Megan Bonhaus

My name is Megan Bonhaus, and I am from Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I am a freshman at The University of Alabama majoring in Public Relations on the path to MBA. I’m pleased to announce my candidacy as Senator for the College of Communication & Information Sciences in The University of Alabama’s Student Government Association.There is a huge necessity for an inclusive environment at UA, and to increase off-campus student involvement. I believe the University should host more events for off campus students to get to know each other. It is our student body’s responsibility to create the most welcoming environment possible, and as your senator, I will strive to do exactly this. Mental health awareness and education have always been something I have been extremely passionate about and will be a major focus for me in SGA. Every college student, whether they live on campus or not, deserves an inclusive and fun college experience. I will strongly advocate for the importance of collaborating with others, and I have always had exceptional communication skills. As a student of the C&IS college, I want every single student to be able to see why this school is so special to me. Let’s make Bama #BetterWithBonhaus!

Sarah Clevenger

My name is Sarah Clevenger and I am so excited to run as your next C&IS Senator. I am a freshman from Boise, Idaho, majoring in Public Relations with plans to go to law school after graduation. Since the first day of my freshman year, I have worked to get involved in all the Bama has to offer. Through organizations such as the Honors College, Pre-Law Student Association, and UA SGA First Year Council I have developed my leadership and problem solving skills. I am running for Senate because I want to continue the work I have put forth in FYC and work with peers that have similar goals as me. I love C&IS and smile whenever I get to walk through the doors of Reese Phifer. I feel thankful every day that UA has given me the opportunity to move across the country and learn what I love. I’m running on a platform of scholarship and involvement and will work tirelessly to give my peers the opportunity to build their resumes and boost engagement of all student-led organizations giving back to the community. I can’t wait to make UA proud and I hope that you are #SoldonSarah on February 28th!

Victor Hagan

What’s up UA! My name is Victor Hagan and I’m running for C&IS Senate! I’m a junior from Madison, Alabama with a drive to give back to the UA community that has made my experience great. I have experience as a C&IS Ambassador and as the News Media Delegate in the Student Executive Council that I believe can help me contribute to a more representative SGA. My campaign focuses on three major themes: (1) Student Health and Wellbeing- UA has great options for students in need, but a growing campus has the resources to do much more. Whether it’s increasing Narcan accessibility or growing counseling services, I will work to bolster and emphasize mental health resources on campus to catch up to our growing student population. (2) Legislative Transparency- I’m a staunch advocate for student representation and SGA transparency. Whether making resources more apparent to students or acknowledging flaws in the legislative process, transparency offers a more efficient SGA. If elected, I’ll work to make the legislative process and SGA more transparent and equitable. (3) Student Organization Support- Strong student organizations provide valuable opportunities for growth, leadership, and community building. By investing in our student organizations, we invest in the future success of our college and its students. I will work to ensure student organizations receive the resources they need to prosper.

Riley Jordan

My name is Riley Jordan, and I am currently a freshman at the University of Alabama. I am a double major in the College of Communication and Information Sciences studying News Media and Communication Studies with a concentration in Sports Media. One day, I hope to take my talents to the sports media world and become an analyst or broadcaster for an organization such as ESPN or the SEC Network. To promote the possibility of success, I have joined the Crimson Tide Productions’ team, which has already shown a positive impact in regard to my future in sports media. Throughout my life, I have grown a love for making change and participating in politics through the guidance of my family and teachings of the countless leaders in my life. If elected as a senator, I will be presented with the opportunity to further my experience in leadership and learn more alongside others. I also hope to have a real chance to participate in the United States Government after my sports media career to move past the broken promises of today’s politics and attempt to make a real change in how politics are viewed and operated today. As far as present day at the university, I plan to change areas on campus pertaining to student safety, student connections, as well as student mental health. With all this said, it would truly be an honor if selected to be a part of the Senate in the Student Government Organization.