Rebecca Rose LutonskyRebecca Rose Lutonsky

I, Rebecca Rose Lutonsky, do seek the office of Graduate School Senator. I wish to represent the graduate students needs at this great institution, The University of Alabama, to the best of my ability. I wish to further graduate needs for GTA and GRA stipend increases, clear and simple residency requirements, and what is needed to pursue both academic and teaching needs. I think that the degree from The University of Alabama that each graduate student will hopefully receive will be made much more valuable by extending the rights of graduate students as mentioned above. It is also important that graduate students have an open forum and clearinghouse to express their opinions and needs to their senators. I will be available via email and at graduate functions to hear requests of graduate students and express them to the Student Government Association and to the student body at large. I will let the administration also know our requirements so that they can optimistically be met. I also believe in working with undergraduate senators and students so that there will be strength in numbers at the negotiating table and more collective bargaining through our collective voice can be realized.

February 17 R. Lutonsky Budget (PDF)

Feb. 27 Financial Disclosure (PDF)

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