Fall 2019 SGA Senate Candidates for Fall Vacancies

Graduate School

Sarah Kimball Stephenson

My name is Sarah Kimball Gray Stephenson and it would be my honor to serve as a Senator for the Graduate School here at the Capstone. I am currently serving as the Newsletter Editor and Current Events columnist for Alice Magazine. This summer I had the opportunity to serve the city of Tuscaloosa as Judge Lisenby’s intern and Judicial Assistant and I would love to continue to contribute to our community as a senator. I am running because I believe I can make a difference. As clichéd as that sounds, I do believe I have the capacity to listen to the needs of my fellow graduate students and be able to effectively implement legislation. I was previously on the Environmental Affairs Cabinet, so my platform will consist of green policy. The Capstone has the most biodiverse grouping of trees out of any flagship university and there is no way anyone would know. I would like to get plaques put on every individual species of trees. This would help keep the collective consciousness pointed at the environmental impact we make on the world. I would also like to advocate for the banning of Styrofoam on this beautiful campus. Lastly, I would like to implement a service day in which students have the opportunity to clean up the strip. This would not only benefit the campus but also the city we call home. I look for to this campaign and serving as Senator for the Graduate School.

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Law School

Allison Koszyk

My name is Alli Koszyk, and I’m a 1L over on the other side of campus. I’m new to the law, but not new to Tuscaloosa. I completed both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees here at the University, in the College of Human Environmental Sciences. I was the first person to complete the Accelerated Master’s Program for Hospitality Management. Working so closely with my department and within my minor, the Blount Scholars Program, fostered so many deeply held connections and ties to the community that I hold dear to this day. With graduation coming up last year the prospect of leaving the city that I’ve grown to love so much was a strange one, so when I was offered the opportunity to stay and attend law school, I happily accepted. I’m running for the vacated Senate seat because I believe that as students of jurisprudence, we have a duty to be informed of, and involved in, the judicial processes of our overarching campus community. I think that there is a disconnect between the law school and main campus, and it would be my goal to bridge that gap. I would leverage my connections with both groups in the hopes of creating a more interconnected campus. I want to make sure that my classmates are invested in everything that happens at the University, and additionally that the voices that sound here at the law school also get their fair representation.

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