John Dawson

I am John Dawson and I am currently in my second year of law school at The University of Alabama School of Law. I also graduated with my undergraduate degree in political science from The University of Alabama. I am running because I consider myself extremely lucky to be a member of this great institution. I feel that I should repay UA Law by taking on this role to represent it to the best of my ability. My platform is based around ensuring that the UA Law is represented adequately at the SGA level. UA Law is already considered a prestigious law school as it is currently ranked in the top 25 of the best law schools in the country. I plan to review legislation proposed and vote in a way that can hopefully improve our national ranking further. I will also listen to my fellow students and propose any legislation that appears necessary to better my school and my class mates. Thank you.

Preliminary Budget (PDF)

Financial Disclosure 2 (PDF)

Financial Disclosure 3 (PDF)