SGA DEI Passport Program

The Student Government Association’s VP for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Cabinet is excited to revamp the award-winning DEI Certification Program as the DEI Passport Program. The new program version prioritizes collaborative partnerships between SGA, student organizations, and UA’s Division of DEI, to amplify UA student and community member voices. Through this Passport, SGA will highlight accessible and engaging opportunities for students to gain Social Enrichment, Cultural Exploration, and Educational Engagement to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion at the Capstone. Please check out the SGA DEI Passport Guide and reach out to us with any questions.

DEI Passport Guide (PDF)

In order to complete the Passport, students must attend three events from each of the three categories:

  1. Social Enrichment
  2. Cultural Exploration
  3. Educational Engagement

In order to complete the Advanced Passport, students must attend three events from each of the three categories above and one intentional training and two special programs. All of the events will be categorized and listed on mySOURCE and in the SGA Student Wide Newsletter.

Tracking Passport Progress

  1. To track your Passport progress, log onto mySOURCE at
  2. In the upper right corner of the mySOURCE home page, add your MySource Event Pass to your Apple Wallet, if you have not previously done so.
  3. In the upper right corner of the mySOURCE home page, select “Paths.” Here, you will see your Passport progress for the Advanced and standard Passport.

FAQs for Participants

How do I enroll in the DEI Passport Path on mySOURCE?

All students are automatically enrolled in the DEI Passport Paths.

How do I get credit for attending the events?

You will scan your EventPass at the event. If the event is virtual, you will use a link provided by the host. Your progress for each category of event (Social Enrichment, Cultural Exploration, Educational Engagement) and Special Programs for the Advanced Passport will be displayed in Paths on mySOURCE.

What if an event is labeled as fulfilling two or more categories (i.e. Social Enrichment and Educational Engagement)?

Attending this event would count towards completing your requirements for both categories of Social Enrichment and Educational Engagement, so you could attend less than a total of nine events and still complete the program if the event is labeled as two or more DEI categories in mySOURCE.

When is the deadline to attend the events to meet the Passport requirements?

April 14th

FAQs for Student Organizations

How does my organization apply for an event to be considered for the DEI Passport Program?

When your organization submits your event for SOURCE approval and selects it to be considered for the DEI Passport Program, your event details will be reviewed to see if it meets Passports Program guidelines:

  • Cultural Exploration (connecting with difference): Exposure that increases engagement, understanding, and interpretations of various cultures. Ex:
    • Multi-Cultural Coffee Hour (a weekly gathering of people from different cultures and countries in the IDC in conjunction with International Student and Scholar Services)
    • Native American Heritage Month Cooking Demonstration with Grayhawk Perkins
  • Educational Engagement (learning about difference): Offers connections between civic and social justice topics. Ex:
    • Darkness into Life Exhibit (Jewish American Heritage Month)
    • Food for Thought: Cultural Learning, Sharing & Teaching
    • Keynote addresses and panels with DEI leaders
  • Social Enrichment (exposed to difference): Provides engagement opportunities for interaction around diversity, equity, and inclusion. Ex:
    • Tide and Turf (a football tailgate experience in partnership with the UA Black Alumni Association and the LGBTQ Alumni Association)
    • Safe Zone Picnic

How does my organization track attendance at the event?

You will scan attendees’ Event Passes using the CampusLabs Check-In app. Please reference your EventSmart Training and mySOURCE resources.

How does my organization get DEI Certified?

There is no longer “Certification” for student organizations offered by SGA. Individuals who
complete the Passport will be recognized for their completion of the program, but organizations will not be DEI Certified by SGA. However, organizations who have 50% +1 members complete the Passport, will receive a recognition for their commitment to fostering DEI at UA. Outside of the benefits of advancing DEI within your members, organizations will likely be incentivized by receiving points for SGA Student Organization Block Seating.

How will SGA know what organizations have members that complete the Passport?

SGA will see the number of students on your SOURCE roster who complete the program, so make sure to update your roster on mySOURCE!

Still Have Questions?

Questions may be referred to the following individuals:

  • Student Organizations: Lauren Lafrades (
  • Passport Participants: Erin Hildago (
  • Faculty and Staff: Teralan Matthews (
  • SGA’s VP for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Izzy Boyd (
  • Press: