2018-2019 School of Social Work Senate Candidates:

Kathryn Hayes 

I, Kathryn Eleanor Hayes, am running for The University of Alabama Student Government Senate on behalf of the School of Social Work. I am a freshman from Marietta, Georgia, majoring in Social Work with a minor in Spanish. During my short time at the Capstone, I have had the opportunities to become involved through various student organizations across campus. I recognize the critical role that SGA plays in the success of the University and its students. The University of Alabama provides a great academic, cultural, and social environment to help the students succeed and learn in all areas of life. I support the mission and values of the University, and I understand the important tasks that come with representing the student body as a Senator. As a senator, I will be a voice for the students in the School of Social Work along with all students at The Capstone. I feel it is important to not only share my knowledge and ideas but more importantly to listen to the needs, concerns, and thoughts of my peers. I am approachable and treat others with respect. I believe that it is important as a member of Student Government to treat others with respect to gain theirs. These qualities will enable me to contribute to SGA Senate and positively represent the University, the School of Social Work and the Capstone tradition of excellence.


February 26 Financial Disclosure

March 6 Financial Disclosure