Official Results

2018  Homecoming Queen

Katie Buhai

2018 Homecoming Court

Katie Buhai

Baylee Clark

Virginia Dodenhoff

Jazmine Hall

Jordan Watkins

Amendments Passed

C-05-18 to establish the Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

C-06-18 to restructure the selection process for First Year Councilors in the case of vacant Council seats.

Baylee Clark

Sponsoring Organization: Kappa Alpha Theta

Statement of Purpose: I, Baylee Clark, hereby state my intent to run for 2018 Homecoming Queen at the University of Alabama. My mission through this campaign is to educate our students on the services that the SAFE center will provide to our community. Unfortunately, almost all women will either directly or indirectly be affected by sexual assault in their lifetime. That being said, this is not only a women’s issue. It is a human issue that affects people regardless of their age, gender, race, religion or socioeconomic status. Because of the SAFE center, our community finally has somewhere for women to start on their path towards healing, closure, and justice. I hope that you will stand with me in support of each person that is effected by sexual assault every 98 seconds in America and #MarkClark✔️ on October 9th.

Philanthropic Summary: I’ve chosen the Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner Center as my philanthropic platform. The SAFE center will provide women in our community that have been sexually assaulted with the medical attention that they need. The centers nurses are SANE trained and taught how to collect evidence without compromising the victim’s dignity. I’ve been volunteering with victims of domestic violence and sexual assault for the past year and have become so invested in seeing the SAFE center come to fruition.

Claire Dickson

Sponsoring Organization: Delta Sigma Pi

Statement of Purpose: As a candidate for homecoming queen my intent is to emphasize the importance of providing job skill training that support teens and adults in Tuscaloosa and the surrounding communities in West Alabama. Providing this opportunity will lift up those in our community with the knowledge needed to be successful in the job market. The opportunity to run for homecoming queen will allow my platform more exposure to this growing need in our community.

Philanthropic Summary: The philanthropic organization that I support is The Culverhouse School of Accountancy LIFT program. Learning Initiative and Financial Training (LIFT) started in 2014 to provide classes to teens and adults in Tuscaloosa and surrounding West Alabama communities who were seeking to improve their job marketability. All classes are free, and are taught by UA students from The Culverhouse College of Business. Being a part of LIFT means so much to me, because its goals are to teach me how to be a compassionate leader while helping others to be successful. I feel like I am doing something that is going to help people achieve their goals. With over 800 participants this semester, LIFT will be making positive change for our citizens. I know how critical it is to provide teens and adults with the necessary tools to be successful in their pursuit toward employment. LIFT understands this growing need in our community, which is why I am so honored to be part of this organization. Having the opportunity to be a candidate for homecoming queen would give me a platform to share the amazing contributions LIFT is making to Tuscaloosa and the surrounding West Alabama communities.

Jazmine Hall

Sponsoring Organization:The American Association of University Women

Statement of Purpose: My name is Jazmine Hall and I’m a senior from Union Grove, AL. I’m a pre-law student majoring in Criminal Justice & Communication Studies with a minor in Philosophy and I am running for Homecoming Queen. My campaign seeks to raise money and awareness for an organization that is dear to my heart, the Brown House Community. I decided to partner with Brown House in order to support the growth and development of children who too often experience hardship or disadvantage. We can never know someone’s struggles which oftentimes they have no control over. Hardship is not exclusive to those in low-income housing communities, and disadvantage comes in many forms, often in ways that we can not recognize at a glance. I would like the UA community to dig deeper. My goal with this campaign is to give the thousands of other students here at UA, and the families supported by the Brown House Community a voice and a platform to tell their story, a story that reminds us that adversity does not define us. I look forward to sharing my story with each of you and hopefully others along the way.

Philanthropic Summary: My homecoming queen campaign will support the Brown House Community of Northport, AL. The Brown House is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to building a community that values each of its members. Relying heavily on faith, this community walks together as equals, striving to meet the emotional, spiritual, and economic needs of the West Circle community of Northport, AL. I chose this organization to bring awareness to this incredible cause and to inspire the students here at the University of Alabama to embrace their own hardships and know that our struggles make us unique. I want each of us to be able to tell our stories without fear, give a voice to those that do not have a seat at the table, and to ignite a passion in our students to better serve those in need, here in West Alabama. I will continue to serve and embrace my own story in the hopes that we can all understand what the Brown House already knows to be true, “It’s not where you come from, it’s where you’re headed.”

Jordan Watkins

Sponsoring Organization: Alpha Kappa Alpha

Statement of Purpose: My name is Jordan Watkins and I am running for Homecoming Queen. I’m a senior from Hoover Alabama majoring in accounting. At the capstone I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Women of Excellence, and have served as an 2018 Avanti. I am proud to be a student at the University of Alabama and want students to actively support our community. As a child, I was blessed with mentors who motivated, inspired, and challenged. I want to give every child, regardless of their socioeconomic status, the support that I was afforded. My platform benefits the Upward Bound Program of Birmingham, Alabama. In embracing this platform, my goal is to highlight the importance of development opportunities for at-risk youth and the potential of mentorship to keep children out of the judicial system. As college students we can be positive role models to the many children in Tuscaloosa that are often overlooked. Through mentorship, we can change the trajectory of an at-risk youth’s life. Together we can promote confidence and prevent incarceration one mentor at a time. I hope you will join me, Jordan Watkins this week and beyond as I work to positively influence the children of our community.

Philanthropic Summary: Children are the future and every child regardless of their socioeconomic status deserves the opportunity to be successful. The Upward Bound Program is an organization near and dear to my heart. Their mission to provide low-income and marginalized students with academic instruction in mathematics, laboratory science, composition, literature, and foreign language in order to prepare them for college entrance is one I have seen the value of first hand. During my time with the students of Upward Bound I was given the opportunity to teach a classroom of students. I could never have predicted how much we would learn from each other. I know first hand the impact college mentors can have on at risk youth. When passionate mentors give their time the students grow. I saw troubled students become more engaged in their studies and blossom into leaders among their peers. Since 1965, the Upward Bound Program has existed to provide so many children and teens in need with the services, resources, and guidance to remain actively engaged in their communities and out of legal trouble. I believe that each one of us has the ability to contribute to this important work. Their efforts are aided by people like you and me—people with a passion for serving their communities. People who know that to whom much is given, much is expected. As students we can mentor children at the club and act as a bright light for children who need our support and guidance. I believe in this work and hope you will join me, Jordan Watkins, not just this week but year around to support our youth through mentorship. 

Katie Buhai

Sponsoring Organization: Kappa Delta

Statement of Purpose: As an education major and member of the Student Government Association, I encounter children, students, faculty, and staff of all ages and backgrounds. With a desire to represent these friends and family, with a love for The University of Alabama, and a passion to raise awareness about the evils of child abuse, I declare my candidacy for Homecoming Queen. However, while my name is on the ballot, it is the platform of preventing child abuse that I want our community to support. Leading up to our homecoming celebrations, I will work to show our campus how we can come together to protect some of the most vulnerable in our society and why championing such a cause embodies our ideals, values and spirit.

Philanthropic SummaryChild Abuse Prevention Services of Tuscaloosa, Inc. is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect in our community.  Through school and community based programs, CAPS provides education from highly trained and qualified staff to equip children, parents, and the community at large with skills that help to fight child abuse in our area.

Kayleigh Meighan 

Sponsoring Organization: Anthropology Club

Statement of Purpose: The reason I’m running for Homecoming Queen comes down to one thing: I learned from a young age that we are not all given equal opportunities. I grew up with the privilege of knowing people of different heritages, religions, and cultures; a kaleidoscope of humans that represent only a fraction of the diversity in our world. Some of us grow up with poor education systems, poor food choices, or a general lack of resources. I also know that no group on earth deserves this and that there are people suffering in our own community but do so out of sight of our university. As a campus 40,000 students strong, we can make change where it is needed. I want my philanthropy to take center stage in my campaign, because I believe it gives back to the kids in our community who need it most. I never thought I’d call Tuscaloosa “home” or that The University of Alabama might be the place that would give me the happiest of memories, but it happened. I am running for Homecoming Queen because I love this university, this town, and this world. Join me in making UA a better place for all.

Philanthropic Summary: Cute kids, homegrown vegetables, and healthy food! My philanthropic platform is a local organization called Schoolyard Roots, formerly known as the Druid City Garden Project. Schoolyard Roots aims to teach kids how to live healthy lives and build character as they grow and prepare food, from seeds in the ground to food on their plates. I believe that Schoolyard Roots plays a vital role in helping the kids of Tuscaloosa living in food deserts. As more and more people have less access to fresh and healthy food, Alabama’s communities will suffer. Schoolyard Roots also operates to heal a void in the Alabama education system by incorporating math and science concepts into gardening activities. My main reason for supporting this organization: because these kids are the future. I want them to have fresh food, fresh air, and an escape from technology. We all need it, but they need it the most. It’s for the Earth, for the community, and for the kids!

Kendell Wilson

Sponsoring Organization: Spectrum

Statement of Purpose: I, Kendell Wilson, intend to run for the position of Homecoming Queen for 2018-2019. I would be honored to represent my fellow students as Homecoming Queen. I am especially interested in being able to represent a portion of the student body that is often forgotten about, LGBTQ+ students, by being a queer person in this incredibly visible position. I am also interested in running for Homecoming Queen because of the opportunity it provides for philanthropic actions. I have a personal connection to the work my philanthropic organization, Magic City Acceptance Center, does, and I’m honored to have been given the chance to work with them in the past and provide a platform for them now, with the potential of a larger philanthropic event in the future should I be elected Homecoming Queen.

Philanthropic Summary: I am choosing to support Magic City Acceptance Center as my philanthropic organization. Magic City Acceptance Center is an organization based in Birmingham, Alabama that has a focus on providing support and resources to LGBTQ+ youth, aged 13-24, and their allies. They provide free and confidential HIV/STD testing through their work with Birmingham Aids Outreach and The University of Alabama at Birmingham, as well as free counseling and tele-counseling. The work Magic City Acceptance Center does is very near and dear to my heart because of the struggles I’ve had to go through as a queer person, and I can only imagine how grateful I would have been for a resource like Magic City Acceptance Center when I was a teenager. For these reasons, I want to help support Magic City Acceptance Center in as many ways as possible, including raising awareness of them through this campaign.

 Virginia Dodenhoff

Sponsoring Organization: Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Statement of Purpose: I, Virginia Dodenhoff, am running for Homecoming Queen because I want to help shape the future of Alberta Head Start. I fell in love with this school, their values and mission. The first day I walked into Alberta Head Start I felt as if I could help make an impact, and I want others to help me. I want to raise awareness and be able to provide the teachers with the resources they need to help shape these children’s bright futures. Every volunteer helps and this is the perfect platform to help bring old and new volunteers together to help the school. I also want to represent my team, my fellow student-athletes, my sorority and Greek life in a positive manner. This title is not for me, but for the amazing people at Alberta Head Start, for the future of the University and the greater Tuscaloosa area.

Philanthropic Summary: Alberta Head Start is a school that supports over 180 children ranging from ages six-weeks to five-years-old. This program is dedicated to helping kids from low income homes as well as those with physical disabilities prepare for their future schools. Their staff include 24 teachers, a custodian and a cook. This school means the world to me. I have spent countless hours downstairs with the kids playing and reading. There is so much love in the school, but they do not have the proper resources to give the kids the best experience possible. There aren’t enough classrooms, bathrooms, toys, books or supplies to give each kid the most fulfilling school experience.