Fall 2023 Special Election

Graduate School Senate Candidates

Sam Badger

I’m Sam Badger, a second year MA student in UA’s History Department. I have been a student at the Capstone since Fall 2019, earning a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics in three years. The proudest accomplishment of my undergraduate career was my race for Tuscaloosa City Council District Five in 2021. Although I didn’t win, I knocked on thousands of doors and met a great many people. I learned how to really listen to people, many with very different life experiences than me, and how to translate their needs into a program of action. Whether on the GSA, UCW, or in conversation with my colleagues, I use the skills I learned back then too this day!

I am the best candidate for graduate workers. Our work is critical to the functioning of this university, our education, and the education of our undergraduate students. I believe that we need a combined effort between the SGA and GSA to address issues graduate workers face, including the summer term pay gap, access to childcare, and employee healthcare coverage. I will also fight to create a permanent SGA Senate committee on student workers, in order to create a lasting forum for addressing student workers’ needs. I will support any legislation that makes UA a safer, more inclusive, and more fun place to learn and work. I hope you support me on election day and fight alongside me to pass legislation that will improve our graduate school experience!

Reagan Brown

Hi, I am Reagan Brown, a first-year M.S. student in the Department of Biological Sciences. Reflecting on my experience as an undergraduate here at the capstone, I understand and empathize with the challenges of being apart a large student body. I too, delt with the fear of speaking up and wanted to be understood. As a member of the Senate, my essential goal is to encourage the Graduate Student Association to arrange community townhalls, for each respective colleges, where the most authentic and diverse voices can be heard. With this I hope to create and uphold a genuine channel of communication between the greater community and GSA, where students can be deeply understood and engaged in the development of new policy. I am dedicated to building an even inclusive environment where graduate students can confidently express their voices. Being able to serve within the senate for is more than appreciating the concerns of the greater graduate student community but also by having unwavering support. I hope to further support students by increasing GTA/GRA stipends and introducing valuable health benefits such as dental and vision insurance packages. Rest assured, I am here to serve as a trustworthy, dependable liaison for the broader graduate community – a voice you can trust to represent your interests faithfully.

Kaylyn Madahbee

Hi! My name is Kaylyn Madahbee, and I am a first-year M.A. student in the College of Communication and Information Sciences. I graduated with a B.A. in Communication and Information Sciences, with a major in Communication Studies and a minor in Public Policy. I currently serve as the Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, for my sorority, Alpha Phi. I previously served as an ambassador for the College of Communication and Information Sciences, and the Vice President of External Affairs for Leading Women of Tomorrow.

I have decided to run for the Graduate School senate seat because of my passion to enhance community engagement, increase on-campus and off-campus involvement, and bridge the gap between graduate students and on-campus resources. I would like to continue creating a diverse and inclusive space to ensure academic success among students. Creating a safe space within the graduate school population is very important to me; there are many students in the UA Graduate School that did not attend UA for undergrad, and thus lack the knowledge of all the wonderful resources the University of Alabama provides. Having been a transfer student in undergrad makes these goals even more important to me.

My personal goals and platform goals are very similar. I have a keen interest in fostering moral and social justice, providing support for sexual assault survivors, continuing my passion for DEI education and training, and enhancing knowledge of on-campus resources for mental and sexual health.

Alec Phelps

a. I am thankful to be entering my fifth year at the University of Alabama pursuing an MS in Marketing. I completed my undergraduate studies of finance this previous semester. I was fortunate to receive full funding for this education as a National Merit Finalist. I have formerly served as the Vice President of Delta Sigma Phi, the Treasurer of the Alabama Quizbowl Team, and starred as the University of Alabama team captain on episodes 1,6, and 9 of NBC’s Capital One College Bowl.

b. I hope to be elected to this position in order to best present the interests of the often-underrepresented graduate student delegates of the UA SGA. I believe my familiarity with parliamentary procedure and dedication to the interests of fellow graduate students make me the most qualified candidate.

c. I will serve as a louder voice for all University of Alabama graduate students’ concerns. My commitment to this role and dedication to perfect attendance at SGA concerns will allow me to fulfill this promise.

Kazi Shakib

I am Kazi Hassan Shakib, 2nd year PhD student in Civil, Construction and Environment Engineering. I am currently a delegate of Graduate School Association representing Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering. I am also representing the voice, cultural diversity, inclusion and equity by holding the position of Secretary in International Student Association. I’m also representing my country Bangladesh’s culture, linguistics and ethnicity through my activities as “Student Welfare Secretary” in “Bangladesh Student Association” in UA campus.

I am running the election to signify and represent the voice for cultural inclusion, diversity, equity. I want to represent international community, as well as I want to bring new perspective to UA’s decision making from a graduate student’s point of view. I want to use my decision making, leadership, and sense of responsibility to make UA a better place for all!

I will be able to deliver my responsibilities with honesty, justice (that’s what my name’s meaning for Kazi) and work for the betterment of the students in UA. So do vote for me as a friend and representative of your voice!