Statement from The University of Alabama Student Government Association

The Student Government Association’s mission is “Students Serving Students,” and we take this call to action seriously. Because the SGA, the Elections Board, the Division of Student Life, and The University of Alabama Homecoming Committee are independent, yet interrelated entities, we did not believe that commenting on the ongoing controversies was appropriate. We recognize this was a mistake and regret our silence and failure to clarify our position. We owe it to the constituency we serve to do better going forward. We are inspired by the engagement we have seen from our campus community over the past few weeks. Our method of government is one of democratic student self-governance. In this spirit, we hope students remain engaged in these issues and continue to hold officials accountable. As we seek to provide a voice for the unified student body on our campus, we support every effort aimed at fostering free and fair elections at The Capstone.

Moving forward, we will continue to use our platform as advocates to address concerns expressed by our peers. We agree there are ambiguities present in existing election procedures, which have allowed for understandable confusion and varied interpretations. To that end, we fully support the Division of Student Life in its efforts to create a special task force to evaluate the current guidelines for the homecoming queen contest and provide clarity for that process. Appeals and review of the homecoming queen contest are currently being heard by the Student Judiciary, and we respect the ability of an independent and unbiased judiciary to carry out those procedures free from any influence. Following completion of these efforts, the SGA will release a set of recommendations to the Elections Board to update elections procedures in keeping with the concerns presented to us by our fellow students. It is our hope that these steps will help ensure future elections remain free, fair, and transparent.