Executive Council Candidates

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Collier Dobbs

My name is Collier Dobbs and this week I have the honor of running to be your next Student Government Association president. I am a junior from Birmingham, Alabama currently studying Finance and Economics here at the Capstone. During my time serving in SGA and other organizations, I have had the opportunity to connect with different groups across campus and work to make UA feel like home to every student. I have also been lucky enough to have mentors that have challenged me to go above and beyond in my roles and serve others in all I do. Because of the relationships I have built, the dedication I have to this campus and community, and the skills I have developed, I want to serve you as your 112th SGA president. I firmly believe that as UA continues to grow each year that our SGA must work tirelessly to ensure our campus is a diverse space where all students feel heard, understood, and advocated for. My experiences make me both qualified and excited for the challenges that will come with this role, and I promise to serve the student body humbly with dignity and respect. Follow along with my campaign throughout the week to learn more about my specific platform focusing on collaboration, outreach, unity, networking, and transparency. I look forward to engaging and fostering new relationships with all of you this week and I hope you know you can always C.O.U.N.T. on Collier!

John Richardson

Why should you care about the Student Government Association? For many students at Alabama, you don’t care. The SGA never affects your campus experience. You wouldn’t be alone. In fact, the University does not even believe the SGA is a representative body, but rather “a learning laboratory for those who want to go into politics.” Although the SGA sometimes offers aid in times of crisis, the interest of you and 38,000 other students is not represented in the administration. This is a shame because the SGA can and should represent you. In addition to having direct access to administrators, the SGA has significant resources. Every year the SGA spends tens of thousands of dollars across campus. However, try to list anything the SGA has done to make your life better as a student. As an organization worth over $100,000 dollars that claims to represent over 38,000 students, you should easily be able to list tangible examples of how the SGA has served its student body on a practical level. The time has come for change, and the time has come for action. My name is John Richardson, and as President, I will make the SGA work for you. Through intentional action and collaborative effort, we can implement real change and spend that money in a way that genuinely serves you. Let’s improve parking, implement preventative measures to stop sexual assault, and pursue policies to protect students from overdoses. It does not matter if you are Greek or non-Greek, the SGA can and should do more for you. But we have to stop the all-or-nothing campaigns. We must stand together instead of driving each other apart. When elected I will appoint a half-Greek and half-non-Greek cabinet. It is time your interests are represented, and the money is spent to make your life better. This is my promise, but I cannot do it alone. I need your vote and your help. Let’s rise together and leave a lasting impact on this campus. Please check out my Instagram @risewithrichardson to see my practical policies and access my volunteer form.

Executive Secretary

Olivia Frazier

My name is Olivia Frazier, and I currently serve as Secretary of the 27th Student Government Association Senate while representing the College of Arts & Sciences. I am a Sophomore from Birmingham, Alabama, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Criminal Justice. During my time in SGA, I have focused on fostering an open and welcoming connection between the students I serve and the SGA as a whole. As Secretary of the Senate, I have gained valuable first-hand experience regarding SGA communications both internally and externally. This has given me insight into the areas I will target to strengthen relationships between the student body, faculty, and members of SGA. My knowledge and drive to foster change at the university will transform SGA through communication, transparency, and engagement. If elected, I will represent not only the Student Government Association but our study body wholeheartedly through collaborative initiatives in order to reach all corners of campus.

Executive Vice President

Elizabeth Prophet

My name is Elizabeth Prophet, and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy to become the next Executive Vice President of the Student Government Association. Serving each of you this past year as a Senator for the School of Social Work has been one of my most meaningful experiences. I plan to continue serving students through connection, advocacy, and transparency. Our Student Government Association doesn’t operate at its full potential. Students do not actively engage with SGA due to mistrust, frustration, and lack of interest. I pledge to continue creating a Student Government Association that is accountable to student demands and rises above campus politics. I will make students feel connected to decisions on campus by meeting regularly with student organizations, bridging the gap between faculty and student senates, and updating the student body on initiatives being carried out by the executive council. I have exemplified my commitment to connection through social media updates, active communication with students, and intentional outreach to underrepresented organizations. I will prioritize advocacy by always putting students first and holding the University administration accountable to our needs. I’ve passed legislation that requires senators to engage with students more frequently, condemns anti-semitism on campus, and encourages the University to compensate Black Faculty and Staff Association Ambassadors. Additionally, I’ve proposed legislation that would require the Senate docket to be on the SGA website, urge the University to pay all student recruitment ambassadors, and I will continue to work with the Counseling Center to implement a program that would allow students to receive one free Counseling Center session through SGA. Transparency will continue to be at the forefront of my actions because integrity, fairness, and equity matter to me. This past year, I have made my voting record public and cooperated freely with the student paper. I will make my meeting calendar and initiative list public and regularly update students on my progress. SGA means nothing if students don’t care. I hope you will trust me once again and vote for #ProgesswithProphet on February 28th for Executive Vice President. We’re better together.

Josie Schmitt

Hello UA, my name is Josie Schmitt and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for Executive Vice President. I am a junior from Chicago, majoring in Accounting with a minor in Computing Technology and Applications. Throughout my time at the Capstone, I have concentrated my efforts on transparency, communication, and accountability within our student government. As the Executive Secretary of SGA over the last year, I implemented projects to equip our peers with the framework to thrive as students and young professionals, while fostering open dialogue among faculty and the student population. I have no hesitation that this, alongside my experience as Director of Communications under the VP for Student Affairs, has adequately prepared me to serve as your next Executive Vice President. I aim to enhance the position of Executive Vice President and promote an environment to advance the missions of UA and the SGA. I plan to implement initiatives supporting four areas: campus connection, student experience, internal engagement, and student safety. Increasing event accessibility, student discount program restructuring, holding bi-weekly Vice President meetings, and introducing DUI prevention parking programs are just a few examples of my plans to achieve these goals. Serving as your Executive Secretary this past year has been a privilege, honor, and joy; I look forward to further developing the position of Executive Vice President by encouraging collaboration between my fellow Council members, UA faculty, and students. Join me in my efforts and remember #SchmittIsIt for Executive Vice President next Tuesday, February 28th on myBama.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Johnny Foster

Hi UA! My name is Johnny Foster, I am a Sophomore from Fairhope, Alabama, majoring in finance. I am excited to be running for Vice President for Academic Affairs for our Student Government. By serving as VPAA, I will continue to serve students’ best interests and be an advocate for each and every member of our campus. During my time at the University of Alabama, I have been a part of Freshman Forum, where my group worked with Tuscaloosa Angels to gift school supplies to foster children in our community, I am currently a teacher’s assistant for an intro-level business class that allows me to gage student and teacher opinions within the classroom, and lastly, I have had the privilege to serve as a senator for the Culverhouse College of Business. During my time as a senator, I have had first-hand accounts of the legislative process and worked closely with current executive members to understand how their roles cooperate with Student Government as a whole. As VPAA, I plan to implement progressive plans that can continue to elevate the University of Alabama’s reputation of having cutting-edge academics and being readily available to accommodate student concerns. These plans run concurrently with my platform points of Accessibility, Efficiency, and Transparency. Each of these pillars contains ideas that promote student life in all areas of academia. My past experiences and familiarity with SGA along with my passion for student advocacy make me the most qualified candidate to serve as your VPAA. Thank you, Johnny Foster

Vice President for Diversity Equity, & Inclusion

Bella Loia

Hello, UA! My name is Bella Loia, and I am a Junior from San Jose, CA majoring in Operations Management with a minor in Supply Chain Management. As a dedicated student leader with a passion for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, I am thrilled to be running for Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for the Student Government Association. My experiences as the Director of Inclusion and Outreach for the SOURCE and my training as a DEI officer for other on-campus organizations have equipped me with the skills to drive change and create a more inclusive campus community. One of my top priorities is to prepare students for diverse work environments. With the majority of US organizations implementing DEI initiatives, it is crucial that we provide our students with the knowledge and foundational skills to succeed in their future endeavors. To achieve this goal, I plan to integrate DEI-based professional development events into the DEI Passport Program and offer special training for student leaders of campus organizations. This will give our prominent student leaders the tools they need to effectively integrate DEI into their leadership values. Additionally, I aim to continue enhancing the award-winning DEI Passport Program and maximizing students’ experiences with DEI training. I also believe in the importance of supporting DEI programs at the Capstone. I plan to work with DEI officers to identify innovative ways to address campus-wide issues and collaborate with cultural and identity-based organizations to create a legacy of open communication and peer-based education. Furthermore, I am committed to strengthening relationships and giving back to the local community in Tuscaloosa through intentional actions. By working together, we can create a more inclusive and equitable community on campus and beyond. While reflecting on the past and learning from our history, I intend to advance this campus toward a more inclusive future. One where each student will be well equipped to utilize their knowledge of DEI after graduation. My proven dedication to each and every student on campus is only the beginning of my contribution to the capstone. #BelongWithBella

Xzarria Peterson

My name is Xzarria Peterson, I am a junior here at the Capstone and I currently serve as a senator for the College of Arts and Sciences as well as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair under the current VP of DEI, Izzy Boyd. I am originally from Powder Springs, Georgia. I am running for VP of DEI because I believe that I can continue to expand previous efforts from the past as well as present new ideas to be used. My platform is based on connection, inclusion, passion, and development and with these four principles in mind I will strive to sere the students of the University of Alabama.

Vice President for External Affairs

Samad Gillani

My name is Samad Gillani, and I am running to be your next Vice President for External Affairs. I am a sophomore from Hoover, Alabama, majoring in Finance and Economics with a minor in Information Technology. During my time at UA, I have had the honor to serve on First Year Council and, currently, as a Deputy Chief of Staff for President Martin. My interest in student government peaked during my time in high school. Finding a place to get involved as an Indian-American Muslim in the South was difficult at first; however, that changed once I decided to get involved in student governance. The Alabama Youth in Government (ALYIG) program taught me what it meant to be a servant leader; I continue to carry those principles with me today. I attended the University of Alabama because I knew that this community is one that is full of energetic student leaders who are just as passionate about making positive change. Once on campus, I knew that I wanted to use my experience from my time in ALYIG and SGA to serve my peers better. The experiences I have had previously serving in SGA have taught me how to plan and execute programming that will connect the UA student community with the Tuscaloosa community, as well as collaborate with other members of the executive branch to achieve the goals of our student body. By serving as your next Vice President for External Affairs, I will introduce initiatives in the areas of engagement, enhancement, and extension, bringing UA students closer to the Tuscaloosa community. I am confident that by serving UA as its next Vice President for External Affairs, I will strengthen the bridge between our campus and the Tuscaloosa community by facilitating outreach events that will provide every student with opportunities for both personal and professional development.

Vice President for Financial Affairs

Eric Doh

My name is Eric Doh and I am announcing my candidacy for Vice President for Financial Affairs. I am a junior from Montgomery, AL studying Finance. As your next VP of Financial Affairs, I plan to provide opportunity, education, transparency and experiences for all students. I plan to modernize the role by updating the structure of the Financial Affairs Committee, working to improve financial literacy on campus, and increasing the transparency with students and fund allocations from their student bills. Working as the SGA Treasurer for the past two years, I have been able to see what improvements need to be made to smooth the process regarding FAC funding. I plan on hosting a Full Transparency Week, highlighting how money is used for the SGA budget, as well as the impact of our tuition and fees. I am also planning on having a Wealth Management Day, inviting professionals from various financial companies that range from insurance, real estate, and banking to teach students how to set themselves up for the future. Improving student life at the Capstone is one of my main missions, and I plan on doing so by working to get discounted rates for students on financial apps such as Acorns, collaborating with student-owned businesses, and partnering with the Culverhouse College of Business to teach financial literacy to middle and high school students in the area. Stand with me on Tuesday, February 28th to #RollintheDoh and elect me as your next VP Financial Affairs.

Vice President for Student Affairs

Karina Collins

My name is Karina Collins and I am running to be your next Vice President for Student Affairs! Since my time in SGA, I have served as your Senator for The College of Human Environmental Sciences where I have written and passed legislation regarding increasing drug education, compensating student ambassadors, and revamping our Capstone Creed Week to better serve our student body. If elected as your next Vice President for Student Affairs, I pledge to continue the work that was done in Senate, but also take on new initiatives to better campus connection, accessibility, and safety here at The University of Alabama. The University of Alabama throughout my two years of being here has become my home away from home, and if given the opportunity to represent the entire student body, I will remain committed to the mission of bettering UA. I hope on February 28, 2023, you choose to take on this journey with me and #CallonCollins!

Andrew Fairburn

Hello UA, my name is Andrew Fairburn, and I am excited to announce my candidacy for Vice President for Student Affairs. I am a junior from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, studying Healthcare Analytics and on the Pre-Dental track. This past year, I have served as The Director of Environmental Affairs for the Student Government Association. In this position, along with being the President of Cardinal Key Honor Society, I have been able to listen to the voices of my peers and amplify them to achieve many things across campus. If given the opportunity to serve as the next Vice President for Student Affairs, it will be my priority to continue to listen to all students. As the next Vice President for Student Affairs, I plan on making the block seating selection process as transparent as possible. This past year, the block seating application and selection process has been given a complete redesign. It will be my duty to execute the new process that has been put into place. I also plan on adding the Director of Bama Asks back to the student affairs cabinet in an effort to bring back one of the most successful ways to hear student’s opinions. In addition, I plan to work with UA’s Strategic Communications department to host a “Bama Asks Day” to help poll the student population on various issues ranging from academics, athletics, dining, and opportunities within the Tuscaloosa community. With this being said, my main job as the Vice President for Student Affairs would be to listen to the students and the ideas that they want to see implemented on our campus. It would be nothing short of an honor to be elected by the student body to serve in this prestigious position. I hope you will join me these next few weeks, and make sure to #FightwithFairburn for Vice President for Student Affairs on February 28th.