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College of Arts and Sciences Candidates

Emma Blackmon

I am running for College of Arts & Sciences Senator because serving in the SGA will give me the opportunity to voice the concerns of students and enact change to better student life. Further, I embody many of the characteristics that an SGA Senator needs: charismatic, passionate, and determined. This will be the start of my journey by serving the students of UA if I am elected in which I will work hard to improve the lives of each and every student, staff, and faculty member. First I’d like to see change involving the safety and security of the students. Whether this be working with UAPD to improve resources for students after dark, more blue phones, or raising awareness, we must partner with campus stakeholders to improve safety. Books and materials over $120 should not be required by professors if not on scholarship. College tuition continues to be a barrier to students, but by adding free college textbooks, it could reduce some of the burden. Lastly, students and transfers going through orientation should have more opportunities in learning and understanding what goes into their degree, major, and minor. Adding an additional seminar at the beginning of Bama Bound for freshman/students who are undecided on a major and would have an opportunity to discover what it is they would like to major in. This would include mentoring from upperclassmen, access to resources that will better their student experience, and offering suggestions for how to navigate college.

Jisoo Bolles

My name is Jisoo Bolles, and I am asking you to elect me as your Senator. I’ve held several positions within my high school government, being elected treasurer my freshman year, and becoming Vice President of my class junior and senior years. I believe I am the best candidate for this position because I have been involved in student government since the third grade. Besides student Government, I have also been a junior Commodore for my home yacht club, organizing events and raising money to purchase new boats for our juniors. I am involved in clubs around the school and I am contributing to community service. I currently have over 200 hours of community service that have accumulated throughout the years. By electing me, you would be electing somebody experienced, and somebody with a collaborative work style. You would be electing somebody who strives for excellence. I want the Student Senate to succeed and to be a positive organization that brings about positive change at the college. Moreover, I want to be a person whom you can come to with issues, ideas, or general concerns regarding the direction in which college policy may be going. As a Senator, I would like to find myself engaged with all of my classmates to create a successful and inclusive atmosphere in which every person can flourish both academically and socially. I thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope to find myself working with you as your Senator.

Ella Brown

Hi everyone! My name is Ella Brown, and I am from O’Fallon, Missouri. I am dual majoring in Psychology and History with minors in Political Science and Criminal Justice on the Pre-Law track. I currently serve within SGA as a member of Lobby Board. This group has given me the opportunity to advocate for this university to state legislators and promote civic engagement among students. I volunteer with the UA-ACTS program, which allows me to help students with Autism Spectrum Disorder develop their academic, social, and life skills. I also volunteer as a WGRC Safe Sister. This program teaches sorority women how to keep their sisters and friends safe from interpersonal violence. In addition, I am currently serving my second term on my sorority’s executive board. Through my involvement on campus, I have developed a strong passion for leadership, advocacy, and scholarship. To promote leadership on campus, I will introduce legislation that encourages each college to create a Student Executive Council that involves elected student representatives, faculty members, and the SGA senators from that respective college. In addition, I will work to create a page on the SGA website that showcases the applications and due dates for SGA leadership positions. To promote advocacy, I will work to expand Women and Gender Resource Center programming to include all parts of campus. To promote scholarship, I will introduce legislation that encourages the College of Arts and Sciences to create a database of scholarships available to students in each department.

Daniel Crowson

Hi! My name is Daniel Crowson. I am from Chelsea Alabama and a sophomore here at the University of Alabama. Throughout my current academic experience here at UA, I have found many areas to be involved in such as Fraternity and Sorority Life as a member and Campus Engagement Chair of the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity, UA Triathlon Club, UA Resonance Show Choir, Honors Action, and as a Resident Assistant (RA) for the Ridgecrest East and West communities. Like my late father, I have a passion for bettering my community at The University of Alabama. I am running because I seek to better the UA student body through my involvement with the Student Government Association. As a candidate for The College of Arts and Sciences Senate, I want to create a platform that is in the best interest of all students attending the University of Alabama. My goals for my campaign are for me to serve as a representative for our student body by allowing the voiceless to be heard in the SGA, creating an inclusive environment on campus by proposing amendments that will benefit the diverse communities we have, and creating better learning environments across our student body.

Eyram Gbeddy

Hello, my name is Eyram Gbeddy and I’m proud to announce my campaign for the student senate. I am a sophomore from Norristown, Pennsylvania and I major in political science with minors in liberal arts and public policy. Throughout my time here at UA, I’ve been a part of many organizations including the Blount Scholars Program, the Black Faculty & Staff Association Ambassadors, the Future Black Law Student Association, the Environmental Council, Common Ground, and more. I’ve had the honor of serving as SGA’s Director of Multicultural Affairs over the last year. My connections and experience will allow me to hit the ground running with issues that I care deeply about like equity within the student body, making SGA more transparent with voters, and reforming our election system to be more accessible to average UA students, who rarely reach a 40% turnout rate. Working with others has always been a strength of mine, and there are few places where such a skill along with a willingness to compromise goes further than the senate. I look forward to meeting you on the campaign trail and helping to make a difference here at the Capstone of Higher Education!

Aydan Graham

Hi, my name is Aydan Graham. I am running for the College of Arts and Sciences Senate. Originally, I am from Houston, Texas, and a freshman here at the University of Alabama. This year I served on First Year Council and competed on the University’s Mock Trial team. I am passionate about serving the student body and would be honored to be elected as your senator. As your senator, I will commit to improving communication and accessibility between students and senators, furthering programs for students with learning disabilities, expanding the availability of testing booklets, advocating for the welfare of international students, and promoting student health and safety at the Capstone. To learn about my platform, please visit @go.for.graham on Instagram. Do not forget to #go4graham on February 28th!

Katherine Gray

I am Katherine Gray and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the College of Arts and Sciences Senate! My experience as an advocate for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and president and representative of an array of organizations in my hometown, Tuscaloosa, Alabama and the University of Alabama campus has given me a vast array of invaluable experiences. I have already started implementing positive change on our wonderful campus through my service as a Councilor of SGA’s First Year Council, as a result of my participation on the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee. My time in SGA has taught me the importance of decisiveness, diligence, and diversity. My platform is to give back to the University of Alabama Campus by focusing on UA Health and Safety. My hope is to provide an opportunity for all students at the University of Alabama to undergo bystander intervention training, which is rooted in the idea that we as students can create safe public spaces for each other when we see students at the Capstone facing bias, discrimination, or harassment, when we are properly equipped. Additionally, I plan to create a more relationship-centric campus culture. One way I would like to implement this is through established lab observation dates to allow students to create relationships with professors and further explore the possibility of undergraduate research. I look forward to speaking with you and ask you to join me on February 28th and #GROWWITHGRAY!

Bryce Holt

I’m Bryce Holt, I’m a Political Science and Geography Major from a small town outside of Huntsville, Alabama called Gurley. I’m a current Member of the SGA First Year Council, The Pre-Law Student Association, and University Honors. Throughout high school and now college all I have done is work to serve my community through SGA, and that’s all I want to continue to do. As a member of the First Year Council, I passed the most pieces of legislation related to Government Transparency and Student Outreach. One of my bills changed the Student Code of Laws and created a consistent online public record of SGA legislation passed by the FYC. Although the First Year Council was the representative body for the freshman class, we had no way of connecting with the class until that bill. I believe that to be considered a legitimate legislative body and representative government, the Student Government Association has a duty to reach out to all students and give access to all the decisions the government is making. It is integral to a free society and a campus of higher learning that the government representing us, the student body, acts in the best interest of students and protects our freedom to information and right to equal representation . As a Senator for The College of Arts and Sciences, I will work to mend the divide between the Student Body and The Student Government and fight for your access to the inner workings of our government.

Eleanor Israel

Hello! My name is Eleanor Israel. I’m a microbiology pre-med student with a minor in both the Blount and Randall Research Scholar programs. I’m currently serving as the Speaker Pro Tempore for First Year Council and on the First Year Council’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. I’m involved in the Alabama Forensics Council, the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Honors Society, on-campus Bible studies, UA’s joint program with Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter, and advocacy for students with dietary restrictions/food-related disabilities. I’m running for Senate to continue the work I started in First Year Council that centers around four ideas: pursuing research-backed substance abuse prevention programs, expanding efforts to promote SGA transparency, providing practical access to resources for students, and doing things the right way, even if it makes SGA’s job a little more complicated. From my work to provide easier access to resources like overdose prevention programming and menstrual products to providing more public information about what happens to First Year Council legislation, I have already started trying to give my constituents the best this University has to offer. I would love the opportunity to continue that work as an accessible, independent, Senator of integrity who is focused on the pursuit of excellence for our students and school.

Mitchell Lynn

My name is Mitchell Lynn. I am a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences, majoring in Political Science and History. Being from Tuscaloosa, AL, I have witnessed firsthand the positive impact of a thriving UA campus on the surrounding community. I am running for SGA senate because I believe that student involvement is essential to making the Capstone an even stronger institution. I hope to bring to the SGA my two-part platform of reinforcing the accessibility and resources of on-campus student organizations and deepening the connection between the SGA and the surrounding student body. If elected, I would advocate for revamping and expanding the SOURCE, as well as promote greater communication of SGA legislation to the campus community.

Cassidy Matwiyoff

My name is Cassidy Matwiyoff, and I am a freshman majoring in Political Science with a minor in Biology on the Pre-Medical track. I would be honored to run for and serve as a Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences. This past year, I have served as a First Year Councilor as a part of the Student Affairs Committee. I recently passed an act in FYC to implement three Little Free Libraries on our campus to promote low-hassle access to literature for UA students. The act was presented and passed in the Senate. I firmly believe that my dedication to serving others in the past will allow me to further my commitment to leadership and service as a Senator. My platform is centered around three values: commitment, care, and connection. For commitment, I would like to work on curating an advising fair for pre-professional tracks in the College of Arts and Sciences (Pre-Health, Pre-Law, etc.). For care, I will strive to create a program centered around caring for our academic buildings on campus by having different student organizations “adopt” a building, steward it, and ensure it is well kept. Finally, for connection, I wish to institute a “Snacks with Senators” program where students come and connect with their fellow senators once a year, which I believe would be a great way to connect the Senate with the rest of campus. I would be honored to run and represent my fellow peers in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Bryson Morgan

My name is Bryson Kade Morgan and I am a Sophomore from Jacksonville, Florida. I am majoring in Criminology and Criminal Justice with a double minor in Political Science and Entrepreneurship. I am involved in a multitude of campus organizations from the Criminal Justice Student Organization all the way to being the Vice-President of the brand new Historical Martial Arts Organization that was welcomed to the University of Alabama campus last fall. I have decided to run for SGA Senate because regular everyday students need someone in the Senate who is there to listen to their comments and concerns. We also need to look into ensuring SGA works for the students of Alabama and doesn’t have any special interests. It’s time SGA focuses on student mental health, and the overall wellbeing of our students. It’s time students have access to free menstrual products across campus. It’s time for SGA to ensure each and every student, no matter race, sexuality, political ideology, or any other is treated differently on our college campus from another. We must build a diverse and inclusive SGA Senate to ensure that each and every student at the University is heard and listened to.

Jessica Morgenstern

My name is Jessica Morgenstern, I am from Boca Raton, Florida, and I am very proud to say Roll Tide. I am a Junior Environmental Science Major and theater Minor on the Pre-Law track. I am Jewish, the great-granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, and my parents are Colombian and Venezuelan. On campus, I serve as Co-President of Students Demand Action, I am active in Greek Life and I work as an assistant in the College of Arts and Sciences’ student services department. In this role, I learned that I am passionate about helping all students at Bama, and I realized how much joy it brings me to be involved. While at UA, I have noticed our community’s many inequities. There are opportunities for improvement in the university’s response in the face of hate crimes, as well as opportunities to celebrate the different cultures at Bama. With 60 countries represented at Bama in its 38,000 undergraduate students, we can do more to ensure that every student, regardless of culture, feels seen and supported. This can be done by implementing more diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts to ensure that all students are effectively given all the tools they need to succeed and represent the capstone well for generations to come. It is vital to recognize the challenges we have had in the past as a campus community to contextualize our growth.

Nathan Nislick

My Name is Nathan Nislick, and I am a freshman at The University of Alabama. I am a Political Science major from Boston, Massachusetts. I want to run for Senator of SGA because I want to help serve the student body and make the voices of students heard on campus. I am committed to listening to students on campus and their concerns and ideas for how to improve student life. I am very driven by my sense of school pride and want to make the university better in any aspect that I can. As senator, I want to work with UA dining services to implement more customizable and flexible dining plans to cater to each specific student and their schedule. I also want to work in collaboration with the Student Recreational center to offer an online platform for students to check the availability of courts and equipment. Additionally, as Senator I want to create more oppuritunites for current students to meet with UA alumni that have similar career paths and majors to to make connections. Roll Tide!

Jason Odom

I am Jason Odom. Hi, this is my second semester at The University of Alabama. I am a double major with History and Political Science, holding the dream of one day running for public office back in my home state of Mississippi. I went to Brandon High School and while I was there I was heavily involved in the arts, our sports, our academic programs, and our student leadership. After a semester here already at UA I am finally ready to put myself out there. I am involved in the UA Honors College and Crimson Chaos, but I am ready to do more, meet new people, make change, and help. I could be like everyone else and say “I am here to make the University a safer and better place”, which is completely true, but unlike them I want to get into specifics. I am ready for people to start holding people accountable. Many things at UA are swept under the rug and people are hurt because of it. I am ready to help change that. You could call me a humanitarian, but I like to just say I enjoy when people are happy, and I love being around other students. My email is and I am ready to put myself out there. Vote ‘em Odom.

Ethan Pearson

Hello, my name is Ethan Pearson and I’m from Houston, Texas. I am currently a biology major and a part of McCullough’s pre-medical program along with Stem to MBA. On campus, I’m a part of Freshman Forum, the Sigma Tau Gamma Treasurer, and a DCH volunteer. I’m running for the College of Arts and Science senator to streamline the university’s offerings and introduce legislation that both supports and prepares students for graduate programs and life after college. I’m hoping to enact lasting change and serve as a liaison between the student body and the university. SGA provides me the opportunity to bring the student body’s wants and needs to fruition. The three pillars of my campaign are the implementation of a university-sponsored MCAT assistance group, improved residential life, and a revamped focus on health and fitness. This MCAT assistance group would provide seminars and information pertaining to what the test entails, tips for the test, opportunities for practice tests, and group sessions going over questions. Moving to residential life, I believe residential buildings should offer additional efficiencies such as printers in every dormitory. And finally, I believe project health should be revamped to focus on health and fitness along with the introduction of a more interactive setup such as introducing physical challenges for rewards. Along with these three points, I am open and excited to discuss further improvements to our university. This collaboration will bring creative solutions to complex issues. For lasting difference, partner with Pearson.

Austin Peddy

My name is Austin Peddy. I am running in order to better support the student population. I want to act as a direct representative. What this means, is that I want what you want. As a member of the senate, it is not my place to vote based on my own agenda. I want to be a voice for the students, to help the will of the people be heard. I am running on a platform of transparency. If elected, I plan on keeping a direct line of communication with the student body, in order to better make the decisions that best reflect the wants and needs of everyone.

Tanner Roden

Hello, my name is Tanner Roden, and I am a Junior from Alexandria, Alabama. Here at the Capstone, I am studying International Studies with a concentration in Latin American Relations and a minor in Spanish Linguistics. On campus, I am a part of the Student Fashion Association where I am on the Executive Team as Social Media Head. I am running to advocate for inclusivity for all. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I will make it my duty to be the voice of those of marginalized groups on campus while in Senate. If elected, I plan to promote the increasement of accessibility for those with disabilities on campus, bring UA Safe-Zone into On-Campus Housing, and push for the removal of hate groups on campus. College is a space to grow, learn, and experience every path in life. I intend on maintaining that by ensuring the safety of those who need it.

Hayden Rutter

I am Hayden Rutter, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the Student Government Association Senate. My passion for making a positive impact on campus, and commitment to listening to the concerns of my peers make me the ideal candidate for this position. Firstly, my goal is to improve the access to Narcan and overdose prevention education on campus. I started a chapter of the non-profit organization called “End Overdose” on campus, with the goal of providing overdose prevention education to the UA community. Throughout our inaugural semester at UA, we trained over 750 students in partnership with UAPD. As a Senator, I plan to continue these training sessions and offer more opportunities for the greater student body to participate in our training. Additionally, I’d work to improve access of mental health resources on campus. I will work towards increasing students’ awareness of Togetherall, a free peer support program that the University offers. My goal is to destigmatize the issue of mental health among Arts and Sciences students. Lastly, I have experienced first-hand how it can be difficult to get a meeting with the Office of Disability Services (ODS). I will work to improve the scheduling process and increasing the availability of appointments at ODS, and advocate for increased accessibility in all aspects of campus life. I am firmly committed to making a difference, and with your support we can certainly improve the wellness, growth, and create an overall better experience for those at the University of Alabama.

Jensyn Seay

My name is Jensyn Seay and I am excited to announce my candidacy for The University of Alabama Student Government Association Senate as a representative of the College of Arts and Sciences. I am currently a Freshman from Albertville, Alabama, majoring in Political Science on the Pre-Law track. As a Counselor and Student Affairs committee head for the First Year Council this past year, I was given the ability to work with students across campus and develop meaningful connections with members of our college and community. As one of your next Arts and Science Senators, I pledge to enhance #EACH students’ time at the Capstone. I will implement ideas to enhance Experience, Accessibility, Connection and Habitability. I plan to use my position as a Senator to ensure that these goals are accomplished and that students have a person to comfortably voice their concerns to.

Oliver Sinclair

I am Oliver Sinclair, a sophomore from Spanish Fort, Alabama, and I am running to represent the College of Arts and Sciences as an SGA Senator. I am a political science major and have been involved with multiple organizations across campus, including the Al’s Pals Mentorship Program and the B+ Foundation for Childhood Cancer. I am running for a Senate seat in hopes of gaining the opportunity to dedicate myself to making practical differences in the daily lives of the student body to better the student experience here at UA. If given this opportunity by my fellow students, I plan to make improvements across campus to student parking, including either redistributing or adjusting the colored zones and making parking passes more affordable to the typical college student’s budget. In addition, I would look to work with the UA SAFE Center to improve awareness of the dangers and symptoms of date rape drugs and would establish ways to educate our student body on how to identify when drinks have been tampered with. Furthermore, I would push for an extension of the Gorgas Library to include not only academic works, but works of fiction, biographies, and other titles that contain inherent academic value or are required by UA courses. I would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to accomplish these goals and hopefully look forward to making UA a better place.

Jordan Suttles

My name is Jordan Suttles, and I am running to represent the College of Arts and Sciences Senate. I am a sophomore here at the Capstone and have had the privilege of calling Tuscaloosa home for 20 years. I am double majoring in Political Science and Marketing with a minor in History on the Pre-Law track. I am a member of UA’s Honors College, served as a member of UA’s Freshman Forum, and am currently involved in several other campus wide organizations which allow me to better serve our community and world. I am running for a seat in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Senate because I am determined to foster change on campus. A large part of my platform is promoting inclusion for every individual on campus, especially those coming from minority positions. With over 38,000 students on our campus, UA is home to so many different types of people from so many different backgrounds. I want to be a voice to those who are often unheard or overlooked. UA’s Capstone creeds includes the mission statement to “promote equity and inclusion.” I believe if elected, I will strive to create a more inclusive environment, for all. I hope February 28th you will #SucceedWithSuttles!

Chad Wright Jr.

My name is Chad Wright Jr., and I am currently a Sophomore at the University of Alabama studying Political Science and Business Management with a minor in Public Policy. Now, I am involved in various organizations at the Center of Service and Leadership, like Beat Auburn Beat Hunger, UA Dance Marathon (Director of Business Partnerships), and Al’s Pal’s Mentorship program (Grade Leader). I also work with Volunteers Around the World and serve as their fundraising chair for our current and future medical mission trips. I am running for the College of Arts & Sciences Senate because I want to improve academic and professional development opportunities for students within my college. Students must understand professionalism, resume building, and various DEI & Professional Development concepts. To put all these concepts into effect, I will work with Administration & Staff to create more accessible advising and course recommendations. I will also host academic check-in weeks. I also plan to implement monthly professional development workshops such as resume building, LinkedIn strategies, and networking opportunities. Lastly, I will make legislation for Arts & Sciences students to promote our college in a positive light and advance the knowledge of our students here at UA. The College of Arts & Sciences has always been close to my heart and has given me numerous opportunities that have allowed me to grow and make me the person I am today. I hope to provide prospective and current students with these same opportunities. #VoteRightwithWright

College of Business Candidates

Peyton Abbott

Hey y’all. My name is Peyton Abbott and I am from Fort Worth, Texas. I am a first year at Alabama and one of my goals coming to the Capstone is to get involved. I have done so so far by joining organizations like The American Marketing Association and volunteering with Reading ALlies. My next goal is to serve students as a Culverhouse Senator. I want to be a voice for Culverhouse. I will work diligently to push for legislation that innovates, prepares, and produces meaningful partnerships at Culverhouse. One of my platform points is to start a scholarship fund for the Crimson Closet on campus This will give the Crimson Closet sufficient funds to be able to add to the size range and styles available to UA students. Another platform point I have is a Partnership between Culverhouse and The College of Nursing. This partnership would have business students creating specifically catered mock interviews for nursing students that are looking to prepare for their next steps in applying to nursing school. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. Roll tide and get ready to partner with Peyton!

Britton Cooper III

I’m Britton Cooper and I’m a Freshman in the Culverhouse College of Business. I am from Fairhope, Alabama, but I spent half my life in Houston, Texas. At the University of Alabama, I am involved in First Year Council, where I’m one of 65 counselors. The reason I’m running for Senate for the Culverhouse College of Business is because I believe I can make a difference at the University of Alabama during my tenure. Through creating new legislature and voting on potential changes, I truly believe I can help to make a difference. Speaking of new legislation, I already have some ideas for my platform. The first big problem I’d like to address is bringing awareness to overdose prevention. Alabama has a huge opioid problem, and overdoses are more common than people think. Another problem I’d like to address is campus safety, which is a serious issue. I’d like to implement maps around campus that show where the blue safety phones around campus are.

Leo Denning

My name is Leo Denning and I am currently a Freshman here at the Capstone studying Finance and Economics. Around campus, I am involved in the Investment Banking Academy, as well as serve as a student liaison for the four Greek Councils along with the Culverhouse College of Business. My interest in running as a Senator for Culverhouse stems from the incredible experiences I have had. I believe that the University of Alabama is full of opportunities that can fulfill students’ goals and ambitions. I hope to create change, be the voice for my fellow Culverhouse students, and represent the beliefs that the college stands for. Growing up, my parents instilled a motto into our family called LIBTYFI. An expression that stands for leave it better than you found, is a truism that I have tried to stand by closely. As a senator, I will be sure to stand close by this motto and create a better university. On campus, I want to review buildings for their accessibility features, as well as reshape the process of block seating to require Greek life to increase involvement and improve internal D.E.I., and finally, I want to create a better advisory system for Culverhouse students.

Michael Egan

My name is Mike Egan, I am a junior in the Culverhouse College of Business at UA. Before my time here, I was heavily involved in local politics both at school and in my community, where I fought hard for my constituents through community outreach and local literacy campaigns. During that time, I earned the title “Big Mike,” because of my stature and the large projects I was able to spearhead in my local community. In my free time, I tutor in many different subject areas and am involved with many charities and organizations, including Ring Around the Warrior Boxing Fundraiser, Get Behind the Vest and the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation. My hobbies include boxing, waterskiing and automotive restoration. I am running to represent my fellow students as an SGA Senator. I have experience in representative legislation, having worked for my local government, focusing on community outreach. I am running to give my fellow students a voice within the Senate as well as to promote financial literacy on campus. If elected, I will fight for you- A vote for Big Mike is a vote for Big Results. I hope that I can earn Your Vote! — Big Mike

Charles Eigner

My name is Charles Eigner and I am an economics major from Denver, Colorado. I want to run to make the Alabama campus the best it can be and lower everyday costs for students. With my prior experience in student government, I will run on finalizing a residential parking bill that opens up the first floor of the presidential parking deck and also having the University endorse online textbook databases, such as z-library, as opposed to having students spend hundreds of dollars on top of their tuition every semester. Elect Eigner and Roll Tide!

Myles Gollop

My name is Myles “Goat” Gollop, and I am an incumbent College of Business senator, running for re-election. During my time in the Senate, I have had the privilege of authoring, sponsoring, and voting on numerous critical pieces of legislation to improve the everyday lives of students. If I am chosen to return to the Senate, my voters will not regret it. One key issue I plan to prioritize for my second term is mitigating our student football ticket crisis, a situation where many students are unable to secure affordable home game tickets. If you have questions about my platform or want a more detailed analysis of what I stand for, please email me at or follow my instagram @mylesgollop.

Jeffrey Hux

My name is Jeffrey Connor Hux, and I am a freshman running for a Senate seat in the Culverhouse College of Business. The prospect of having the opportunity to contribute to the University’s excellence gives me immense joy. The students at UA make this possible, and if elected, I will ensure that every student’s voice is heard. Improvement is expected but requires a leader to represent and facilitate changes. I am confident I can represent my peers to cultivate positive change for this spectacular campus. It would be a true blessing to serve this University and the excellent students that attend. My platform is continuous improvements. First, I will find ways for all students to celebrate holidays whether it involves longer breaks so students can make it home or events on campus for those who are not able to travel home. Second, I will work to reduce educational costs for my fellow students. Classroom materials, transportation, room and board are all necessary but quite expensive. Lastly, I will petition for career and major exploration to be worked into our lower division and general business classes within Culverhouse. College is an investment, I want to work to make it as affordable, beneficial, and worthwhile as possible for my peers.

Stella Jeffcoat

My name is Stella Jeffcoat and I am beyond delighted to announce my candidacy for Senator for the Culverhouse College of Business. I am currently a freshman studying Finance from Spanish Fort, Alabama. During my time at the Capstone, I have become involved in multiple student organizations, such as University Honors, Delta Sigma Pi, and Freshman Forum. I believe that these experiences have offered me insight into the needs of the student body by allowing me to collaborate with a diverse variety of students and faculty alike. My platform is centered around care, collaboration, confidence and convenience. Firstly, in order for each student to feel as though they are cared for, I plan to improve the advising process by adding a question and answer dropbox to the advising office for students. Secondly, as group projects are a large part of the coursework for general business classes, I will collaborate with the SGA to improve seating in collaboration rooms. Additionally, I will advocate for the course drop/add period to be extended in an effort to increase the confidence in students regarding their personal academic career. Lastly, I will seek to increase the amount of pay-to-park spaces on campus, making transportation more convenient for students, faculty, and visitors. If elected for your next senator, I promise to uphold and will strive to continuously create positive change around our beautiful campus.

Phillip Krauss

My name is Phillip Krauss, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for the SGA Culverhouse Senate. As a freshman Finance major, I have had the opportunity to be involved in organizations such as the Alabama Finance Association and SGA Lobby Board. I have a strong desire to keep students engaged in our university community. My first platform point focuses on connecting students to local businesses. One such program I want to introduce is a business program that connects local organizations around Tuscaloosa to help locals benefit from university curriculum. I feel that this relationship can be mutually beneficial, helping students gain real-world experience while giving business owners a different, perhaps younger perspective on how to solve their everyday affairs. My second platform point is centered on financial literacy and education. One such initiation I hope to bring forth is bringing in guest speakers for all levels of economics classes and building them into the curriculum. Students deserve to learn financial literacy from an expert in the business from the start to give Culverhouse an advantage over any other business program. My final platform point is rooted in community service and volunteerism. My involvement in the Chi Phi fraternity has taught me the importance of giving back to the community, and I want to create opportunities for students to make a positive impact on the Tuscaloosa community. I strongly believe that by working together, we can make our university an even better place for all students.

Christian Ladner

My name is Christian Ladner, and I am a freshman from Mobile, Alabama. I am double majoring in accounting and finance with a minor in real estate. My involvement on campus includes the Al’s Pals Mentorship Program as well as both the academic and philanthropy committees for my fraternity. When I was asked why I am running for SGA Senate, two things immediately came to mind- service and leadership. One of my greatest passions, for as long as I can remember, has been helping others in any way possible. This drive to serve others at the highest level combined with my natural leadership abilities are the two most prominent factors that led me to seek election in the Senate. Along with my desire to serve comes a sense of caring, and I care deeply about the students here at The Capstone. If elected, I intend to begin taking student concerns into account immediately. First and foremost, I would like to assist students in voicing their suggestions by starting an “Ask a Senator” initiative. Additionally, I plan to make Career Center Resources more easily accessible through college-specific career days. Along with these goals, I would like to make UAPD and other trained professionals more readily available to students all across campus in order to increase and promote the security of the UA community in consideration of recent events.

Jenni Page

My name is Jenni Page and I’m a current freshman here at UA. I’m a General Business and Psychology major with a minor in Criminal Justice on the Pre-Law track. Coming to Alabama, I knew that I wanted to be involved and meaningfully engaged in my community. So far, I’ve done that by being engaged in SGA through First Year Council and other organizations on campus. My involvement in First Year Council is actually what inspired me to run for Senator. It made me realize the wonderful capacity for change that being a part of SGA offers. To create this change, I plan to implement a Live, Listen, Love program where students will be trained in suicide prevention in order to meet their peers with compassionate and judgement-free listening and connect them with life-saving resources. To spread awareness about on-campus resources, I plan to administer Get Empowered Day. I also plan to expand academic peer mentoring through a program called Majorly Helpful, where older students will be paired with freshmen in the same major to help them develop a plan for their time at UA. To give back to the community, I plan to institute Donate for Donuts Day, where students can make a donation in exchange for a donut to benefit local organizations. If chosen to be a Senator, I promise to lead with transparency, compassion, and integrity. I will never be complacent, and I will strive tirelessly to be a leader that the student body is proud of.

Frank Parsons

Hello, my name is Walker Parsons, I am a freshman from Montgomery, Alabama majoring in finance. I currently serve in the First Year Council and as a Greek Ambassador. One fun fact about me is back home I am neighbors with the Governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey. I am running as a senator for the Culverhouse College of Business so that I can continue to serve my fellow students and the university I love so dearly. As a First Year Councilor, I was given a unique opportunity to be exposed to issues students face every day and explore the channels for resolving them. As a Senator, I plan to sponsor legislation that gives students more opportunities to meet not only senators but executive members face-to-face. I would fight to bring about more SGA-sponsored events within Culverhouse for students to join business-based clubs and groups. Above all, I would be keen to listen to any student input on what could be done to better our campus. I am committed to serving the University of Alabama and its students wholeheartedly and willing to go above and beyond to ensure it remains a beacon of higher education.

Chloe Pickle

Hello UA! My name is Chloe Pickle, and I am a freshman from Hamilton, Alabama. I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for Culverhouse College of Business Senator. Since my time here on campus, I have grown more enthusiastic for the progression of our opportunities and resources. I want to be a voice for all students and execute the concerns of others. I plan to make advancements in the Culverhouse College of Business by advocating for opportunities regarding career shadowing, professional management strategies, and job outlet resources. I hope that you #PickPickle to hear your voice and represent YOU as a Culverhouse College of Business Senator.

Jack Sweda

My name is Jack Sweda. I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas and came to the University of Alabama last August. On campus I am a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon and enjoy volunteering for various emergency services around Tuscaloosa. I am running for Senate because I want to get involved on campus, meet new people, and serve the student body. Running for student government is something I have never done. I want to get the most out of my education here and change problems around campus in the best interest for the University and student body. My platform is to reform parking spaces and parking tickets. I would like to implement a warning system for tickets and allocate more paid parking spaces for commuters. Just about half of the student body has to commute to campus every morning from various locations in Tuscaloosa. Implementing a warning system for tickets and more paid for spaces will help students focus more on academics during their time on campus, rather than having certain parking passes or receiving harsh parking tickets.

College of Communication & Information Sciences Candidates

Megan Bonhaus

My name is Megan Bonhaus, and I am from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I am a freshman at The University of Alabama majoring in Public Relations on the path to MBA. I’m pleased to announce my candidacy as Senator for the College of Communication & Information Sciences in The University of Alabama’s Student Government Association.There is a huge necessity for an inclusive environment at UA, and to increase off-campus student involvement. I believe the University should host more events for off campus students to get to know each other. It is our student body’s responsibility to create the most welcoming environment possible, and as your senator, I will strive to do exactly this. Mental health awareness and education have always been something I have been extremely passionate about and will be a major focus for me in SGA. Every college student, whether they live on campus or not, deserves an inclusive and fun college experience. I will strongly advocate for the importance of collaborating with others, and I have always had exceptional communication skills. As a student of the C&IS college, I want every single student to be able to see why this school is so special to me. Let’s make Bama #BetterWithBonhaus!

Sarah Clevenger

My name is Sarah Clevenger and I am so excited to run as your next C&IS Senator. I am a freshman from Boise, Idaho, majoring in Public Relations with plans to go to law school after graduation. Since the first day of my freshman year, I have worked to get involved in all the Bama has to offer. Through organizations such as the Honors College, Pre-Law Student Association, and UA SGA First Year Council I have developed my leadership and problem solving skills. I am running for Senate because I want to continue the work I have put forth in FYC and work with peers that have similar goals as me. I love C&IS and smile whenever I get to walk through the doors of Reese Phifer. I feel thankful every day that UA has given me the opportunity to move across the country and learn what I love. I’m running on a platform of scholarship and involvement and will work tirelessly to give my peers the opportunity to build their resumes and boost engagement of all student-led organizations giving back to the community. I can’t wait to make UA proud and I hope that you are #SoldonSarah on February 28th!

Victor Hagan

What’s up UA! My name is Victor Hagan and I’m running for C&IS Senate! I’m a junior from Madison, Alabama with a drive to give back to the UA community that has made my experience great. I have experience as a C&IS Ambassador and as the News Media Delegate in the Student Executive Council that I believe can help me contribute to a more representative SGA. My campaign focuses on three major themes: (1) Student Health and Wellbeing- UA has great options for students in need, but a growing campus has the resources to do much more. Whether it’s increasing Narcan accessibility or growing counseling services, I will work to bolster and emphasize mental health resources on campus to catch up to our growing student population. (2) Legislative Transparency- I’m a staunch advocate for student representation and SGA transparency. Whether making resources more apparent to students or acknowledging flaws in the legislative process, transparency offers a more efficient SGA. If elected, I’ll work to make the legislative process and SGA more transparent and equitable. (3) Student Organization Support- Strong student organizations provide valuable opportunities for growth, leadership, and community building. By investing in our student organizations, we invest in the future success of our college and its students. I will work to ensure student organizations receive the resources they need to prosper.

Riley Jordan

My name is Riley Jordan, and I am currently a freshman at the University of Alabama. I am a double major in the College of Communication and Information Sciences studying News Media and Communication Studies with a concentration in Sports Media. One day, I hope to take my talents to the sports media world and become an analyst or broadcaster for an organization such as ESPN or the SEC Network. To promote the possibility of success, I have joined the Crimson Tide Productions’ team, which has already shown a positive impact in regard to my future in sports media. Throughout my life, I have grown a love for making change and participating in politics through the guidance of my family and teachings of the countless leaders in my life. If elected as a senator, I will be presented with the opportunity to further my experience in leadership and learn more alongside others. I also hope to have a real chance to participate in the United States Government after my sports media career to move past the broken promises of today’s politics and attempt to make a real change in how politics are viewed and operated today. As far as present day at the university, I plan to change areas on campus pertaining to student safety, student connections, as well as student mental health. With all this said, it would truly be an honor if selected to be a part of the Senate in the Student Government Organization.

College of Education Candidates

Dillon Cook

Hello, my name is Dillon Cook. I am a sophomore from Ider, AL majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Educational Policy and Reform. I’m excited to announce my candidacy for College of Education Senator. In the College of Education, I currently serve as the Residential Advisor for the CrossingPoints Certificate Program and Secretary for the COE Ambassadors, Teacher Cadets, and Young Educators. I am also involved in numerous other student organizations. Additionally, I virtually tutor 2nd Grade Reading & 6th Grade Math through Teach for America, Ignite Fellowship. My platform #Dillon’sDeal consists of a twofold plan to better the College of Education: 1. Create inclusive events centered around ability status to include within Social Enrichment for DEI Passport Program. 2. Launch a peer mentor-based program within the college for upperclassman to share their experience with underclassmen and give advice surrounding class recommendations, internships, and more. Most importantly, I want to serve as a voice for the College of Education. If you have ideas you would like to see implemented, I would love to schedule a conversation. I would appreciate your support. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. #Dillon’sDeal

Kaelyn Thames

My name is Kaelyn Thames and I am a freshman from Monroeville, Alabama majoring in Kinesiology. I am very excited to announce my candidacy for Senator of the College of Education. I am currently involved in the Pre-Occupational Therapy Society, but I would love to further my involvement. I have always had a passion for SGA, especially during high school. During my senior year, I was SGA president, and I knew after my involvement in high school I wanted to further my experiences in college. I am very excited to be given the opportunity, and I am looking forward to helping make positive contributions to SGA for the students of our university. I will be running on a platform of academic improvement and student services. I would like to help advocate for better academic resources, increased funding for student organizations, and more opportunities for students to engage in research and hands-on learning experiences. I would also like to help address the needs of students by advocating for increased funding for student services such as career services, counseling, and financial aid. I can’t wait to represent our university and I hope you will help me achieve this amazing opportunity!!!

Madison Wiltshire

My name is Madison Wiltshire, and I am excited to announce my candidacy as Senator for the College of Education. I am a Sophomore from Agoura Hills, California and I am majoring in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise Science. As senator, I would make it my priority to be a voice for my peers and promote inclusivity and representation of our student body as a whole. I want to create a space for students to voice their concerns and opinions, and for them to feel confident that action is being taken in response. In addition to this, I want to focus on my peer’s mental health and overall well-being. I will not only advocate for more mental health resources to be available on campus but focus on creating a more positive environment for students. I will strive to increase accessibility to in person counseling centers and push to create new office locations for these services, especially near the dorms and other student living locations. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope you #MoveForwardWithMaddie on February 28!

College of Engineering Candidates

Pierce Austin

My name is Pierce Austin. I am from Mountain Brook, Alabama. I am excited to serve as one of the next engineering senators for the SGA. I am joyed to collaborate with my peers to create a better environment on UA’s campus. I plan to implement policies which create more opportunities for engineering students, improve interfacing on UA websites, promote community within the college of engineering, and help to connect students across colleges.

Cade Bailey

My name is Cade Bailey, I am a sophomore from Chelsea, Alabama studying civil engineering with a minor in environmental and water resources engineering. I am involved in leadership, service, and professional organizations. Through my involvement, I have learned how to effectively communicate and lead my peers to achieve a higher standard of student life. As a senator, I will achieve this goal by promoting policies that endorse academic success and equity within the UA community. Being a senator allows to me utilize my past collective experiences in leadership and communication, to improve the academic and professional lives of students attending the University of Alabama.

Lucy Bonhaus

Giving back to my community and those around me has always been a passion of mine. Serving as a member of UA’s First Year Council, I know the importance of being the one to voice opinions and concerns on behalf of my peers in order to make positive progress around our campus. I believe that any and all decisions made on our campus should reflect the ideals and views of the students, and if elected, I will do everything in my power to make sure this is always the case. My main goal as your next senator is to increase student engagement around campus. I believe there are many different ways to achieve this goal, but we can start by expanding common rooms and lounge areas to account for more students to engage. We also could designate certain areas for each college for easy access to students with similar majors to work, study, and interact with their peers. Furthermore, I believe that the senators representing each college could hold office hours weekly within these designated areas to have private conversations with students regarding their needs and concerns. Increasing student engagement improves the overall well-being of our students by allowing them to establish connections and form relationships with those who will not only support them but also hold them accountable. Many students find it hard to make relationships during their actual class times, so making these accommodations will serve to promote engagement between students within our campus. I hope to be your next senator of the Engineering School and Roll Tide!

Robert Cheney

Hi, my name is Gibson Cheney, and I am a freshman from Jackson, MS, majoring in Metallurgical Engineering and minoring in Chemistry and Mathematics. I am involved in several different organizations on campus and within the College of Engineering including the Materials Advantage / American Foundry Society. I am running for the Student Government Association Senate because I want the College of Engineering to be properly represented within our school’s governing body. I am running on the platform of scholarship and service. To further our scholarship, I will work to expand opportunities for undergraduate research and foster the growth of student-led academic organizations here on campus. Additionally, I will promote our already existing student tutor program through the ENGenuity Lab and work to expand that program to include more courses to better help our students. I want to be an open ear to which students can voice concerns and ideas and be met with answers and results. Advocating for our students is not just beneficial, it is imperative, and it is my passion and mission to find the most effective way to serve our students and represent them to the best of my ability.

Kameron Prim

Hey! My name is Kameron Prim, and I am from Foley, AL. I am a current freshman majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Mathematics on the Pre-Dental track. I am also a part of the EPIC Scholars program in the Honors College. I am running for a seat in the College of Engineering because of my love for creating meaningful change around campus and I have hands-on experience serving as a First Year Councilor over the past year. As a senator, I will push for better mental health awareness. It is not only a protective measure but also recognizes the many stresses students face in college, especially in their first year. Also, I’d push for a revise of the current calculator policies that exist in our institution today. More user-friendly calculators should be enforced to prevent students having to “learn” how to use their calculators. Additionally, I will encourage an expansion of student parking into generally unused areas of faculty and staff parking. Everyone pays for parking but not the headache that comes with it, especially when running late for class. Lastly, I will strongly encourage the better advertisement of cultural programs, like the Hallow Grounds tour. We all go to this university so we as students deserve a right of access to its history! Prosper with Prim and vote with me, College of Engineering!

Michael Rodrigue

My name is Michael Rodrigue. I am in the process of completing my major in civil engineering and my masters in business. I am a second-semester freshman at the University who came from Houma, Louisiana. I am involved in fraternity life, and I am also a member of the Honors College. I am running because I want to improve the conditions of the engineering facilities as well as the community itself. I want to bring students together to grow in their majors while also giving back to the community. This would involve revamping how the ENGinuity is run, allowing more successful engineers to speak to the students, and bringing every branch of engineering together to use our skills and improve Tuscaloosa. I would also like to open unused classrooms to be rented out for large group studying or meetings that can help students find their true calling in the Alabama engineering program.

Jackson Rudder

My name is Jack Rudder. I am a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Saint Louis, Missouri. Here at UA, I have had the pleasure of serving on the SGA Senate this past year as well as becoming a member of Student Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations in order to reflect my passion for service. During my second year serving in Senate, I would aim to increase tutoring for higher-level engineering courses. As an engineering student, I have seen the sheer lack of qualified tutors for certain higher-level courses. In order to combat this, I intend to seek out qualified individuals and recruit them to tutor. Additionally, I plan to foster community in the engineering college by hosting SGA-sponsored engineering demonstrations. These demonstrations could range from showing how a certain mechanism works to testing the stability of different bridges. Engineering students, especially underclassmen, do not receive enough exposure to the field that they are majoring in. Public demonstrations would allow students to receive visual experience in their field even without seeking it out. Furthermore, I hope to decrease the number of websites needed for homework in order to decrease student spending and increase uniformity in the college. Often, I find myself switching between four or more homework sites. With me as your senator, I would encourage teachers to collaborate and decide which sites are needed and which are not. With these platform points, I hope to make UA a better place for engineering students and the student body as a whole.

Benjamin Staley

My name is Ben Staley, and I’m a freshman from Homer Glen, Illinois, majoring in mechanical engineering. Throughout my academic career, I’ve made it a priority to help others in any manner possible and act as a natural leader to those around me, and I consider myself to be a self-motivated, dedicated member of the community. I’m a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternity and have assisted with various fundraisers for organizations such as the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Service for Sight. My commitment to my community is apparent through my involvement with these foundations, and I believe that I can use these attributes to change our campus for the better as a member of the SGA Senate. The first aspect of my platform emphasizes the following: prioritizing mental health. Engineering is known to be one of the most strenuous majors an individual can pursue. I plan to institute a day for engineering majors through the university where individuals can relax or catch up with their classes. Additionally, my second goal is to work with the university to mandate teachers to record their lectures and post them via Blackboard. Many inconveniences can happen in life at a moment’s time, and mandatory recorded lectures would ensure that students stay up to date with their classes. Finally, I’d like to maintain and improve the transparency of SGA. If given the chance to work as a Senator, I’ll work diligently and candidly with my colleagues to the fullest of my abilities.

Sarah Wilson

Hello UA students! My name is Sarah Jayne Wilson, and I am a first-year student from Tuscaloosa, Alabama majoring in Civil Engineering. Growing up in Tuscaloosa, the Capstone has been an integral part of my life and something I love deeply. This has fueled my desire to become involved and give back to this institution that has had such a positive impact on my life. During my first semester at UA, I have been a part of the university’s Honors College, Freshman Forum, and Beat Auburn Beat Hunger. I genuinely believe this University is among the best and has endless potential to continue improving. As a senator, I would be incredibly honored to be a voice for my peers and be a part of initiating change. I would hope to engage in productive discussions to make students’ experience on campus more suitable for all. One of the best aspects of this University is the countless opportunities for students to become involved in various facets of campus life. I believe that there is something for every student here and I would love to help my peers find their belongingness on campus. My goal is to make these opportunities known and easily accessible to help students find their community here at the Capstone. I believe encouraging and fostering student engagement will result in a more unified student body. I am grateful for your consideration for voting me to be one of your next senators for the College of Engineering.

Graduate School Candidates

Adefunke Eruobodo

I am Adefunke Beatrice Eruobodo. I am a first year M.A student in the Department of English. It has always been my dream to serve humanity because life only becomes worthwhile in service. This dream propels me to engage in volunteering activities such as Hands-on Tuscaloosa and MLK Service Day. My engagements with other UA students during these volunteering services open my eyes to different situations students face, and what can be done to ameliorate and improve these realities. I am running for the post of a Senator for Graduate School in the legislative arm of the Student Government Association. It is my desire to bridge the gap between the graduate school and the graduate students. I want to serve as the mouthpiece of the graduate students at the house knowing full well that I am not there to represent myself alone but the graduate students as a whole. I also want to ensure that the social, intellectual, emotional and physical needs of the graduate students are well communicated in the house. A vote for me is a vote to DARE – Diversity, Accountability, Reliability and Efficiency. As a conscientious person, I will ensure that all graduate students of any race, identity and nationality are duly and equally represented in the house. I will achieve this by creating an inclusive and interactive atmosphere, and by making myself available to graduate students in order to know about happenings around that affect them in anyway.

Rebecca Lutonsky

I, Rebecca Rose Lutonsky, do seek the office of Graduate School Senator. I am running for the office of Graduate Senator because I wish to represent graduate students’ needs at this great institution, The University of Alabama, to the best of my ability. My platform includes all of the following. I wish to further graduate students’ needs for GTA and GRA stipend increases and clear and simple residency requirements so that graduate students can reach their goals. I think that the degree from The University of Alabama that each graduate student will hopefully receive will be made much more valuable by extending the rights of graduate students, as mentioned above. It is also essential that graduate students have an open forum and clearinghouse to express their opinions and needs to their senators. I will be available via email and at graduate functions to hear graduate students’ requests and express them to the Student Government Association and the student body at large. I will also let the administration know our requirements so they can optimistically be met. I also believe in collaborating with Undergraduate Senators and students so that there will be strength in numbers at the negotiating table and more collective bargaining through our collective voice can be realized.

TaMaya Mitchell

TaMaya Mitchell is a graduate student from Mobile, AL working on an MFA in Arts Administration and an APR in Creative Media. She completed her bachelor’s degree at The University of Alabama at Birmingham where she studied mass communications and marketing. As a first-year graduate candidate at UA, she looks forward to being involved with other organizations on campus and intends to propose new ideas surrounding diversity and graduate student life through creative collaboration with SGA this coming year.

Tolulope Sanni

My name is Tolulope Sanni, I am a third year Ph.D. student with the Construction Engineering Management group in the Department of Civil Engineering. I am a member of the African Students Association where I volunteer with the welfare team to support members as outlined in the constitution. I am a member of the International Students Association and I currently serve as a volunteer with the Center for Service and Leadership to help the Tuscaloosa communities on service. I work with the Graduate School as a Tide Together mentor after being a mentee in my first year. I have constantly benefitted from the events organized frequently during each semester. I am interested in running for a position as a member of the senate of the Student Government Association at the University of Alabama. I am interested in representing other students and being a voice in upholding and formulating effective policies and lending support for bills that will improve the student life at the University of Alabama. I will be running on the platform of the graduate school at the Senate and my candidacy is one that is built around the purpose of integrity, active representation of all graduate students, and the excellent wellbeing of all members of the UA community.

Emilia Stuart

My name is Emilia Stuart and I am currently a second year MBA/MFA Arts Management candidate. I graduated with a B.A in Dance and a B.S.E in Kinesiology in 2021, and will complete my masters degrees in Spring 2024. I currently serve as a SGA Senator in behalf of the graduate school and am hoping to return for my final year at UA. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with SGA and hope to heighten my involvement in my final year. I have authored and sponsored legislation regarding campus safety and mental health, and intend to expand if elected next year.

College of Human & Environmental Sciences Candidates

Jacob Edwards

Hey Alabama! I’m Jacob Edwards, and I am running to be your next Senator for the College of Human Environmental Sciences! I’m a freshman from Huntsville, Alabama, majoring in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Sport and Event Management. I am involved in several different organizations here on campus including Crimson Scholars, Bridge, the Culverhouse Real Estate Society, and also as an Alabama Football Equipment Manager. Like many other students here, I initially began the school year as a General Business major. Working as a football equipment manager helped me quickly realize my true passion- Sport Management, and I made the switch early this semester! The capstone has a formula for success, “practice, persistence, and an unwavering drive”. When you put these things together, our dreams become reality and we all become Legends! I am running for SGA Senate to instill this fighting spirit in each of my peers and become a champion for making your life on and off campus a success. I pledge to listen. I pledge to motivate. I pledge to inspire growth. Most importantly, I pledge to grow the University of Alabama into an environment that fosters compassion, change, and resilience. We have some work to do together, so I ask that you #MoveForwardWithEdwards and vote for me to represent you and become the next Senator for the College of Human Environmental Sciences! Roll Tide!!

Mia Ford

Hello, my name is Mia Ford and I’m thrilled to announce my candidacy for Human Environmental Sciences Senate! I’m a sophomore from St. Louis, Missouri, majoring in Public Health with a minor in Biology on the Pre-Dental track. Personal and public health are the central pillars of the work I strive to accomplish through various campus organizations. My experience on SGA’s Environmental Affairs Cabinet has allowed me to take real strides on campus and in our community, furthering my passion for the health and safety of all students and residents in Tuscaloosa. By volunteering with Tuscaloosa Safe Center, I’ve seen first-hand how beautiful our community is when supporting and encouraging each other in the hardest of times. I would be honored to advocate even further through my platform, focusing on student and environmental health. I plan to make efforts that progress our Student Health Center into a more reliable and safe system for distributing prescriptions to students, working with OIT to improve the Student Health Center website, and reducing Alabama’s electrical energy waste on campus. My passion and enthusiasm for the future of public health has and always will be my driving force for everything I do here at the Capstone. I would be honored to have your vote on February 28th as you get #OnBoardwithFord!

Hidy Kirkpatrick

Hello, UA students. My name is Hidy Kirkpatrick and I am from Washington Court House, Ohio. I am currently a freshman here at UA, majoring in Apparel and Textiles with a concentration in Apparel Design and I am so excited to be running to become the next senator for the College of Human Environmental Sciences. Across campus, I have tried to expand my horizons by involving myself in a wide variety of activities such as participating in Freshman Forum, serving as a Jr. Panhellenic Delegate, and working alongside my fellow councilors in First Year Council. Through this involvement, I have gained a true fondness for helping improve the lives of those around me to the best of my ability. Over this past semester, I have heard the concerns of others and made it my goal to try to resolve these issues in order to improve the quality of student life for college students here at the Capstone. For the College of Human Environmental Sciences, I will advocate for community engagement and student involvement. With these goals in mind, I strive to be a voice for my peers to ensure that HES continues to excel.

Alexandria Oats

My name is Lexie Oats, and I’m from Tuscaloosa Alabama. I’m a freshman majoring in Sports Hospitality and this year I’m running to be a Senator for the College of Human Environmental Sciences. Although I am just beginning my journey at the Capstone, I have already gained great insight into what we can improve upon as a student body. Over the course of my first semester, I have had the opportunity to connected with students and faculty from different parts of campus which has expanded my perspective and inspired me to serve my fellow students in this capacity. If given the opportunity, I would be an advocate for all HES students and do everything in my power to maximize their experience at UA. I intend to utilize these diverse perspectives I have gained from other students to create positive changes that will benefit all HES students. I will be a listener to my fellow students and embody what it truly means to be a representative for our college. I will advocate for our students, whether that be academically or their well-being as a whole. I will encourage more communication within our college and ensure transparency within the various systems utilized by HES students. Through my leadership skills, I plan to lead the College of Human Environmental Sciences to achieve a higher level of success on all accounts. Join me, and move Onward with Oats to bring HES students together and positively impact the University of Alabama community.

Law School Candidates

Alan Crisologo

Hello! My name is Alan Crisologo, and I am a 1L at Alabama Law. I have the experience necessary to lead and serve you as your Law School Senator. For undergrad, I attended Samford University and had the honor of serving my peers for three years as an SGA Senator, and most recently, served as the Class of 2022 SGA President. In the SGA Senate sessions in undergrad, I passed resolutions improving the use of student ID cards, changed dining providers based on student feedback, and worked to secure funding for each student organization that submitted their budgets to me. I met with university administrators to advocate for class issues and planned graduation events for the university. My goal as your Law School SGA Senator is to represent our law program with dignity, secure funding for each law school organization for events, and represent the needs of you, as a graduate student, in all matters that come before the SGA Senate. If I haven’t met you already, I would love to get the chance to speak with you soon. In the road ahead, I am always happy to meet with you, and I pledge to be available to help address any concerns that may arise in the upcoming year. I would be honored to have your support!

Andrew Mount

I am a New York native who came to Alabama with the intention of dedicating my career to the public service of this state and its citizens. I have joined the Alabama Anti-Trafficking Legal Advocacy Society, Criminal Law Society, and other UA student organizations congruent with that purpose. Further, I plan to spend this summer interning with several Alabama judges to develop skills that will help me become an effective public servant. I am running as a Senate candidate because I love this school and want to ensure that my fellow students are given the tools they need to find success as legal professionals. With your support, I will advocate for more funding for law school student organizations, the furtherance of an inclusive culture that will attract more students to our school, and will do everything in my power to increase our law school ranking. Our law school is one of the best in the nation, and I want to ensure we keep getting better.

College of Nursing Candidates

Brooke Garvey

Hello CCN students! My name is Brooke Garvey, I am a current Freshman from Virginia and I am campaigning to be your next Senator for the Capstone College of Nursing! I chose to come to Alabama because I knew I wanted a school where campus involvement was a top priority, and I have found just that. Throughout my time here I have been able to immerse myself into campus through SGA, where I currently serve as Secretary for First Year Council, Al’s Pals, UADM, and Pi Beta Phi’s Community Relations Committee! Being involved on campus has made my experience better than I could have ever imagined as I feel more connected to campus and have the opportunity to work with fellow students to make campus a better place for all. Creating positive change and stronger relationships have always been my goals for everything I do and I would love to continue that work in the Capstone College of Nursing. My platform is based on my three main pillars that represent “CCN”: Connecting Nursing students to more service and engagement opportunities within the CCN, Cultivating positive relationships with local Tuscaloosa Nurses, and Networking between Lower and Upper Division students to foster stronger inter-college bonds. Over the past semester I have been able to improve my legislative skills through FYC so that I can better serve you and the CCN student community as a whole. I am more than ready for the challenge and hope that together we can #GrowwithGarvey!

Kendall Stanton

My name is Kendall Stanton and I am declaring my candidacy for senator of the Capstone College of Nursing. I am a freshman from Spanish Fort, Alabama studying nursing. I am involved in numerous organizations on campus, such as Beat Auburn Beat Hunger, Capstone Association of Nursing Students, Crossing Points, and Best Buddies. I also serve as Chi Omega Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Assistant and Chi Omega Sisterhood Assistant. I am eager to run for a position on senate to be a voice for lower division nursing students and for our student body as a whole. I want to utilize my creativity and internal drive to brainstorm ideas and serve the students of this university to the best of my ability. In this position, I plan to use my platform to place an emphasis on specific changes that will increase success rates for students throughout campus and in the College of Nursing. My main platform points include advancing technology on campus, offering a range of free tutoring options for required exams, increasing communication in the nursing school, and strengthening ties between nursing students and members of the community in this profession. I am confident in my ability to act as a catalyst for initiating positive change in order to articulate matters that can improve the lives of many and increase the equability of UA. I would be honored to serve my peers in this position. #StandwithStanton on February 28th and choose me as a Senator for the College of Nursing.

School of Social Work Candidates

Emma Dekruif

Hi, I’m Emma Dekruif, and I am a sophomore social work major from Rosemount, Minnesota. On campus, I am involved in a panhellenic sorority and an advisory board Student Tide Against Suicide. I am running for social work senate because I am passionate about making our college and campus the best it can be. I hope to have a career in policy and advocacy post-grad and think this could be a great opportunity to start making positive change. If elected I hope to offer more volunteer opportunities and a resources guide to make giving back to the community and our school as easy as possible. I also hope to expand students’ knowledge of the great things that social workers do and create partnerships with other colleges to expand our outreach. By promoting Noontime knowledge and other resources we can get more people interested in social work. Being a small college on a big campus gives everyone the opportunity to make a difference. I hope to be the voice of my peers and help be the change we want to see.

Anne Ermert

My name is Anne Lauren Ermert, and I am thrilled to be running for the School of Social Work Senate. Through my platform, I hope to unite and serve the Social Work community along with the University of Alabama’s Campus. Using my voice as a Senator, I will introduce opportunity and engagement into the School of Social Work. Implementing the core values of Social Work consisting of service, social justice, empathy, and integrity to provide a foundation allowing all Social Work students to create ties within UA and Tuscaloosa. I am grateful for the Social Work community and want to help our school progress through this role. My platform of Engagement, Equity, and Enhancement will foster connections throughout campus to promote the School of Social Work and each student it serves.

Ragan Hope Wilson

I am Ragan Hope Wilson, a sophomore social work student from Tuscumbia, AL, & I’m honored to announce my candidacy for re-election as an independent Senator for the School of Social Work. Elected in November & beginning my term last month, my time as a senator has been short, & the work of serving the student body isn’t finished. Thus far, I have sponsored legislation advocating for civic engagement, increase in student worker wages, & sensible drug policy. As a member of the Undergraduate Social Work Organization & Social Work Association for Cultural Awareness, I have met members of the program & see the need for social work values to be implemented into our student government. I have met students & faculty that uphold the core values of our profession- service, social justice, dignity & worth of people, human relationships, integrity, & competence. These six values are the platform that I wish to run my campaign on. Service through giving back to the community around you & each person using their specific, innate gifts for good is essential to progress. Our capstone creed states that we are to “promote equity and inclusion”. This value represents a need for social justice for ALL students because every person has dignity & worth. A united student body must strive for integrity & competence together. The opportunity to continue serving the UA community would be a privilege & honor. In November you #hadhope, now it’s time to #keephope in Ragan Hope Wilson!