Executive Council Candidates

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Samad Gillani

I am humbled to announce my candidacy to become the 113th President of the Student Government Association. SGA has been an integral part of my three years at The Capstone, connecting me with a group of students from diverse backgrounds all united by one commonality: a desire to serve their fellow students. Serving as Vice President for External Affairs this past year and a member of the Executive Cabinet the year prior, I have had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the operations, resources, and room for improvements within SGA.

As a first-generation college student, having the chance to represent The University of Alabama in this capacity would be the opportunity of a lifetime. I have acquired an appreciation for the transformative power of higher education, and I know that my story, along with thousands of others, serves as a testament to the immense opportunities provided by The Capstone. I am committed to leveraging my unique background to amplify the voices of all students and foster an environment of belonging and success for every member of our campus community.

As SGA President, I intend on fostering meaningful relations with the student body through my multifaceted platform focused on four areas: promoting academic excellence, increasing equity for all students, bettering collaboration with different organizations and departments of the university, and improving campus life for each and every student. With an unwavering commitment to students serving students, I believe I have the skills to execute my platform and fulfill my campaign promises.

My past experiences and passion for SGA have only strengthened my desire to continue to give back to the campus that has given me so much. During my campaign, I hope to prove to all students how deeply I care about The University of Alabama, and how I have actively committed myself to its betterment. I would be more than honored to serve as your 113th Student Government Association President, and I look forward to sharing more about my plans for this role. I appreciate your time and consideration, and I encourage all students to vote on February 27, 2024.

Will McDavid

My name is Will McDavid, and I am running for SGA President. I’m involved in the Creative Writing Guild, a Crimson Chaos member, as well as being a Younglife leader and an intramural soccer champion. I also work at Moonshot Creamery and have done some events on campus. I’m running to be a President for the students, as this being my 3rd year as a student, that’s something I’ve noticed isn’t a thing currently at our University. If you vote for me, that’s also a vote for yourself.

Executive Secretary

Jensyn Seay

Hello UA, my name is Jensyn Seay and I am thrilled to announce my candidacy to be your next Executive Secretary! I am a sophomore from Albertville, Alabama dual majoring in Political Science and Public Relations on the Pre-Law track. Throughout my two years in SGA, I have come to recognize the importance of each role in contributing to the ongoing development and satisfaction of our university and campus community. As Secretary of the Senate, I have acquired a comprehensive understanding of both the internal and external operations of SGA. My strong work ethic, direct experience in SGA, and honed leadership skills provide me with the perfect skill set to excel in this position as a connection point between not only members of SGA but our campus community as well. During my term, I will focus on implementing change through the pillars of Commitment, Harmony, and Collaboration. Through this role, my objective would be to utilize SGA’s resources to bring about positive change that unites our organization with the student body. My personal experience in SGA, combined with my love for the betterment of the student experience at the Capstone reaffirms my desire to serve in this role. Looking forward, I want to be an advocate for each student at UA and ensure you Guarantee to Seay Commitment, Harmony, and Collaboration on our campus!

Executive Vice President

Olivia Frazier

Hello UA, my name is Olivia Frazier and I am a Junior from Birmingham, Alabama, double majoring in Political Science and Criminal Justice. I currently have the privilege and honor of serving as the Executive Secretary and previously Secretary of the 27th Senate. In these roles, I’ve had the privilege of contributing across all branches of SGA, gaining invaluable skills and insights that have allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. My passion for serving the SGA is built on a foundation of unwavering commitment to serving our campus community here at the Capstone. Looking forward, I aspire to enhance the EVP office by fostering collaborative relationships among students, faculty, and staff, aligning with the motto, “Students Serving Students.” As EVP, my objectives include improving internal engagement, community involvement, scholastic experience, and campus safety. Each pillar is designed to improve our campus life and ensure that every student feels supported and heard. My vision for our university is one where collaboration leads to tangible improvements in our academic and social environments, creating a more inclusive and connected community. I am excited about the potential to serve in a role that not only allows me to contribute to the UA community’s growth but also allows me to continue fostering change. With a blend of experience, passion, and dedication, I am committed to making a positive impact on our university. Please join me in my efforts and #FavorFrazier for Executive Vice President on Tuesday, February 27th on MyBama.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

Cassidy Matwiyoff

Hello UA! My name is Cassidy Matwiyoff, and I’m a Sophomore from San Diego, California majoring in Political Science on the Pre-Med track. I am running to be your next Vice President for Academic Affairs. Throughout my time in SGA, I have understood the importance of our mission: “Students serving students.” I have served as a First Year Councilor and a Senator for the College of Arts and Sciences, also serving as the Academic Affairs committee head. I have been deeply involved in the legislative process, transforming ideas into observable change through working with fellow Senators, Councilors, VPs, and other UA Administrators. Impacting change involves discerning desired change on campus, meeting with critical leaders, and taking initiative. Thus, I believe my previous SGA experience qualifies me to step into this role, which will allow me to expand my impact and impart more useful programs on UA’s campus.

As your next Vice President for Academic Affairs, I will work to increase clarity, engagement, and advocacy. Some of my plans include implementing a UA undergraduate mentorship program across all colleges, hosting annual “Legends Live” conversations with guest speakers like Nick Saban and Senator Katie Britt, and also improving the clarity of the registration waitlist between students and professors. The opportunities provided to us outside of class further our educational experience. Thus, I strive to expand my peers’ educational experience.

I am driven, inclined, and compassionate. My involvement in organizations like the Blackburn Institute and Elliott Society has provided me with diverse relationships, relating me to most of my peers. I would be honored and humbled to run for this position because I yearn to serve my peers on a larger and more influential level, working closely with my fellow students and SGA members to make our campus a better place. If selected to serve as your next Vice President for Academic Affairs, I will listen intently to fellow students’ concerns and ideas and work tirelessly to impact measurable change on our campus

Vice President for Diversity Equity, & Inclusion

Jada Green

My name is Jada Green, I am from Missouri. My major is Criminal Justice. I will be graduating in May of 2025. I plan to attend law school at the University of Alabama. The reason why I plan to attend law school is because I want to be an advocate for mentally and or physically impaired individuals, along with children and especially children of color. I am putting emphasis on children of color because when it comes to the “Justice” system, children of color are discriminated against. I believe I make the judicial process less fearful.

My campus involvement includes being a part of prestigious sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Incorporated. This organization is all about services and leadership. I have learned to be a better leader. Bridging the gap between communities and schools has been a plus as well. I truly enjoy mentoring students at various levels at various middle and high schools in the Tuscaloosa area. I am not sure of what I was expecting initially, but through this origination I have been able to be involved in food/ clothing drives cleaning up schools, the list goes on and on but one thing that I have learned most is there is so much more work that needs to be done in these communities.

I am running for Vice President for Diversity, Equity and inclusion, I because believe that everyone should be treated fairly and with respect. I believe that I am the best candidate for this position because I will be the best advocate for all the students at the University of Alabama. I want to make a difference. I will meet needs, have an open-door policy, along with setting and being an example for all. I will push that open-mindedness makes for a productive and healthy environment. If I am selected for Vice President for Diversity, Equity and inclusion, I will listen to any concerns or complaints and handle them in a professional and timely manner. Communication is the key component for success in any organization, without it there will be misunderstandings and chaos.

Aubrei Grisaffe

Hello, UA! My name is Aubrei Grisaffe, and I could not be more excited to announce my candidacy to be your Student Government Association Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. I am a Sophomore from Tulsa, Oklahoma studying Political Science with minors in Spanish and Digital, Public, and Professional Writing. Since arriving at The Capstone, I have prioritized involvement pertinent to DEI efforts. My passion for DEI was sparked by a life-long commitment to the intellectual and developmental disability community. This deep understanding of one cross-section has opened my eyes to the greater importance and need for intersectional, DEI-centered work.

As a Public Policy and Advocacy Intern with the National Down Syndrome Society, I increased my knowledge of how to craft dedicated action and unrestrained advocacy toward positive change. This year, as a member of the DEI cabinet under VPDEI Bella Loia, I have helped implement new policies, including the creation of a new bus stop to increase campus accessibility. Additionally, I have aided in facilitating multiple collaborations between the Crossing Points Program and SGA. In consideration of both my experience and passion for DEI, I feel equipped to lead our campus community toward a more inclusive future where every student can feel a sense of belonging.

I plan to focus my efforts in three specific ways: making DEI accessible, approachable, and applicable for all students. I look forward to sharing more with you about the ways in which I will achieve these goals throughout my campaign. If elected, I hope to amplify the voices of our campus community and share the value of a truly diverse, equitable, and inclusive environment. My goal in this role would be to grow a student population that prioritizes acceptance and celebrates our differences that help us contribute to the greater good. I cannot fully express my gratitude for the opportunity to be considered for this role, and I would be honored if you decided to Grow with Grisaffe.

Vice President for External Affairs

Walker Parsons

My name is Walker Parsons, and I am running for Vice President of External Affairs. I am a sophomore from Montgomery, Alabama majoring in Finance. My passion for student service came about during my freshman year when I had the opportunity to improve the student experience as a member of the First Year Council. I currently serve as a Senator for the Culverhouse College of Business and as the chair of the Financial Affairs Committee. Apart from Student Government, I serve as the treasurer for Greek Ambassadors. I aim to not only build on the tremendous work that has already been done in this position but also expand it and grow in unique ways. The Vice President of External Affairs has the opportunity to not only connect with students but also to grow the impact of the SGA on the Tuscaloosa community and beyond. I know I possess the drive and commitment to further the SGA and the interests of all students this way. If elected as your VP of External Affairs, I intend to improve student civic engagement. With the upcoming election year, I plan to host events to ensure that we all know the ins and outs of voting, such as voting absentee. I also want to host an event with the SGA Lobby Board to discuss what goes into lobbying beyond a purely political standpoint. Along with civic participation, I want to highlight service to the university and community by strengthening programs such as Battle of the Bands and the end of year donation bins in dorms. In addition, I want to strengthen SGA’s connection with past SGA alumni and highlight their success at Alabama and beyond through a yearly “Hall of Fame” ceremony. With many new restaurants opening off campus, I will continue to expand Dining Dollars to these places and beyond. My mission is to genuinely dedicate myself to the well-being of our community. This commitment extends beyond legislative duties to actively contributing to initiatives that uplift students here, creating a positive environment where every student feels heard, supported, and empowered

Vice President for Financial Affairs

Lucas Weldon

Hello UA, I am Lucas Weldon, and it is with great enthusiasm that I declare my candidacy for the position of Vice President for Financial Affairs. As a junior from Wetumpka, AL, my academic journey in Operations Management, Finance, and Cyber Security has been enriching. My tenure in the Student Government Association and various campus organizations has allowed me to forge meaningful connections across the University of Alabama, striving to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for every student. I have been fortunate to receive guidance from mentors who inspired me to excel and instilled in me a passion for service. These experiences, coupled with my commitment to our campus community and the skills I’ve honed, have prepared me to serve as your next Vice President of Financial Affairs. I am a firm believer that as our university continues to expand, the SGA must relentlessly work to provide the necessary financial resources and education to ensure our collective success. My background equips me uniquely for the challenges of this role. I am eager to tackle these challenges and pledge to represent the student body in every way I can. Throughout this week, my campaign will focus on themes of collaboration, education, expansion, and outreach. I am excited to engage with you, build new relationships, and share more about my platform. I kindly ask for your support in electing me as your next Vice President of Financial Affairs, where together, we can forge a path towards a prosperous and inclusive financial future for our university.

Vice President for Student Affairs

Lucy Bonhaus

My name is Lucy Bonhaus and I am a sophomore majoring in Cyber Security with a minor in cyber criminology. Throughout my time at the Capstone, I have discovered a profound sense of belonging through my involvement in the Student Government Association. Serving as the head of the Student Affairs Committee on Senate this past year and the head of the Internal Affairs Committee on the First Year Council, I’ve immersed myself in the student body. I understand the significance of representing each student while ensuring any and all decisions made reflect the ideals and views of the University as a whole. Each person on this campus represents a unique perspective. As I seek the role of Vice President of Student Affairs, my commitment is not just to hear these voices, but to amplify them. My platform focuses on three main pillars: advocacy, community, and engagement and I would love to share a few of my ideas with you. I will strive to increase engagement and wellbeing of our students by implementing new programs around campus such as Friday Fests. Friday Fests are bimonthly performances by student bands and musicians on Fridays in the Student Center Courtyard to increase exposure for the talent on campus. I would also like to expand on the Saving The Tides program by implementing it at other sporting events around campus. Next, I believe fostering a sense community on this campus is extremely important. As a Cyber Security major, I would love to implement a program that collaborates with the Computer Science department to create a program that teaches coding classes to children at elementary schools in the area. Lastly, I believe advocacy is extremely important to ensure the needs of the students are met.

I will strive to do that by holding biweekly meetings with organizations around campus to create relationships and establish future opportunities for collaboration. I would also love to implement Eat With Exec which allows students to schedule a meal with a member of the SGA executive board during their regular scheduled office hours. Thank you for your consideration!