students, especially international folks, face during the summer. I will push for the Crimson buses to operate during the summer, increased summer employment opportunities, summer socials, and access to health insurance packages throughout the summer.

Mike Egan

My name is Mike Egan, I am currently working through my Master’s in Sales and Marketing in the Manderson Graduate School of Business at UA. Before my time here, I was heavily involved in local politics both at school and in my community, where I fought hard for my constituents through community outreach and local literacy campaigns. During that time, I earned the title “Big Mike,” because of my stature and the large projects I was able to spearhead in my local community.

In my free time, I tutor in many different subject areas and am involved with many charities and organizations, including Ring Around the Warrior Boxing Fundraiser, Get Behind the Vest and the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. My hobbies include boxing, waterskiing and automotive restoration.

I am running to represent my fellow students as an SGA Senator. I have experience in representative legislation, having worked for my local government, focusing on community outreach. I am running to give my fellow students a voice within the Senate as well as to promote financial literacy on campus. If elected, I will fight for you- A vote for “Big” Mike Egan is a vote for Big Results.

I hope that I can earn your vote!

— “Big” Mike Egan

Reliance Chekwubechukwu Enwerem

My name is Reliance Chekwubechukwu Enwerem and I’m from Nigeria. I’m a master’s student in the Department of English and an active member of the African Students Association (ASA), English Graduate Organizations (EGO) as well as other organizations within the University. I am running for one of the senate positions to represent UA’s graduate school.

The platform I am running on is strengthening DEI initiatives in teaching, research, and service. The University of Alabama has made significant progress in fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, however, as an international student, I have observed that more can be done in the areas of curriculum development, financial aid provision for international students, and enhanced accessibility to mental health services.

Occupying a senate position in the SGA will provide me with the best opportunity to advocate for an inclusive curriculum that makes [specific] accommodations for international students with diverse educational backgrounds. This could be in the form of incorporating materials and scholarships from local scholars (i.e., non-American citizens or residents).

I would also like to advocate for the provision of better funding for graduate students, especially students in the humanities who, due to funding constraints, are limited to attending just one conference per year. My funding advocacy will also prioritize the provision of summer stipends and job opportunities for international students.

Finally, I would like to advocate for free and accessible therapy sessions and other mental health services for graduate students.

Thank you.

Rebecca Rose Lutonsky

I, Rebecca Rose Lutonsky, seek the office of Graduate School Senator. I am running for the office of Graduate Senator because I wish to represent graduate students’ needs at this great institution, The University of Alabama, to the best of my ability. My platform includes all of the following. I wish to further graduate students’ needs for GTA and GRA stipend increases and clear and straightforward residency requirements so that graduate students can reach their goals. I think that the degree from The University of Alabama that each graduate student will hopefully receive will be made much more valuable by extending the rights of graduate students, as mentioned above. It is also essential that graduate students have an open forum and clearinghouse to express their opinions and needs to their senators. I will be available via email and at graduate functions to hear graduate students’ requests and express them to the Student Government Association and the student body at large. I will also let the administration know our requirements to optimistically meet them. I also believe in collaborating with Undergraduate Senators and students so that there will be strength in numbers at the negotiating table and more collective bargaining through our collective voice can be realized.

Kazi Hassan Shakib

Hi! I’m Kazi Hassan Shakib, a second-year PhD student in Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at UA. Currently serving as the “Graduate Senator” in the 28th SGA Senate, I have been a dedicated representative, addressing graduate concerns within the Senate. Additionally, I’ve held the position of Secretary of the House of Delegates in the Graduate Student Association, advocating for the interests of students in Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering.

In my role as Secretary of the International Student Association, I am committed to fostering cultural diversity, inclusion, and equity. I proudly represent the rich culture, linguistics, and ethnicity of Bangladesh as well.

Recognizing the challenges faced by graduate workers in balancing academic, workplace, and personal responsibilities, I am running with a platform focused on making UA a more supportive environment. My key initiatives include advocating for the abolition of international student fees, enhancing employee healthcare, crimson rides from Tuscaloosa to BHM and ATL airport, Halal meal options, implementing a biweekly pay schedule for GTAs, and addressing the Summer II pay gap.

My candidacy is driven by a passion for cultural inclusion, diversity, and equity. I aim to bring a fresh perspective to UA’s decision-making processes, representing the international community and advocating for graduate students. Through honesty, justice, and a strong sense of responsibility, I am working towards the betterment of all students at UA.

Vote for me as your representative, and let’s collaborate to make UA a better place for everyone!”

Vamsi Krishna Undavalli

I Vamsi Krishna Undavalli, a doctoral student in Mechanical engineering reaching out to graduate community, to show my interest in running for Senate. I firmly believe the position provide me a unique opportunity to shape policies and contribute to decisions that has positive impact on our graduate community. I have been actively advocating the graduate community needs as part of Graduate Student Association. I am also actively working with GSA to streamline the advocacy process along with this, I am also being house of delegate chairing the graduate student advocacy committee, advocating on broad issues that improves the graduate student experience on campus. In past I also served as the Chief advisor to the office of GSA President during 2022-2023. Also, I see this as rare opportunity to be a bridge between the SGA and GSA, where I can bring the voice of larger community to senate. I am here to amplify your voices, address your concerns, and provide unwavering support. Your involvement is crucial, and together, we can make significant strides in enhancing the graduate school experience at UA.

College of Human & Environmental Sciences Candidates

Hannon Bulger

My name is Hannon Bulger and I am a freshman from Huntsville, Alabama. I am currently in the College of Human Environmental Sciences pursuing a degree in Apparel and Textiles with minors in General Business and Spanish. Throughout my time at the Capstone I have immersed myself in different areas across campus, one of which is the First Year Council where I was elected by my fellow councilors to serve as Secretary. First Year Council has grown a love for serving my fellow students through the route of legislation, and I would like to continue this journey serving as a voice for my peers if selected as a Senator for the Student Government Association. Furthermore, I have a passion for learning, and the College of Human Environmental Sciences has fostered this passion during my time on campus. Being able to write legislation directly affecting my fellow HES students and our college would be an opportunity I would love to have. My platform is centered around three points: unity, growth, and transparency. Thank you for your consideration, and I am looking forward to sharing more about my platform throughout election week.

GiGi Jarres

Being selected as a senator for the College of Human Environmental Sciences would be an incredible honor. My name is GiGi Jarres and I’m a sophomore from Huntsville, Alabama working towards a degree in public health. I’m a member of the SGA Student Affairs Committee and volunteer weekly with Al’s Pals and The Brown House. I’m running with the intent to represent my college with resilience and integrity. I have great aspirations to ensure students are heard when it comes to their endeavors and any adversity they may be facing as well. The College of Human Environmental Sciences is of high importance to me, and I would strive to pass legislation that would allow my college and our campus as a whole to excel; specifically, in the field of mental health, campus safety, and academic affairs. My platform emphasizes the gravity of mental health, specifically as it coincides with our performance as students. By working with my peers, administration, and the UA Counseling Center, I will work tirelessly to ensure the improvement of our student body and The College of Human Environmental Sciences.

Justin Kelch

Hey Students! I’m Justin Kelch, and I am running to be your next Senator for the College of Human Environmental Sciences! I’m a sophomore from Cincinnati, Ohio, majoring in Sports Management with a minor in Finance. I am involved in various on-campus organizations including Paws of UA, Tuska UAV Design Team, Deutscher (German) Klub, and a photographer for Greek Events. When I was asked why I wanted to be an SGA senator, the three things that immediately came to mind were to serve the student body, be more involved on campus, and make a difference at the University of Alabama. Over my four semesters here, I have had the opportunity to connect with a variety of professors, staff, coaches, and students from all over campus. My connections on campus will allow me to hear a variety of voices and to let them be heard. This has inspired me to want to serve the students of the College of Human Environmental Sciences and others all over campus. If selected, I will ensure your voices and opinions are heard. I hope to be your next Senator for the College of Human Environmental Sciences College and Roll Tide!!!

Josh McBride

Hey! My name is Josh, I am a Food and Nutrition major in the Human Environmental Services College. As a candidate for a college senate seat, my mission is to be the voice of our diverse student body and contribute to a thriving campus community. My policy platform includes strengthening academic resources, fostering community cohesion through innovative events, advocating for mental wellness awareness, and implementing measures to enhance major organization processes and streamline progress through a structured timeline. Join me on February 27th to shape a more dynamic, supportive, and organized college experience for us all.

Law School Candidates

Will Breedlove

Hello. My name is Will Breedlove. I am currently a 2L from Farragut, TN. I recently was elected by the Law School to serve as one of your senators in the fall special election. I have decided to run for a full term. For undergrad, I attended Union University and served in the SGA for three years. Those three years, coupled with my time in Alabama’s SGA this semester, have given me valuable experience. I am running because I would like to use that experience to further the interests of the Law School student body. As your Law School SGA Senator, I intend to make sure that the Law School’s voice is heard in the SGA. This means ensuring that law students’ voices are heard on matters like block seating, organizational funding, and of course legislation. As senator, I intend to work closely with your representatives in the SBA to ensure that these needs are met. I would be deeply honored to have your support this spring!

Alan Crisologo

Hello! My name is Alan Crisologo, and I am a 2L at Alabama Law. I have the experience necessary to continue serving as your law school senator. As an undergrad, I attended Samford University and served my peers for three years as an SGA Senator and as the Class of 2022 SGA President. In the SGA Senate sessions in undergrad, I passed resolutions improving the use of student ID cards, changed dining providers based on student feedback, and worked to secure funding for each student organization that submitted their budgets to me. I met with university administrators to advocate for class issues and planned graduation events for the university. My goal as your Law School SGA Senator is to represent our law program with dignity, secure funding for each law school organization for events, and represent your needs, as a graduate student, in all matters that come before the SGA Senate. If I haven’t met you already, I would love to get the chance to speak with you soon. In the road ahead, I am always happy to meet with you, and I pledge to be available to help address any concerns that may arise in the upcoming year. I would be honored to have your support!

College of Nursing Candidates

Katie Culbertson

My name is Katie Culbertson, and I am a freshman majoring in Nursing. I am running to be the next Capstone College of Nursing Senator! I am so honored to be a member of many campus organizations such as Al’s Pals, CANS, Alpha Gamma Delta, and the UA Athletics Homecoming Committee. Throughout these involvements I have met many different people and have listened to their concerns. One issue I hear in many students’ lives is how people are not aware of all the resources that are available at UA. The three pillars of my campaign are accessibility, communication, and encouragement. My goal is to help the tools available around campus for students and their schoolwork, such as the writing center, more well known to everyone at UA and motivate students to access these resources. It is very important to me that everyone feels prepared have been given all the opportunities needed to achieve a level of success. Voting next Tuesday, February 27 from 7am-7pm on MyBama.

Daniella Gordon

My name is Daniella Gordon. I am a freshman involved in Greek life and various small communities on campus. I am running for this position because I would love to get involved in student government along with helping find ways to better the Capstone College of Nursing. As former president of my high school student government, I enjoy being able to stand as a voice to bring new ideas to the table. I would like to open a friendly environment for fellow nursing students to be encouraged to share their ideas for improving the CCN as well. I have a great respect for Student Government and would be honored to be a part of it, and I believe Senate would be a great role for me because I have such a great passion for uniting a community, especially one as special as nursing. I would love for all nursing students to feel they are appreciated, respected, informed, and given opportunity. I believe being involved in the Capstone College of Nursing as Senate would be a wonderful way for me to be able to achieve these goals.

Gracie Runion

Hello, my name is Gracie Runion and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Capstone College of Nursing Senate. I am currently a Freshman from Cumming, Georgia majoring in Nursing. I am involved in a variety of organizations on campus which include First Year Council, Freshman Forum, UA Miracle Recruitment Staff, and Phi Mu’s Social Media Committee! Getting involved on campus has taught me so much about the importance of making meaningful connections and learning from those around me. Utilizing my experiences, I intend to base my platform off of three pillars that represent the foundation of the CCN: collaboration, communication, and the nurturing of student health. I plan to increase collaboration with students, advisors, alumni, and Tuscaloosa nurses to ease the transition into the workforce post-graduation, increase communication with CCN senators and students to ensure that decisions and improvements are made that justly represent the wishes of our students, and prioritize our future healthcare providers’ mental health and wellbeing as they journey through stressful curriculum. Within my time in FYC this past semester, I have learned what it takes to make a significant difference through the utilization of legislative skills and action. I am confident in my ability to serve this college with a passion for the job, precision in my work, and a drive to make CCN as great as it can be. I could not be more prepared to embark on this next journey and I hope you will choose to #GrowWithGracie!

Samantha Vilary

Hello! My name is Samantha Vilary, and I’m so excited to run for SGA Senate to represent the Capstone College of Nursing! I am a freshman from New Jersey, and am so excited to give back to this incredible campus. I’ve had the opportunity to get involved in Freshman Forum, the UA Ballroom Dance Team, and UA Miracle. I am also a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, where I served on the homecoming workgroup. I enjoy connecting with students and I hope to connect at the next level by creating and achieving ambitious goals as an SGA Senator. My platform is based on the success of students inside and outside of UA. I hope to bring more mental health practices into CCN to better the wellbeing of students. I also plan to advocate for incentives for lower division students to get further involved with CCN to establish connections with upper division students and staff. With this, I would also advocate for nursing clubs to meet more centrally on campus to encourage students without reliable transportation to the nursing building to attend. As the building is so far from the center of campus, it can be hard to get involved in lower division, and I hope to change that! Overall, I am confident in my abilities to help this campus and would be honored to serve as an SGA Senator. I cannot wait to get to work, and I hope you all take the initiative to #SucceedwithSamantha on February 27th!

School of Social Work Candidates

Brandon Guisinger

My name is Brandon Guisinger. I am originally from Savannah, Georgia but graduated high school in Enterprise, Alabama. After serving 4 years in the Marines as an Infantryman, I came to the University of Alabama to pursue veteran therapy and am in my sixth semester of the BSW program. Upon achieving a bachelor’s degree, I plan to obtain my master’s the following year also from the School of Social Work. On campus, I am involved in multiple student organizations including the CVA, and currently hold the position of Philanthropy Chair for Kappa Sigma fraternity. I am running for senate because I want to make the School of Social Work, and the surrounding educational Halls on campus more accessible and inclusive for all student’s needs. I would also like to maintain the current amenities that we as students have at our disposal within the college, and work to increase the visibility and resources those amenities offer. One thing I would attempt to accomplish in the office if elected is to bring a career or job fair like that of Bidgood’s over to Little Hall. A huge issue that students face within our college is understanding what job opportunities exist within social work, and when going into field placement, having a better understanding of what internship they would best be suited for would help ensure they make the right decision for such an important and impactful semester.

Reece Helms

My name is Reece Helms and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for Senator to represent the School of Social Work! I am a freshman Social Work major and a member of the Honors College from Buford, Georgia. As Senator, I will advocate for all students to have the resources and support they need both inside and outside of the classroom. Social Workers come from various backgrounds, but all have one common goal, “Support and Advocate.” In this spirit, I will fight for an equity-based classroom and social environment for both our College and the entire campus. This effort will involve the collaboration of the School of Social Work Professors, Staff, and Students working together. In addition, I’d like to focus on community outreach within the Tuscaloosa school system. I want the children to be aware that no matter what your background is, there are ways to get to where you want to be, and people to help you get there. Alabama is “Where Legends are Made”. We are our best when we work hard and support one another both in the classroom and outside of it. I thank you for your support and look forward to hearing from you directly to make the School of Social Work the best it can be! I ask that you join me on February 27th and #RallywithReece!

Raegan NeSmith

Dear Fellow Students,

I’m Raegan NeSmith, a junior from North Carolina, running for the School of Social Work senator position. As a social work major with a focus on policy and advocacy, my personal experiences as a former foster youth and member of the REACH program fuel my passion for under-assisted students’ needs. Having engaged in national-level policy and advocacy, I’m committed to creating an inclusive academic environment.

I believe in universal access to resources as crucial for an inclusive academic community. Every student, regardless of background, deserves equitable opportunities for academic success, fostering diversity and enriching the learning experience.

If elected, I commit to amplifying all students’ voices, advocating for fair and inclusive policies at the University of Alabama. Strengthening collaboration with campus support services, I’ll ensure seamless resource access, building on my experiences in the REACH program. Through organized events, I aim to foster unity, contributing to a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

I’m excited to represent you, eager to contribute to our academic community’s betterment. Your support is invaluable, and I promise to serve with professionalism, diligence, and integrity.

Empower. Advocate. Unite: Raegan NeSmith for Social Work Senator.

Ragan Hope Wilson

I am pleased to announce my candidacy for re-election as School of Social Work Senator. Representing our college over the past two terms has been a true honor, but my work is far from complete. As a first-generation student with a non-traditional college path, I am dedicated to fostering a campus where every student not only survives but thrives with freedom and equitable opportunity for success. My advocacy for cultural progress and enhancing student life has been unwavering, and I am committed to continuing this work. In my roles as Vice-President of the Undergraduate Social Work Organization and Treasurer of the Social Work Association for Cultural Awareness, I have built strong relationships with constituents and identified the need for our values to be integrated into the Student Government Association. My platform revolves around three key pillars: Integrity, Access, and Values. By leading with personal integrity, I prioritize the needs of our student body above all else. Through founding UA’s Student Basic Needs Coalition and familiarizing myself with the gaps in those needs being met, it has become clear to me that in a place of such abundance, no member of our community has to or should go without. Guided by the core values of our profession, including service, social justice, and integrity, I am committed to championing the well-being of all students. These values will continue to steer my work as a Senator. I look forward to the opportunity to continue serving.