Clay Martinson

Katie Ray

Katie Ray is a sophomore from Tuscaloosa, AL studying metallurgical and materials engineering. Katie looks forward to representing students and creating change on campus. She aims to bring representation to all voices on campus by making it a safer, more inclusive and rewarding place. Katie is currently in flight school and enjoys watching Star Trek Next Gen on the weekends.


Jason Rothfarb

Samuel Perry

Sam is currently a junior from St. Louis, MO studying architectural engineering and Spanish. He looks forward to creating sustainable change for students at UA.

Allison Bailey

Brandon Slappy

Brandon Slappy is a junior from Headland, AL studying mechanical engineering. He looks forward to establishing positive connections with students.

Hunter Scott

Cade Boseck

Cade is a sophomore from Madison, AL studying mechanical engineering. He is looking forward to writing legislation and improving students’ experience at the Capstone. Cade is currently completing the Accelerated Masters Program in mechanical engineering where he will graduate with an undergraduate and masters degree within five years.

Brooks Payne

Meyer Mercker

Meyer Mercker is a sophomore from Louisville, KY majoring in aerospace engineering. Meyer has built a plane (RV-12) over the past two years and has been able to fly it.

Alex Sample

Andrew Crain

Andrew Crain is currently a junior studying chemical engineering and Spanish on the STEM path to the MBA. He is from Kennesaw, Georgia and is serving as a senator for the College of Engineering. Andrew is excited to serve his fellow students and the Capstone by impacting every student’s experience for the better.


Demarcus Joiner

Paul James

Paul James is currently a Sophomore from New Orleans, LA studying construction engineering. He looks forward to working on the student government and enjoys dancing.