Thomas Ashton

Thomas Ashton is a sophomore from Louisville, KY. He is a Finance major in the Culverhouse College of Business. In his freshman year, he served on First Year Council and he is looking forward to working with other senators to serve UA.

Nicholas Boyd

Nicholas Boyd is a sophomore from Dallas, Texas majoring in finance and economics. As a freshman he served as a member of First-Year Council, and is excited to continue to represent and work for the student body for another year in SGA.

Athena Critides

Judson Fair

John Foster
John (Johnny) Foster from Fairhope, Alabama is a sophomore majoring in Finance on the AMP track. He is excited to represent the Culverhouse College of Business in his first term as a Senator and looks to improve and strengthen The University of Alabama’s Student Government Association along with his fellow senators.

Myles Gollop
Myles Gollop is a sophomore from Huntsville, Alabama studying finance and international business. Gollop served in UA’s First Year Council during the 2021-2022 school year and was elected to the UA Senate in March. He is thrilled to represent his colleagues and to voice their concerns through votes and by crafting new legislation.

Hunter Howell
Hunter Howell is a Sophmore senator originally from Mobile, Alabama but currently residing in Memphis, Tennessee. Senator Howell is an accounting major who works hard within the Culverhouse College of Business and SGA to improve life for students and to make UA the standard of success in the nation.

John McLendon

John McLendon is a junior from Atlanta Georgia majoring in Finance and Minoring in Spanish. Last year he served in the senate and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He is looking forward to serving the students of the capstone again and excited to implement some changes in the University.

CJ Pearson

CJ Pearson is a junior at The University of Alabama, studying both general business and public relations with a minor in political science. He is currently serving his second term as a member of the Senate, representing the Culverhouse College of Business. CJ is eager to build upon the progress of his previous term as he leads the Senate and will continue to advocate for substantive change on the University of Alabama campus that betters the lives of all those within our campus community.

Lexi Sims

Lexi Sims is a freshman from Tuscaloosa, Alabama majoring in finance and marketing. She volunteers through reading allies and participates in other clubs as well. She is looking forward to having the opportunity to serve on the senate and hopes to make a positive impact and serve the students of UA in every way possible.

Lucas Weldon

Lucas Weldon is a sophomore from Wetumpka, Alabama. He is currently studying Operations Management with a minor in Supply Chain Management at The University of Alabama. This is Lucas Weldon’s first term as a member of the senate, representing the College of Business. He is looking forward to strengthening the University and its students by bringing beneficial change through his role in the Senate.

Tyler Zuspann