The following list of violations does not indicate every violation reported to the Student Government Elections Board. Per the Spring 2018 Elections Manual (pg. 12) “The Board maintains the right to publicly disclose the findings of any proceedings occurring under this Manual on the SGA website.”


Date Violation Reported: 2/27

Complaint Against: Amber Scales

Alleged Violation: Misuse of the UA Drone policy in campaign video

Sanctions: None

Board Ruling: Amber Scales provided proof to the board of the flight path of the drone used in her campaign video.  The flight path indicated that that no drone/unmanned aircraft was used on campus grounds. In addition, the board found no city or county ordinance was violated by her use of a drone/unmanned aircraft.


Date Violation Reported: 2/28

Complaint Against: Marquis Holingsworth

Alleged Violation: Campaigning in an academic building and disrupting classroom interactions

Sanctions: 10pts awarded to candidate and blackout period for all campaigning until Monday at 8:00AM

Board Ruling: Marquis was found responsible for campaigning before GBA 145 and Econ 111 on 2/28.


Date of Violation: 2/26

Complaint Against: Chad Heatley

Alleged Violation: Failure to turn in a financial disclosure form by 5:00PM on February 26th.

Sanctions: 7pts awarded to canaanite, blackout period for all campaigning until Monday at 8:00AM, and five hours of community service

Board Ruling: Chad turned in financial disclosure late.